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The Amazing Secret Things That These Amazing Girls Can Do

Updated on January 1, 2015
Jennifer Love Hewitt, so amazing
Jennifer Love Hewitt, so amazing

Jennifer Love Hewitt


These Three Amazing Things:

  • Sing a mean vintage country song such as: "Lovesick Blues," by Hank Williams
  • Ride a fast-running thorobred horse
  • Grow a produce garden from the turning of the soil to the harvesting


I’ve said it many times, girls amaze me. Truth be told, girls are amazing creations. And the further you read of this piece, you will readily-agree with me.

My point of this story is this: The things, some I will say, that each of the beauties (on this hub) do make our mouths fly open, but let a girl who is just as pretty, but not in show business, do them and all they get is a “so?” That is so sad to me. But I sadly admit this is one of the things in life that I cannot change.

There are seven celebrity girls in this hub. Beside each girl is the three (amazing, eye-popping) things each can do. I admit it. When I first found out the things “these” film, stage, and television super-girls can do, I was in shock. These goddesses so pretty and so personable, doing things that my buddies and I used to do when we were younger.

So without any more of my mouth running, I proudly give you

The Amazing Secret Things These Amazing Girls Can Do

Her talents can hypnotize you
Her talents can hypnotize you

Eva Mendez


These Three Amazing Things:

  • Speak perfect English while riding in a five-passenger Cessna
  • Turn backward flips with the ease of a circus performer
  • Can charm jittery horses

Eva Mendez

is more than just a pretty, sexy face. She has talents that most Hollywood stars and starlets would not dare try. But not Mendez. She does not run from anyone or anthing. It is as she fears nothing on four or two legs. And yet, Mendez has starred in blockbuster films such as "The Other Guys," with Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg.

Don't let those steely eyes fool you. Gillian Anderson is one of the most-talented and yet most-secretive stars in show business today
Don't let those steely eyes fool you. Gillian Anderson is one of the most-talented and yet most-secretive stars in show business today

Gillian Anderson


These Three Amazing Things:

  • Climb rocks as well as the tall trees she finds on nature hikes
  • Do an amazing impression of Sarah Pallen
  • Meditate for up to six hours without eating or drinking

Gillian Anderson

made America sit-up and take notice with her co-starring in "The X-Files," a tele-sci-fi that ran for over four seasons. Anderson played a female F.B.I. agent investigating UFO-related reports that her special division debunked or approved as realistic sightings. Anderson's serious facial expression is her trademark and it has served her well.

Dancing, singing, if it pertains to show business, it pertains to Gwen Stefani
Dancing, singing, if it pertains to show business, it pertains to Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani


These Three Amazing Things:

  • Write poetry on-the-spot completely without meditating on her topic
  • Play Jazz piano with her eyes closed
  • Gorge on mashed potatoes and LOSE weight

Gwen Stefani

was the key-member of 80's super-band, "No Doubt," but she left the band for more creative power. Most of the bands' fans were in shock at Stefani's move, but when they heard her first tracks as a solo artist, they were happy again. Stefani's talents do not just root in music. She is also a sharp director as well as music director in the studio as well as on tour.

Kate Winslet loves her fans as well as acting.
Kate Winslet loves her fans as well as acting.

Kate Winslet


These Three Amazing Things:

  • Explore abandoned mines as a fascination as well as a hobby
  • Can balance an apple on her forehead without it falling
  • Makes-up children's stories in-person as well as doing all of the voices

Kate Winslet

seldom takes any time off for she loves her work in films, documentaries and commercials. "I love what I do--and have since I was a teen," Winslet remarked while taking a break while working on an upcoming cologne ad. Winslet gives the vibe of a mysterious fashion model as well as a tutor for Prince William and Duchess Kate.

Mandy Moore's two sharpest tools are her innocent looks and her feminine smile
Mandy Moore's two sharpest tools are her innocent looks and her feminine smile

Mandy Moore


These Three Amazing Things:

  • Do expert landscaping work without studying the area to be repaired or mowed
  • Shape her voice into any character she likes while she is doing voice-overs
  • She is an expert on trees and wild vines that she said fascinated her

Mandy Moore

has always had "that" certain quality that it takes for anyone to work in front of the camera. Moore's childish, innocent look has helped her in interpreting various film roles that she chose to do. "I do not make my work complex," Moore said in a People magazine interview. Fans always refer to "Chasing Liberty," as her break-out film.

If Scarlett Johanssen is not in a blockbuster film, she is directing it or doing work behind the camera
If Scarlett Johanssen is not in a blockbuster film, she is directing it or doing work behind the camera

Scarlett Johanssen


These Three Amazing Things:

  • Take on any subject and master it in no time due to her fast-learning talents
  • Outdo most guys in the field of deep sea fishing
  • Johanssen can easily sing the vintage Celtic songs of Ireland

Scarlet Johanssen

has either audtioned or starred in a ton of Hollywood classic films. Scarlett is a natural for the high-pressure productions that identify most current films of this era. To look at her, you would think that she is not even in the room for that distant-look in her gorgeous eyes. Another quality Johanssen has is the ability to work with any crew and assembly of co-stars in any said film or stage production. Johanssen doesn't have a true preference between stage and film. She is at home with either.

"At this juncture, January 1, 2015, I wonder if that one day in the near future, me or one of my wonderful followers will be included in a piece like this. Personally, I'd rather one of my followers get the spotlight."

— Me. Kenneth Avery


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hey, CelebrateUSA,

      My sincere thanks to you, good friend, for standing up for me. I appreciate too, your very nice comments.

      From now on, I will use "persons" instead of girls, but what will I use for bare feet? I do not mean to offend any grizzlies.

      Hi, vkwok,

      Thank you, great friend, for making my night. Take care and maybe one of these "persons," might let you date them.


      Thanks for the interesting comment about Jennifer's middle name. Truth be told, I love this "person" a lot and I think I could save the cash to get her and I a great lobster dinner. Thank you for the sweet words.

      Tricia Deed,

      Firstly, I got your name wrong on the gorilla hub. I apologize. And now thank you for your comment. I appreciate it.


    • CelebrateUSA profile image

      Ken Kline 

      3 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Kenneth Avery,

      Delightful article celebrating female celebrities but celebrating them in a different light.

      I close associate of mine would take offense at the word "girl" and he also takes offense at "kids". My marketing consultant is dismayed when I called my sneakers tennis shoes - oh, well. Pay them no mind, life is too short to focus on the dust particles in life.

      I love this article. Will share out on Twitter and Google+.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      3 years ago from Hawaii

      Interesting facts you have here.

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      3 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      Wouldn't they be called women? :)

      Anyway I do like all these talented women that you have added here. BTW, Jennifer Love Hewitt's middle name is her real one. Her mom named her after a college friend who's name is Love.

    • profile image

      Tricia Deed 

      3 years ago

      Very interesting article; enjoyed it.


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