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The Animation Movies Top 25: The Best Animation Movies in the World

Updated on July 19, 2016
Zootopia: 2016s Biggest Box Office Hit - grossing globally more than $1 Billion
Zootopia: 2016s Biggest Box Office Hit - grossing globally more than $1 Billion | Source
Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 & the spin-off, Minions: Despicable Me with a global gross of more than $543 million, Despicable Me 2 with a global gross of more than $970 million, and Minions with a global gross of more than $1.1 billion
Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 & the spin-off, Minions: Despicable Me with a global gross of more than $543 million, Despicable Me 2 with a global gross of more than $970 million, and Minions with a global gross of more than $1.1 billion | Source

Which are the Best Animation Movies in the World?

Which are the Best Animation Movies in the World? Animation is unlike any other film genre, a genre typically sub-genre categorised beneath the spectrum of the family genre which has a whole line-up of sub-genres. Animation however, in my opinion is a genre of its own given the large scale of releases that the genre has seen, most prominently in the last decade and a half since animation movies began aiming towards the larger audience at children, teenagers and adults.

The animation genre was once seen as the light-hearted humorous line-up of movies which would be a quick source of entertainment for young children, but since the take-off of the genre at the box office with financial figures peaking in the billions with global income these movies have since adapted to aiming at everyone (quite literally) when it comes to the entertainment that these movies provide.

Walt Disney Animation was once at the forefront of the animation genre and were in this position for almost 70 years ever since their first animated feature film release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1932?).

However, competition soon pushed in on Disney in the 90s with the introduction of Pixar Studios, an animation studio with a difference and a stunning, emotional set of stories that would become some of the best critiqued animation movies ever made (to-date). It should come as little shock to hear that The Walt Disney Studios were quick to purchase the Pixar Studios and have it operate under their The Walt Disney Productions banner as a subsidiary, enabling it to run as a singular studio making all of their own decisions.

Similarly, in the 90s we also saw another animation studio edge into the business of animation movies, and that studio is named DreamWorks Animation Studios, a studio that originally operated under the DreamWorks Productions banner but has since split and gone solo acting as a stand-alone studio. DreamWorks Animation Studios is a top-contender for animation movie-making these days due to their humorous stories and characters, and the intense level of fun and entertainment that their movies provide to movie-goers.

Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks are the three big studios when it comes to animation movie-making, which is down to the facts in that these are the studios that win most continually at the box office with commercial success, and also critical success as shown with the ranks on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, there are other animation studios worth mentioning who are slowly edging into the spot light for animation studios to watch out for. A couple of studios that fit into this category includes Blue Sky Studios (making animation movies for the 'parent' studio), a subsidiary for 20th Century Fox Studios. Blue Sky Studios most successful animation films is the Ice Age series, a series that currently has 4 instalments and a 5th instalment which is due out for release in 2016.

The second studio which is slowly edging into the spot light is the more recent (when compared to Blue Sky Studios) Illumination Entertainment, an animation studio that quickly dominated at the box office with their staggering income for their first animated feature film release of Despicable Me, a movie which has grossed globally more than $500 million.

Despicable Me was soon followed by the sequel Despicable Me 2 which grossed globally more than $970 million, and finally the most recent release of the Despicable Me spin-off movie titled Minions which grossed globally more than $1.1 billion. Given the rhythm of success for this film franchise and a third sequel for Despicable Me (titled Despicable Me 3) set for release in 2017 it is anyones guess how much this movie will wind-up making at the box office.

How I Judged the Rankings for the Best Animation Movies in the World

Some may be wondering how the rankings for this list were collected, and some research has been done, from checking ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb and Metacritic and also by re-watching a few animated movies from a few of the different animation studio names.

Movie critique rating sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb (Internet Movie Database) are great as they offer insight for as to what the mass audiences thought of the movies. A lot can be seen from the simple audience ratings for a singular movie, but at times the best do not get their due deserves, which is why sometimes the best of movie-making can be missed when looking at a movie ratings site.

That is why a little personal experience comes into play, as I have been watched animated flicks since I was a young child and have adored them ever since. Certainly a genre that sees a lot of attention when it comes to my movie-going antics.

I love Walt Disney Animation Studios as they made some of the greatest earlier creations of animated feature films, among the best being Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1932), Beauty and the Beast (1992) and The Lion King (1994).

Then, of course Pixar Studios, a proud subsidiary under The Walt Disney Productions banner is another personal favourite animation studio, a studio dedicated to the art of brilliance in the form of animation, making some of the most emotionally attached animated movies that are available for viewing on demand. The best which the studio has produced includes Toy Story (1995), Finding Nemo (2003) and Up (2009).

DreamWorks Animation Studios is another brilliant animation studio that gets a lot of attention these days due to having some of the most successful animated franchises that have ever been seen in the animation world, among which including Shrek (Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, Shrek Forever After), Madagascar (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Madagascar: Europe's Most Wanted), and How to Train Your Dragon (How to Train Your Dragon 2).

Moving past the big 3 animation studios which have produced some of the biggest box office hits with their animated feature films, and have done so consistently, there are also the other animation studios that have made some noteworthy animation movies.

These animation studios includes Blue Sky Studios (subsidiary under 20th Century Fox), Illumination Entertainment (subsidiary under Universal Studios) and Sony Pictures Animation (subsidiary under Sony Pictures Studios).

There are many other animation studios, but the ones which have been mentioned have created the best of the animation movies that have left audiences seeking out more flicks from the most imaginative and creative of film genres.

Top 25 Greatest Animation Movies to Make their Way Onto the Big-Screen

The comprehensive list for the "Greatest Animation Movies Ever Made".

No.1 - Toy Story (1995)

Studio: Pixar Studios

Short Review: Toy Story brings life to a group of childhood toys in the home of a young boy named Andy. On Andy's birthday he receives a gift, a new toy, and the toy is the ultimate space ranger named Buzz Lightyear.

Andy's favourite toy Woody becomes jealous of Buzz Lightyear and the attention that he receives from Andy at playtime, whilst Woody is left stored in a toy chest. This jealousy leads to Buzz being knocked out of the bedroom window and events turned against Woody when he is forced to go out and rescue Buzz from the outside world so they can both return safely to Andy's bedroom.

A fun and crazy movie which was Pixar Studio's first and arguably greatest animation film production to-date. Toy Story is full of fun, laughter and was the introduction to Pixar's desire to add a hearty amount of emotion into the mix for the recipe which makes their movies special in the animation line-up.

Plus, the voices for Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen) could not have been any better, as given the brilliant script that the two had to work with they truly made the characters their own. Voice-over actors get very little credit in the animation genre, but they deserve their due as it is their voices that offer up the drama and obvious dialogue which makes the movie 'verbal', rather than a plain canvas of moving imagery.

No.2 - The Lion King (1994)

Studio: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Short Review: The Lion King is a story set around the wild of north Africa and the 'voiced' animals (not that animals actually have English speech) that live in the king's jungle. The Lion King is based majority-wise for the story around Mufasa (the lion king of the jungle) and his son Simba who is the air to the throne of the jungle.

Simba, a lion cub at the start of the movie learns a life lesson after the death of his father Mufasa, and after the death of Mufasa Simba is chased out of the kings land and forced to fend for himself whilst the jungle his father nurtured becomes overrun by hyenas run by Scar, Simba's evil 'lion' uncle.

The Lion King is great as it offers a sense of pride through the touching story and the characters are all brilliantly thought-up and suit the movie perfectly.

The soundtrack for the movie is also undoubtedly one of Walt Disney Animations greatest, as it is memorable and has last the test of time, as even today The Lion King is worth going back to for another viewing for the films soundtrack alone.

The Lion King has to be Walt Disney's most endearing animation project, and it set a course for a whole array of animation movies that would try to use voiced animals/creatures for the leads in their animated movies.

To sum-up, The Lion King is Disney Animations finest and most moving creation to-date.

No.3 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Studio: Walt Disney Animation

Short Review: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is set around the story of a young princess Snow White who is cast out of her kingdom by her evil stepmother by a hunter who was paid to assassinate her but instead allows her to leave with her life. It is not long before the rightful princess of the kingdom comes across a cottage inhabited by a family of dwarfs who take her in and give her a home where she can stay.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Walt Disney Animations first animation feature film release, and it is without a doubt one of their greatest animated productions given it having a touching story and feel throughout the movies progression.

The movie also opened the ball-field which would become Disney Animations signature princess animated movies which has storylines that are based around fairytales, and like Snow White they all offer a unique story and music that makes them some of the most pleasurable animated viewings available for watching.

No.4 - Finding Nemo (2003)

Studio: Pixar Studio

Short Review: Finding Nemo follows the story of Marlin (a clown fish) who goes in pursuit of finding his son Nemo after he is taken by a mysterious boat and winds-up in the fish tank at a dentist on the shores of Sydney, Australia.

Along the journey Marlin meets Dory, a fish with short term memory loss who knows the directions to where he needs to go in order to find his son.

Finding Nemo is an emotionally attractive movie to watch, something that Pixar Studios are known for doing with their movies through clever animation and storylines that will appeal to the more empathetic side.

Finding Nemo was the first fish in the water animation movie to truly own the seas with an adventure unlike any other with a meaningful conclusion that whilst watching the movie keeps the continuation a joy as each scene moves closer to that most anxious ending.

What would an animation movie be without a bit of danger along the way, and where this movie succeeds is with the constant looming of danger that lyes beneath the surface of the ocean, with dangers lying behind every corner, from piranhas, jelly fish, sharks, seagulls, fishing nets and even explosions.

No.5 - WALL-E (2008)

Studio: Pixar Studio

Short Review: WALL-E follows the little clean-up robot by the same name (WALL-E), a robot who was placed on the after-math of a ruined earth where the surviving humans have been placed on a ship and roam space until earth once again becomes habitable.

WALL-E lives every day alone, the same, cleaning up garbage and waste from the lands of earth, until one day Eve, an advanced robot lands on earth on a reconnaissance mission to judge the state of earth. WALL-E comes across Eve and hitches a ride on the ship that collects her taking him up to space and aboard the ship that inhabits the humans.

WALL-E is another emotional masterpiece by the animation studio that has made this their signature within their movies. WALL-E is character led as this movie is made such a delight to watch due to the simplicity and attachment that is felt towards the lead character, WALL-E. A robot who only wants to be loved, rather emotional at times as anyone could imagine, especially with Pixar at the helm of this story gem creation.

No.6 - Toy Story 3 (2010)

Studio: Pixar Studio

Short Review: Toy Story 3 sees Andy's toys return for another adventure, but this time the entire gang are thrown into danger when they decide they want to have a new life after Andy moves to college and the toy gang wind up in a children's day nursery.

Toy Story 3 is another success from the Pixar studio, perhaps more-so than any of their others due to this being their very first movie to surpass a billion dollars at the global box office. Quite the achievement for the studio. And, for good reason, as Toy Story 3 brings a fresh story to an all original title series that has not had a sequel for more than a decade so Toy Story 3 was an exciting and most-anticipated release for 2010.

Toy Story 3 has a good villain and an interesting location where the toy gang find themselves trapped and in dire need to return back to Andy's house.

Toy Story 3 continues the series well and leaves a good taste in the senses for anticipation for another release in what has to be the greatest animated film series ever made.

No.7 - Up (2009)

Studio: Pixar Studio

Short Review: Up follows a retired old man whose wife has died and feels like he owes it to himself to go on the adventure that they had both always promised to go on at some point in their lives together.

After a building project manager/corporate stooge attempts to kick the retiree out of his home he unleashes a a world of balloons from his houses chimney which results in the house being transformed into a for-all-extensive-purposes hot air balloon.Only hiccup being that a boy scout was on the front porch of the now floating house when it took off from the ground.

Up is another Pixar masterpiece, perhaps one of the most critically adored movies that they have ever produced, due to the adorable story that has been brought to life recognising the dreams of the old, and then bringing one of these dreams (adventures) to the reality of the animation world.

Up offers up an interesting bad guy to the mix, as well as a good deal of talking dogs and other bump-ins along the way in this unmissable family adventure. It brings another emotionally led story to life on the big-screen with a whole line-up of interesting characters to fill in the gaps.

No.8 - Inside Out (2015)

Studio: Pixar Studio

Short Review: Within the minds of every person on the planet are a series of emotions that ultimately make us human, and in this brilliant Pixar creation it is the emotions within the brain that see their animated comeuppance as these emotions get human-like entities to play them.

Following a young girl and her parents, it is the young girls emotions (using human-like entities) who control her feelings during the period in her life where she is being forced to move house and as she continues to live her childhood life.

Inside Out is another interesting, imaginative story brought to life on the big-screen by Pixar Animation Studios, and this has to be one of their most creative storylines so far.

An easily relatable movie for young children, but a lot of fun for parents as well, for the parents of the child character in the movie offer someone for the parents to feel a little relatable to as well.

No.9 - Zootopia (2016)

Studio: Walt Disney Animation

Unfortunately this is one animation movie that has not received any attention from myself, but in order to have made this the most accurate list possible all animation movies, currently streaming in cinemas and old releases from the past have all been included in the collective part of the research for the rankings for this list.

Disney Animation's Zootopia has been placed at this rank as of current due to the extremely positive wider audience responses which have seen this movie heavily praised on the likes of IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

Short Review: N/A

Short Storyline: In a city of animals, a rookie bunny cop and a cynical con artist fox must work together to uncover a conspiracy.

No.10 - Toy Story 2 (1999)

Studio: Pixar Studio

Short Review: Toy Story 2 continues almost where the first left off as now a whole new adventure forms for the toys gang after Woody is stolen at a yard sale and the toys gang have to go on a rescue mission.

After Woody is stolen he is taken back to an apartment where their lives a whole new similar line-up of toys including the rest of the cowboy gang as their owner wants to sell them to a museum.

Toy Story 2 is a fine movie with an exciting story that sees the toys gang going on another wild adventure, this time being the opposite way around from the first with Buzz leading the way to save Woody instead of the other way around.

Toy Story (1995) was a great original Pixar movie and Toy Story 2 keeps a similar rhythm going with another story which is just as equally exciting and interesting for the wider audience to enjoy.

Zootopia (2016) Official Trailer

No.11 - How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

Studio: DreamWorks Animation

Short Review: How to Train Your Dragon follows Hiccup, a young Viking who is struggling to find his place among the clan, but when a dragon lands in the forrest Hiccup befriends it and names it Toothless. It is not long before Hiccup becomes the first ever dragon rider, turning the Viking clan from dragon hunters to Dragon tamers.

How to Train Your Dragon is a fairly emotional story-led movie for DreamWorks Animation given that they usually strive for the humour and miss out the emotion almost all together. But, How to Train Your Dragon feels quite emotional at times which is heavily down to the connection between Hiccup and Toothless.

The movie is of course quite humour-packed, but when it comes to DreamWorks Animation this has almost become a must-expectation given that all of the studios animated movies have the signature humour inside which makes them such lovable movies.

No.12 - The Incredibles (2004)

Studio: Pixar Studio

Short Review: The Incredibles is Pixar's entering into the world of superheroes, and in this particular movies story it is set around the lives of a superhero family who have learned to keep their powers hidden from the outside world so that they can lead normal family-like lives.

However, when Mr. Incredible (the father) takes on more superhero work in secrecy without his family's knowing things go awry when he is captured by a villain. This results in the rest of the 'Incredible' family having to go on a rescue mission to save Mr. Incredible from the island where he has been captured.

The Incredibles has a new take on the superhero world coming from the angle of family life, something which in the animation scene has not been seen.

Pixar surely delivered with The Incredibles as there is a lot of family fun and relating to be had to the characters and simple storyline which leads the Incredible (superhero) family into a world of danger forcing them to use their powers to stop an evil villain.

Pixar have been known to dip their toes into completely different and unique stories, and this one surely covers the route of superheroes.

A fine piece of Pixar entertainment.

No.13 - Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Studio: Pixar Studio

Short Review: Monsters, Inc. is based in a world of monster inhabitants who live everyday lives and work almost like the world of humans do, however, when it comes to this monster world the monsters electricity is run of the screams of young children of whom are scared by monsters who work for the large energy supply company, Monsters, Inc.

Sully (the scarer) and Mike (the partner) are both monsters working for Monsters, Inc. (the energy supply company which gains its energy from the scares of young children), and through a slight mishap when exiting the human world a young child is brought into the monster world.

It is up to Sully and Mike to return the child to the human world before their involvement catches up with them, although things are not as easy as they seem because the entire monster city is put on lock down until the child is found, making the job of returning the child safely to the human world much more difficult.

Monsters, Inc. is a marvellous Pixar creation which is definitely one of their more memorable releases having conquered a world where monsters inhabit solely and have their own ordinary lives. An interesting take by Pixar for a family fun piece of cinematic entertainment.

No.14 - Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Studio: Walt Disney Animation

Short Review: Beauty and the Beast is set in an almost fairy tale land, and the lead in this Walt Disney movie is Bell, a young girl who becomes lost in a snow storm and takes refuge in a seemingly creepy castle. But, the master of this castle is a beast having been turned into one by an evil witch, and the beast in-prisons Bell forcing her to live her days in the castle.

Beauty and the Beast is another fairytale adventure brought to us by Walt Disney Animation, and it has to be one of their best, given that the connection between the characters in this movie felt pure and almost real to the faintest touch of the emotions.

Beauty and the Beast is just another fairytale success for the Walt Disney Animation studio and is without a doubt the best animated fairytale adventure animation movie to have been released in the 90s.

No.15 - Ratatouille (2007)

Studio: Pixar Studio

Short Review: The life of rats brought to life by the creators of Toy Story, Pixar Studios, an animation studio dedicated to bringing audiences young and old stories to life which are always far apart and almost always emotionally gripping.

This movie has a rather tasteful outlook on the rats as a species, making them less of the vermin-like creatures that we all know them to be, and instead creates a story around these creatures as simply being misunderstood scavengers looking for a way to survive in the world.

The story follows one particular rat, Remy, a rat unlike any other who has a taste for the art of cooking and when he is cast apart from his pack he winds up in the city of France where he soon finds himself in the kitchen of one of the finest restaurants. There, Remy befriends an unlikely human, a human named Linguini, and together they set a path to creating the finest of foods for the restaurant.

A smart and imaginative story which gives a new and fresh outlook to the rat species, and with the artistic creativity of Pixar they have managed to successfully score in a new area of story-telling.

No.16 - The Iron Giant (1999)

Studio: Warner Bros. Animation

Short Review: When a giant robot from outer space lands on earth it is not long before it befriends an unlikely ally, a boy who lives in the town nearby to where it has landed.

However, there is danger afoot as a government agent soon gets drift of what has landed and stops at nothing to get proof of its existence.

A great movie for the wider audience, as this is perhaps one of those animation movies that does not come to mind straight away when thinking of the animation genre, but given the immense success and quality of the story and characters this is surely a movie not to be missed for fans of the genre.

No.17 - Shrek (2001)

Studio: DreamWorks Animation

Short Review: DreamWorks Animation's first step to commercial glory at the box office was with the release of Shrek, a movie about an ogre named Shrek who must regain the ownership of his swamp by going on a mission for the king to retrieve his bride-to-be, Princess Fiona from a castle guarded by a dragon.

Shrek is a different kind of animation movie, far different from the story-telling of that of Disney and Pixar as it aims to please from the humorous front instead of creating an emotionally or musically led story for audiences to be entertained.

No.18 - Aladdin (1992)

Studio: Walt Disney Animation

Short Review: The story of a street urchin named Aladdin who uses the powers of a genie to make himself appear as a prince so that he can win the heart and marry the princess of his dreams.

This is a whole new form of Disney Animation entertainment, more along the lines of their other releases like Hercules (1997), given that these movies are less fairytale oriented and take a different outlook on animation story-telling. Aladdin is more of a unique stand-alone Disney Animation form of entertainment that cannot be compared to other Disney Animation movies.

Aladdin is a fun animated movie which has got a sprinkle of the Disney magic which has made it quite the source of entertainment. Fun for the entire family with a reasonable amount of humour that children and adults will likely find to their taste with the voiced work of Robin Williams as the genie bringing most of the humour throughout the movie.

Although, a good story to teach children about overcoming hardships and winning whatever you want through the powers of wilfulness and imagination.

Overall, a good Disney movie that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

No.19 - Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Studio: 20th Century Fox Animation

Short Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox is the story of a fox who has a liking for raiding the nearby farms for chickens, but after the final theft of a chicken the farmers decide to retaliate putting at risk the lives of the fox and his entire community.

A great animation movie of an entirely different kind, and for fans of Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel) the director of this movie it will probably seem a little clearer why, given that Wes Anderson is known for his unique story-telling abilities.

The movie is fast-paced and jam-packed full of wacky entertainment, and the animation feels almost like watching puppets, a surprisingly good fit for this particular style and story of an animation movie.

No.20 - Finding Dory (2016)

Studio: Pixar Studio

Unfortunately, as was the same with the earlier listed Zootopia (2016), this is another movie which has yet again not received any attention from myself, but as was the same with Zootopia, the ranking for Finding Dory is based on the audiences/critics response to the movie.

Short Review: N/A

Short Storyline: The forgetful blue tang fish named Dory goes on an adventure to find her long-lost parents.

Finding Dory is the sequel/spin-off to Finding Nemo, however this time around the story focuses on the life of Dory more-so than Marlin and Nemo who also appear in the movie.

A Few Questions?

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No.21 - Big Hero 6 (2014)

Studio: Walt Disney Animation

Short Review: The story of a young boy inventor who is accepted into a prestigious college for his unique creative abilities, and what he creates is far more brilliant than anyone could have ever imagined possible.

A brilliant, modern animated movie brought to us by Walt Disney Animation, as it seems that Disney has changed its animation style ever so slightly, and another animated movie which is apart of this new Walt Disney Animation style would be Wreck-It-Ralph (2012). Both extremely imaginative storylines and near-perfectly executed onto the big-screen.

Big Hero 6 is set in Japan and the young inventor creates a balloon like robot which can fly, heal and do all sorts of amazing and brilliant things.

No.22 - The Lego Movie (2014)

Studio: Warner Bros. Animation

Short Review: The Lego Movie is the ultimate Lego animated movie (hence the title, being that it is simple, yet definitive) and delivers on all entertainment fronts with a rather brilliant and funny storyline that involves even the likes of lego Batman.

It is a witty movie, but retains a lot of ludicrous antics from the lego city and the lego world bringing into the mix all sorts of lego characters. Almost the perfect marketing ploy for selling all lines of lego toys, but the movie itself is rather entertaining throughout so we will forgive the makers of lego for this one particular marketing campaign that comes in the form of a movie.

No.23 - Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

Studio: Walt Disney Animation

Short Review: Wreck-It Ralph is a story about an arcade game character named Ralph who is the star of the arcade game by the same title as the movie. But one day Ralph decides to exit the arcade game that he is locked inside and soon finds himself in the mix of all new arcade games where he comes across all sorts of colourful characters.

Wreck-It Ralph is a Walt Disney Animation movie of a new breed as Disney Animation has moved its creative story-telling direction away from simply doing fairy tale and musically led stories and rather instead doing modern-take animated movies which are competitive with the current market of animated movies which are popular among the wider audiences.

Wreck-It Ralph has a good lead character who is funny and unmeaningly foolish, and the arcade world that Disney has brought to life is intriguing and fun to gaze upon as the stories adventure takes its due course.

No.24 -Coraline (2009)

Studio: Laika Entertainment

Short Review: Coraline is a story about a young girl who finds another world which is a sinister version of her home.

Coraline is a dark and entertaining animated creation which is brought to us by the studio which produced Corpse Bride (2005), ParaNorman (2012) and The Boxtrolls (2014). A series of movies which all have similar darker storylines which makes them all unique among the animated genre of movies.

No.25 - The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Studio: Skellington Productions Inc.

Short Review: The Nightmare Before Christmas is a story of a skellington named Jack Skellington who is the king of Halloween Town and one day he discovers Christmas Town but does not understand the concept.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is brought to us by the studio that produced James and the Giant Peach (1996) and this is one of Tim Burton's greatest movies due to its inventive nature and darker look on the festivity time of Christmas.

The 10 Highest Grossing Animated Movies at the Box Office

Which are the highest grossing movies in the world? Sometimes it helps to see the facts, and in looking at which the best animation movies ever made are it can be enlightening to see which of the animation movies had the highest ticket takings at the cinema theatres.

From the Box Office Mojo website (a site that collates the box office takings for movies/and their income, domestically and globally) these were the top 10 grossing animated feature films in the world.

#1 - Frozen (2013): Global Gross Income: $1.2 Billion

#2 - Minions (2015): Global Gross Income: $1.1 Billion

#3 - Toy Story 3 (2010): Global Gross Income: $1.06 Billion

#4 - Zootopia (2016) (still actively making money at the box office): Global Gross Income: $1.02 Billion

#5 - Despicable Me 2 (2013): Global Gross Income: $970 Million

#6 - The Lion King (1994): Global Gross Income: $968.5 Million

#7 - Finding Nemo (2003): Global Gross Income: $936.7 Million

#8 - Shrek 2 (2004): Global Gross Income: $919.8 Million

#9 - Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009): Global Gross Income: $886.7 Million

#10 - Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012): Global Gross Income: $877.2 Million

To One Day Be the Animations Top 100 Movies

This movie list is under ongoing editing and more 'top' animation movies will be added in the future until this list becomes the top 100.

For now, I hope you enjoyed the read.

Thanks for Reading!

Any thoughts? Be sure to drop them in the comments box below.


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