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The Asian Drama Craze

Updated on July 11, 2017

The Korean drama hype

Over the past few months titles such as, "Boys Over Flowers, " "Dream High," "You're Beautiful," and "Lie to Me" have been gracing computer and TV screens. Through Netflix and Hulu and top Asian drama websites such as, everyone can enjoy the refreshing plots that keep viewers wanting more because they are angled at audiences that want something new in their entertainment. Three popular Asian dramas that are quickly becoming popular in the United States are "Boys Over Flowers," "Lie to Me," and "My Princess." These dramas are funny, clean, and romantic. They have family friendly ratings, loving three-dimensional characters, and well-hearted messages.


Boys Over Flowers

The popular "Boys Over Flowers" is a clean, romantic comedy that is suitable for most ages. It is based on the Japanese shōjo manga. Although it is a romance, it follows traditional Korean values in courtship. It is a simple romantic comedy with complicated characters that are more than what they seem. The brave yet lower class girl, Geum Jan Di attends a prestigious school through a scholarship she receives. She finds her shallow, privileged classmates unbearable, especially the notorious F4, consisting of four rich and handsome men: the arrogant Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min-ho), the quiet Yoon Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun-Joong), the charming So Yi Jung (Kim Bum), and the flirtatious Song Woo Bin (Kim Joon). They are considered to be the kings of Shinhwa High School. After Jan Di manages to withstand all of Jun Pyo's pranks, he begins falling in love with Jan Di but she only has feelings for Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo knows it. The romantic triangle is set and she must choose between Gun Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo. Although it follows a classic plot line, it is full of surprises. Its characters have many layers so you never know what to expect from them. It is full of quirky humor and sweet romance.


Lie to Me

"Lie to me" is a drama about a girl named Gong Ah-Jung who is director of events for the government in the Department of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourist. The series follows Gong Ah-Jung as she begins by lying to an antagonistic friend about being married, not to lose face in front of her. Due to several circumstances that cause her to be seen with hotel heir, Hyun Ki-joon, the lie begins to grow. And people start to whisper about her supposed marriage to the wealthy president and heir of the World Hotel, Hyun Ki-Joon.

Although the rumor keeps spreading, Ki-Joon is miserable and must combat them to his friends and tries to force Ah-Jung to tell the truth. When both characters try to squash the rumors things do not go as planned Ki-Joon takes legal action against Ah-Jung. Certain events occur bringing the pair together and ultimately both realize that there are benefits to their lie and both decide to keep pretending a bit longer. Ki-Joon warns Ah-Jung that he will eventually follow through with his lawsuit against her. When his fiance comes home from France, she has Ki-Joon questioning his commitment to her and the feelings he has developed for Ah-Jung. This romantic comedy-drama is full of quirky humor that will keep you laughing. And have you wanting more.


Dream High

Dream High is about achieving fame. It could be described as the new adaptation of the movie "Fame" that came out in the eighties. Instead of following several individuals in a college of fine arts, we follow six different high-school students with a particular set of talents who undergo personal growth as they develop their talents for music.

The series introduces Go Hye-mi who wants to become an opera singer and is taken out of the prestigious school she attends and is forced to go to Dream High to pay off her father's debt to a gangster. She must get used to the surroundings she deems beneath her. It then introduces Song Sam-dong, a humble country boy and an aspiring musician who must fight a rare disease.

Jin-guk or Hyun Shi-hyuk is Go Hye-mi's childhood friend. He is in love with her and repeatedly tries to get her to remember their childhood memories. He is also has a contentious relationship with his politician father who doesn't acknowledge him as a son. Baek-hee is Hye-mi's best friend but later in the show becomes her enemy when Hye-mi betrays her during an audition. She is also interested in Jin-guk who does not reciprocate her feelings.

Jason is an American-born dancer who wants to make his debut as an artist in Korea. His courteous and well-behaved manners lead to confusion with Kim Pil-sook who believes he likes her. Kim Pil-sook has a beautiful voice with perfect pitch but is self-conscious of her weight and auditions in a mascot suit. She falls in love with Jason and loses the weight so that he will fall in love with her.



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