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The Art of Musical Composition

Updated on October 5, 2015

Art of Music

The Art of Music

The art of music is fascinating to the ears of the person composing or playing the song. The song may begin by setting up in your head which instruments you will use at the beginning. Then one would decide how the song would be arranged. There are also the key signatures that must be considered and the composition the music will be played in. This gets into theory , however, and I don't really know much about theory. If it sounds in tune and has a decent beat, then I go with this sound.

Musical art is a way of conversing what I do with my music. I construct a sound out of one or many instruments and develop a combination of sounds that will rhyme with one another. It is an art like painting a picture is to an artist. It takes time to compose a song that is a pleasure to my ears. The fact that I am not dealing with substance but a soulful art that is still creation. A finished painting is a creation of what an artist has in his head and delivers onto a canvas. This is also true for the composing musician who takes a digital instrument and produces a song made from entire scratch. The same attitude as a painting artist would incorporate in his work.

The end product needs to be refined and mastered to be pleasing to a musical artist. This is true for a painter , when his project is near completion. The artistry of painting comes in many forms and shapes as does musical artistry. There are wave forms in which the sound makes or adheres together in order to brand perfection to the musician.

The process of taking an instrument from a single note into colorful is what I try to accomplish when writing music. Mymusic isnot for everyone. Mysongs are a rare breed asany, and every artist isdifferent inthe way they compose and present their sound ortune. This isa creation ofa spectacular wave that only the recording artist can perceive, and not another sound engineer can even come close tomaking mymusic sound better than I can. I know what I seek inmymusical adventures. The musical art I produce isofa third dimension and can bequickly listened and discovered whom I have aninterest in. Songs heard onthe radio influence mysongs asI have a liking for Pink Floyd and Nine-Inch Nails, for example, and this reflects inmysongs ifone listens you might hear the concept ofthis type ofsong writing I like. I thrive tobeindividualistic and donot copy anything from any artist, oritwould not beofmyown palette, sotospeak. Somusical art isa form ofa painting oranartist asI have mentioned. The two are completely the same. The difference isthe instruments weuse tocreate orsculpture. The desired outcome is of course, someone else seeing or hearing what we devised and accepting our terms of creation and artistry.

My Musical Art in Video


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