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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Overview

Updated on April 30, 2014

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Hi all,

today I figured after talking about the BIG Star Wars announcement and my article about the career of Johnny Depp I would look into the first movie of this summers big season.The Amazing Spider Man 2 which I have been very happy to see ever since the first one ended actually because the cliffhanger ending in the first one was perfect for where they were going because it left so much up for discussion and who could be talking to Dr.Connors and then when the announcement of Jamie Foxx came into play as Electro it was kind of like ok Jamie Foxx in my mind you CANNOT go wrong with that because he is SUCH a diverse actor in what he does and he does it so well too.But also the discussion of since they made Dr.Connors when he becomes the Lizard look absolutely nuts how were they going to pull off the transformation of his character named Max Dillon into the main protagonist Electro.Some sites said that it could be a make or break thing because he could end up looking like total garbage and it could be deja vu from the Sam Raimi Spider Man 3 all over again but when they released the 30-45 second tease around the time of Comic Con it was made undoubtably clear that his character of Electro was going to be A made beautifully but at the same time B someone who will not be taken lightly at the same time because when you or if you ever re watch the Raimi Spider Mans like the Willem Dafoe Green Goblin is almost comical in his sense that he wears a mask and you can't see his emotions in any way and I know that Sam Raimi can be comical in his films but at the same time with this new reboot of The Amazing Spider Man this is not what they are trying to do is be all "oh ghee" goofy type Peter in any way.

But then later on after a few months it came along the wire online that Dane Dehaan was going to play Harry Osborn and this is where I thought YES! and didn't care what happened after because I personally don't have a problem with Franco cause his acting and just him himself can do things already but Dane Dehaan can seriously act and he is REALLY an up and comer in this world.After the announcement of that and seeing him in a teaser then the questions started to come that if he is Harry then will he become bad and turn into the Green Goblin and then I heard and saw over the twitter verse and internet worldwide again people getting nervous cause its like here is director Marc Webb having something that he could totally take and it could be beautiful or it could be just like the first one with Dafoe and be goofy.But entertainment weekly I believe was the first one to show off Dane's appearance as the Green Goblin and MY GOD…He looked crazed,tortured,obsessed,whacked out of his mind everything like that rolled into one picture and people latched on QUICKLY because I saw that IMDB posted about it and it was on Twitter and it was retweeted a good 3,000 times in the half hour it was through the net which is amazing and I loved it.

Another character I heard of was Paul Giamatti as the Rhino then everybody didn't care like "Oh the Rhino's in the film??" it was more of "Oh no 3 villains AGAIN??" and that became something that was a constant worry throughout the net for a while and even after showing that Rhino would be this GIANT tech with a HUGE horn and it does look good granted but people thought is the the film clustered once again like the 3rd Raimi film.But after watching which in my opinion was a good marketing move to release a 4 minute preview because my friend showed me in his car with surround sound and I felt like I was on the streets watching Electro threaten Spider Man and couldn't wait to see what happened next and on a side note in total this was like the 9th trailer they had come out for this movie in the span of a year and literally I have heard people who work in the business say they were getting fatigue from it although it still looked amazing regardless which is something they can do different with the next film but with this one we will see what happens.

Now with like a month before release people who would watch the trailers over and over again to make sure they got every minute detail to cover of it saw that you do see Gwen Stacy(Emma Stone) falling into a building and having this "Catch me!" look on her face and everybody's mind reverted that what if director Marc Webb is taking the very BOLD move and killing off his leading female co star just like the comics do to follow exact history and then with TASM 3 and 4 it would leave room for Mary Jane Watson to come in who apparently will be still played by Shailene Woodley from what I have been hearing but after the hype and heightened popularity of the Divergent film then they are full speed ahead on making sequels and it could take 4 years at the least to make and finish those films so Woodley trying to add the role of Watson and her role in Divergent is a lot to handle but in the end I hope she can handle it for the good of the story and her career at the same time as well because Mary Jane really is a main piece to the Spider Man Universe.

But if that were to happen in this film and it starts to cover the world of the comics to a T I already applaude Marc Webb with ease because it is a very ballsy move for who Gwen is played by but in the end it doesn't matter when it comes to the story which is why its amazing.Also hearing about the fact that there will be a 3rd and 4th installment in this franchise and they are looking to make it an every year thing to make a universe like Marvel is doing and DC is slowly starting to do.Some of the other titles besides more Spider Man is a Sinister SIx film which is basically The Avengers but all villains which is totally different and amazing and you will be able to see from what I have been reading in sources Doc Ock and maybe a few others and some others I have been hearing that have been pushed hard is Venom standalone and a Black Cat adaption is being talked about as well so the next few years at Sony should be very interesting and if you are a Spider Man fan yourself just buckle up and get ready because it is going to an awesome next couple of years or possibly even decades from the sound of it and if it is successful which I am hoping it is.

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