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The Amazing Race -- Why Couldn't It Have Been Cindy Instead?

Updated on December 11, 2011

It's taken me a week to finally get around to writing this post. I've been so disgusted by the outcome of the latest leg. By now you know the Snowboarders got the boot and the vile cretin Cindy made it to the finals. She's lucky I don't virtual reality TV, or I'd have slashed her tires or done something so she would have been the one eliminated. In all the years I've watches this show, I've never seen anyone like this woman and her number one obsession. No one has ever U-Turned someone just so they could be number one. I'm going to be physically sick if this creature succeeds in winning the whole ball of wax.

The first task was to dress up in costumes and try to figure out who you were dressed as. It was two detectives called Johnson and Johnson. The Snowboarders ran into early problems with the task, and it seemed to be a harbinger of what was to come.

Next racers needed to go to Amsterdam by train and board a plane for Panama City. Next teams were to sign up for a tattoo the next morning. The tattoo told them where the next leg of the race was to. San Francisco Bay Towers

Roadblock -- A team mate has to cross the Panama City Skyline on a tight rope from one of the SFB towers to the next. All the teams get through this task without much trouble, although I'd never been able to do it.

Next up racers were to go to a statue of Ferdinand De I Didn't Catch The Rest of the Name. Which gave them instructions for the Detour.

Detour-- Filet or Sole.

In Filet, teams have to deliver fish to stalls at a nearby fish market.

In Sole, racers had to make a pair of sandals from scratch. Most decided to do the sandals.

After that, they were told to go to Cathedral Square. And this was the Snowboarders Waterloo. The clue to the pit stop was on one of the dancer's costumes. Jeremy and Sandy actually were the only one to figure out the clue correctly, but Amani and Marcus and Cindy and Ernie's cabbies were told the correct clue by Jeremy and Sandy's driver and that's really how the Snowboarders got booted from the race and Miss I Wanna Be Number One made it.

1. Jeremy and Sandy who won a trip to Grace Bay and they didn't have to screw over another team to make it to number one.

2. Cindy and Ernie.

3. Marcus and Amani.

The Snowboarders were sadly eliminated.

I think I'm rooting for Jeremy and Sandy to win, because they actually figured out the clue correctly and earned their spot in the finals, while the other two teams got lucky because their cabbies got told the right destination by Jeremy and Sandy's cabbie.


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    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 6 years ago from Georgia

      Well, it's over for the season. Good show, though. Always interesting characters, with interesting strategies some of whom can be pretty mean and dirty.