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The Amazing Race -- The Player That Doesn't Know How To Boil An Egg

Updated on December 1, 2013

I was a Japanese War Bride

Original Airing: December 1, 2013

Last week, the obnoxious cousins lost their show girlfriends, The Blondes, when they got eliminated. Now they may be public enemy #1 as none of the other teams seem to like them. Maybe they could try getting over this attitude that it’s all right for them to screw you, but it’s a sin if you give them back what they gave you.

From the promos, the race is going to a place they haven’t for awhile. The horrible food place. This time it’s having to eat a cobra.

The Cousins are directed to the King Cobra House as their first destination. So, they’re going to go to the horrible food place right off the back. Both team members have to eat a cobra. I’m eating potato chips as I type this and it’s making me sick to my stomach.

The Cousins lie that Tim and Marie have been there and gone, when Pinky and No Brain got lost and couldn’t find the right place. Yeah, great way to make people like you, guys. All the teams finish eating the cobra and head to the next destination.

Roadblock – Who’s Feeling Hard Boiled. You have to pick up 60 eggs, go on an 8 minute taxi rid and boil eggs in a crater with boiling hot water. They have to successfully boil a dozen eggs toget their own clue. You have to go down a lot of stairs to get to the crater.

Pinky and No Brain finally find the right entrance. Marie has a fit when she sees what she has to eat and declares she can’t eat it. They both cause more fussing and whining then the other teams did when they had to do that task.

All three lead teams head back to see if their eggs were boiled enough. Only 6 of Jason’s eggs pass muster. All of Travis’ get dumped. Jamal’s eggs also don’t past muster even though he spent two extra minutes.

The Cousins say Jason and Travis are hypocrites because they suggested lying to Marie about how long it takes. Then they make fun of Travis and Jason. Meanwhile Tim tells Nicole and Amy that Marie says she doesn’t know how to boil an egg. Tim thinks this is going to be a problem because Marie lacks patience and it takes patience to boil eggs.

The next destination is a Detour:

Paint Your Partner – make each other up as tradition Japanese brides.

Turn Over A New Leaf – search tea fields dressed as a traditional tea worker and look for a pair of clippers.

It doesn’t even look like Marie has the eggs in the water. Instead she’s holding them over the water. Okay, I’m astonished. How can someone get through life without knowing how to boil eggs? Didn’t she ever help her mother cook as a kid? She may have the pink in her hair, but she’s definitely going to get the moniker of having no brain. Seriously, Tim and Marie’s time may have come to say adios to the race. She finally figured out she has to put it in the water. She says she has a vague memory of her mother boiling eggs for 4 minutes. She actually manages to get them done on the first try.

Travis has to shave off his mustache to do the Paint Your Partner task. I thought he was missing his mustache when he and Nicole were commenting on the race. Meanwhile, as Leo and Jamal arrive at the tea fields they see a warning about snakes. The tea fields are beautiful but immense. The Cousins find a flag but that isn’t what is used as clippers. The Cousins decide to go and do the other detour.

The Cousins arrive at the make-up detour and decide to go back to the tea fields. I was wondering, since in their interviews they weren’t clean shaven. Marie keeps braying how bad Travis’ make-up looks, but she doesn’t make it past muster, either. Marie and Tim make it through because Nicole won’t clean up all of Travis’ smeared make-up.

The Cousins find a snake in the field. Travis and Nicole finally pass muster and get the clue to the pit stop, as do the Cousins. So it’ll be down to these two teams for who arrives at the pit stop first. Nicole and Travis and Pinky And No Brain get into a taxi race to the pit stop.

Descend 500 steps to the Cimahi Waterfall and check in at the pit stop.

  1. Jason and Amy – win a trip to Cancun, Mexico. After whining about wanting to be number one, they finally made it.
  2. Tim and Marie
  3. Travis and Nicole
  4. Leo and Jamal – non elimination.

As annoying as I find the Afghanimals, I’d actually rather see them stay and Pinky and No Brain go. They went from first to last place in one fell swoop. It once again demonstrates how choosing the right task to do is essential. If it requires looking for a needle in a haystack, do the other task. Maybe the Cousins could have beaten Nicole and Travis and Tim and Marie if they’d stayed and done the task, but they seemed to consider having to shave being a deal breaker. Which was kind of stupid, since how much time did they loose going back to the tea fields and searching, again. If you go to do the other detour then stay there and do it. Don’t go back to your first choice. It only helps you waste valuable time.

The season finale will air next week. I never thought Tim and Marie would make it that far. I actually hoped they wouldn’t. Who would I like to win? I don’t really know. I kind of don’t want The Cousins or Pinky and No Brain to win. But I guess we’ll find out next week who the winner is.


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