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The Amazing Race -- The Road to Bangkok

Updated on October 24, 2011

If You Have To Take A Spirit House Apart And Take It With You; Odds Are You'll Have To Put It Back Together Again

This leg starts out in Phuket, Thailand, where teams must travel by taxi and then take an elephant ride. And ends with some new front runners.

Once the teams finish their elephant ride and get their next clue, they find out it's a Roadblock.

One team member must follow the sound of music to a remote pool, dive beneath the murky water and retrieve their clue, which is hidden in a Koi fish ornament they have to brake open. No doubt to keep the clue dry so the ink on the instructions down spear.

Before the Twins can do the roadblock, they have to do a Speed Bump. They have to wash and clean up after an elephant. I think it's Marie who in just in heaven over this task and looks like she wouldn't mind staying all day with the elephants; which she loves.

The next destination is the Disassenue [spelling?] Spirit House. Teams need to take the spirit house apart and transport it to the grounds of the temple. The smart teams actually wrote down the place meant of all the ornaments in the Spirit House; the not-so smart ones didn't. After the trouble most of the teams had with the Confucius phone message, everyone should have written it down. The ones who didn't had to go back and then take notes on the placement of the ornaments before the monk at the temple would give them their next clue. Zac wanted to write down where everything was, but Larry told him not to, and Larry acted pissed that Zac was going back and said not to blame him. Well, who else is to blame, Larry? You wouldn't let that kid take the notes he wanted to take. It wouldn't be the last mishap Larry caused for his team in this leg of the race.

Next the teams have to take a bus to Bangkok. Several teams have trouble because of their price-gouging taxi drivers that take most of their money for this leg of the race. Luckily they had enough to buy a bus ticket. Larry and Zac got on a first class bus and three miles down the road Larry became convinced they weren't allowed to travel first class on the bus, made the bus stop and he and Zac had to walk back to the bus station to take a much later bus, costing them what lead time they had.

Once in Bangkok, teams had to go feed the fish at the Bangkok Nou Canal. The Twins had no money when they got off the bus and had to try and walk there. Luckily, they asked a cabbie, who agreed to take them for free. And another taxi agreed to do it for free to the pit stop. Here comes my cynical side, but who wants to bet if the twins weren't young, pretty and blonde that these taxi drivers wouldn't have given them free rides?

The pit stop is the M.R. Kukrit Heritage Home. Several teams try to walk because they just simply have no money to pay for a taxi there. The Snowboarders go ask for directions, and the teacher they ask takes their clue and their stuck unable to leave.

As a result, the racers standings are:

1. Amani and Marcus who won a trip to Bali

2. The Grandparents [who narrowly missed coming in first.]

3. Ernie and Cindy

4. The Double J's [who didn't seem to bicker this leg of the race.]

5. The Snowboarders

6. Larry and Zac [Phil tells Larry the first class rule only applies to air travel.]

7. Jeremy and Sandy

The Twin are eliminated this leg. They have an emotional goodbye talking about their father that just died.

So we now have seven racers left. The Grandparents are doing amazing well after their rocky start. And the team that seems close to self-destructing is Larry and Zac. The last leg they over-complicated the directions that most of the racers with no navigation experience easily mastered. Now Larry won't let his son take notes when he should and makes his son get off a bus when they shouldn't. Without those two mistakes, Larry and Zac could have been at the head of the pack, instead of two slots away from elimination.


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    • Kerri McClelland profile image

      Kerri McClelland 6 years ago

      Thank you! Yes if you take something apart you are most likely going to put it back to together...come on people! And may i say i would have loved to ride an elephant. :)Thanks for the Hub, for us Amazing Race fans out there!