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The Amazing Race -- Unfinished Business -- The Matterhorn

Updated on May 4, 2011

The Trotters Get Ugly

I wasn't thrilled when I heard the Trotters were coming back. Last time they got eliminated because of their own stupidity, but over time I started to like them. After this week, I hope they're the next to get the boot. 

The Detour is called Search or Rescue. The search involved rapeling into a crevice and rescuing someone. The rescue involves digging a rescue dummy out of the snow. Search turns out to be the easier task, as Zev/Justin have major trouble digging their dummy out of the snow and it causes him and Justin to fall to last place. 

The Roadblock is at Le Petit Cervin when a team member has to make one of those Travelocity's gnomes out of chocolate. This is when the Trotters really get their ugly on. Vyxsin made it clear she put her gnome mold on the bottom of the refrigerator. The Trotters couldn't find theirs so they took hers saying she stole theirs when she didn't. Then they kept the harassment of Vyxsin up all through the task, bragging how karma was going to get The Goths for what they did to them. They are the last people who should be invoking karma after what they've done to The Cowboys and The Goths. 

Pinky and the Pain don't read the final clue correctly and take a cab to the pitstop getting a thirty minute penalty. Wouldn't be surprised if it was because they were harassed for two hours by these two overgrown bullies. Zev and Justin check in before the thirty minutes are up and Kent and Vyxsin are eliminated.

I was hoping there might be a happy ending in the fact that Pinky would kick the pain to the curb after his obnoxious behavior on the race, but they're apparently still together. 


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    • profile image

      BentleyMom 6 years ago

      I like the globetrotters but they were wrong to accuse Vyxsin when she clearly did not do it. However I could not stand them and they way that Kent acted the entire season. So now I will be happy with whoever wins!