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The Amazing Race -- Up Crocodile Creek

Updated on April 2, 2013

Original Airing: March 31, 2013

This leg of the race seemed to have a little bit of everything. There was a Fast Forward. A speed trap. A creek filled with crocodiles. And a shocking elimination that might have been a little bit of karma at work.

The first destination out of the starting gate this leg of the race was Boro Village. A few of the teams had an interesting journey there. Joey and Meghan got completely lost. The Country Singers and the Newlyweds got tickets for speeding and had to go to the police station to pay them. But first Max had quite a difficult time trying to find there car to even start that leg of the race. The race seemed to be getting to the lovebirds as Katie started sniping at Max. And she had plenty to snipe about. He couldn’t find the car, he got a speeding ticket and he backed into something and dented their car. The only good thing that happened is he had the right exchange of money to pay the speeding ticket, which was more than the Country Singers had.

One of them was bragging how she always can talk police out of giving her a ticket. She proceeded to start batting her eyes at the cop and proclaiming how she didn’t know she was speeding and couldn’t he just let her get by with a warning, this time? While that may work where she comes from, it doesn’t work in this country and he writes her out a ticket. Considering he was being filmed it was a good thing he did his job. Imagine if he’d given her a free pass and his superior had been watching The Amazing Race. When they got to the police station they didn’t have the right exchange of money and one of them had to go and try to get it, while the cops wouldn’t let the other leave.

Seriously, I can understand the racers being ticked, because there’s a stretch of highway in my town that’s a speed trap, as well. You come off the interstate and you’re going 50mph and there’s a downward incline that only helps to increase your speed, when suddenly the speed limit goes down to 30mph. I gently start applying my brakes as I go down the road so I don’t have to slam on my brakes to get down to the right speed.

Meanwhile Joey and Meghan didn’t have a clue how to get to Bora Village but they luckily spotted Max and Katie and just followed them there. Otherwise, I don’t think they’d have made it there if they hadn’t spotted the Newlyweds.

Bates and Anthony got to Boro Village first and decided to do the Fast Forward. The Fast Forward was water skiing a mile on a body of water filled with crocodiles. They did it and headed to the pitstop, making them number one, again. This time they both got $7500 a piece.

The Roadblock at Boro Village involved collecting two goats and going up the creek filled with crocodiles to deliver them. They had to travel in a Mokoro, which is a boat craved out of a tree and they had to use a pole to guide the boat upstream. Then they had to return downstream in the boat. Chuck and Wynona had trouble steering the boat, as did a few others.

After completing that task they got transported to the Royal Tree Lodge Game Preserve. Once there they had a choice between two tasks; Brains or Brawn. Brains required you to ride a horse and spot 10 animal cut-outs along the trail you traveled, memorize them, and place the 10 animal tiles in correct order. Brawn featured loading up a pile of wood in a cart and transporting it by donkey.

It was no surprise when the donkeys didn’t want to cooperate. If you’ve seen any movies or TV shows with donkeys, that’s kind of their nature. Hence the old saying, “Stubborn as a mule.” Pam and Winnie quickly decided to give up on the task and go try the Brains task.

I think you’ve got to give kudos to Chuck and Wynona on how they handled the Brains task. They spotted every animal cut-out and they split up the 10 animals they needed to remember and they completed the task on the first try. Pam and Winnie weren’t able to do the same. They missed one of the animal cut-outs and kept thinking that the crocodile cut-out because it had a bird sitting on top meant that it counted for two animals. They did the same thing twice, until they gave up and went back to do the Brawn task.

You have to admit that there was a bit of karma in that. Pam and Winnie were number one a few legs ago and they spitefully U-Turned Joey and Meghan and made them do both tasks, even though there was no need for them to use the U-Turn as they were number one. And they ended up having to do both tasks, this leg, only they weren’t able to do the Brains task correctly.

Speaking of Joey and Meghan, they and the Newlyweds were in a dog race to finish their tasks first. Max kept braying that if they couldn’t beat Joey and Meghan they deserved to be eliminated. Joey and Meghan actually beat them, but if Max and Katie hadn’t had to do a Speed Bump that probably wouldn’t have been the case.

The Speed Bump involved finishing beading a skirt and taking part in a ceremonial seduction dance. It wasn’t a hard task, but it took time away from getting to the main task, which allowed Joey and Meghan to get the edge over them. Then they got into a foot race that Joey and Meghan won to make it to the pitstop. But Max and Katie had nothing to worry about. They weren’t the last to check in, Pam and Winnie were and they got eliminated.

I consider it a shocking elimination because there seemed to be teams weaker than they were and I’d expect them to get the boot before Pam and Winnie did. If they had stuck with the Brawn task, which they had to go back and do, they wouldn’t have been eliminated. They thought the Brains task was easier and they found out to their surprise it wasn’t for them. Even if they had gone back to the Brawn task after they struck out the first time with the Brains task they might not have been eliminated. It all came down to the wrong judgment call and not realizing the mistake they made the first time they failed at the Brains task.

Teams checked in as follows:

  1. Bates and Anthony
  2. Mona and Beth
  3. Caroline and Jennifer
  4. Chuck and Wynona
  5. Joey and Meghan
  6. Max and Katie
  7. Pam and Winnie – eliminated

The Amazing Race won’t be on next week, so see you in two weeks for the next recap of The Amazing Race where from the previews it looks like Wynona is going to be in a bit of trouble. Of course, it could be another fake tease, as they said the same thing about Chuck and Wynona in last week’s preview of them on Crocodile Creek and having trouble steering their boat. I actually hope it’s another fake tease, since I’ve started to root for them and would like to see them make it to the end.


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