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The Art of Coffee Divination

Updated on January 26, 2010

Now here's an interesting idea! Can we really determine any future events by the grounds left from our coffee, or in this case, the foam of a cappuccino? Foretelling the future from a cup of coffee? And here I was just enjoying my cup of Starbucks, just happily drinking away and enjoying the coffee for what it was worth. Now I find I can learn the future? Yes, I am skeptical, but maybe the principle behind it might be good for aspiring writers, artists or just plain people looking for a little insight. With that in mind, I decided to give it a try.

Reading The Grounds In Coffee Divination

How does one "read coffee grounds"? (I wonder if the foam from a cappuccino will suffice. And if you want to get a really good reading, I would suspect you would need a dry cappuccino. If you are like me, you manage to get all the foam out of the cup anyway.) Apparently there are a couple of ways to do this. One way is to brew Turkish coffee. Now I am a dedicated coffee drinker. Really dedicated! Even when it is 90 degrees outside, I'll be drinking coffee (yes, it is often iced, but just overlook that). But Turkish coffee? That is just a little rich for my blood. It reminds me of brewing and re-brewing a pot of coffee several times and leaving the grounds in it for fiber. Not my forte.

The Foam In Coffee Divination

So I went with the foam theory. A dry cappuccino is one of my favorites anyway. So off to make the espresso, making sure, of course, the crema was beyond compare. I poured it into a tall glass and filled it to the top with nothing but foamed milk. No liquid milk; that's cheating. Just foam. Drinking that espresso through the foam was so good. In fact, it was more than good. Every time I drink one of these cappuccinos, I must admit my frustration with people who label everything with espresso as the starting ingredient as a cappy. But that's digressing.

I drank my cappy; that was the best part, and when I got all of it out of the glass (no spoons or straws allowed) I sat the glass down and stared into it. Now, I didn't expect to discover winning lotto numbers or to find out if I would get the huge project I applied for last week. I just looked. When I first read about this, it was recommended that you think about it like looking at clouds in the sky... just lie on your back and watch the clouds go by and see whatever it is you see. Then write. Free write for at least 10 minutes about whatever comes to mind.

Coffee Divination Works!

Since I'm a writer, I sat back, relaxed and let my thoughts flow. And you know what? It worked! As I stared into the glass, my mind wandered to ideas for book themes, future articles, and my life in general. Surprisingly, it was very relaxing, and it seemed to get my creative juices flowing, at least a little.

I don't think this is something that will change your life. I know it won't change mine. But I do think that looking within ourselves occasionally is a good idea, and if it takes a cappuccino to do so, well what's the harm in that. After all, I've seen stranger things than this in coffee houses!


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