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The Amazing Race -- The Teams Visit The Kalahari Desert But The Meerkats Are On Vay-cay

Updated on March 26, 2013

Original Airing: March 25, 2013

The Double U-Turners try to make nice with the people they U-Turned. Chuck is taking it personally, as most people do, while Joey thinks they should just consider it part of the game. My personal philosophy is you should use it if you’re very close to last to try and save yourself, but when you’re in first place and use it you’re just being mean-spirited and nasty. Lately, teams who know they’re in no danger of elimination have teamed up tp use it against some team they don’t like.

The first destination this leg is Muan, Botswana. Upon arrival, teams had to book one of three flights to take a flying safari over the Kalahari Desert. Max and Katie appear to dislike Joey and Meghan not just because of their previous alliance with the departed John and Jessica and the Soccer Moms. They complained that having to share a flight with them ruined the experience of seeing all the various animals below them as they made their way to their next destination.

Upon landing they’re instructed to take one of the awaiting jeeps and drive down the road where a tribe of Bushmen are waiting for them. Each team has to take three of them and do the roadblock called, Who Wants To Make A New Friend.

The Bushmen teach them how to dig up a scorpion out of the dirt. After they do, one of the Bushmen places the scorpion in his mouth and it seems to stun the insect into immobility so the team member can place it in a jar and get their next clue, which is to take their three Bushmen on a little joy ride down the road.

I have to say all the Bushmen seemed very cool and laid-black. They looked like they’d be fun to hang out with and shoot the breeze.

The next clue box is a detour: Fire or Fowl.

In fire, you have to build a fire out of zebra manure, two sticks and straw, then use your fire to light up the elder bushman’s pipe. A lot of people start this task but give it up. It’s not as easy as the Bushmen make it seem.

In fowl, you have to build a trap around an egg. When one of the Bushmen acts like a fowl, it needs to spring the trap. Afterwards, the teams must travel on foot to the next pit stop with their three Bushmen. For some reason, even though they road the clue walk on foot to the next pit stop one of the Soccer Moms wonders why they should walk there when you could drive there with the jeep. So they head to where all the jeeps are parked and when they see them all there they finally get that you have to walk, wasting precious time. Only it wasn’t enough time for last place, Max and Katie to beat them to the pit stop.

Lucky for Max and Katie it was a non-elimination leg.

The teams checked in as follows;

  1. Bates and Anthony who win a trip to Thailand
  2. Pam and Winnie
  3. Chuck and Wynona
  4. Joey and Meghan
  5. Caroline and Jennifer
  6. Mona and Beth
  7. Max and Katie


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