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The August 2013 Rolling Stones Cover

Updated on July 17, 2013

Ahhh-ight. I have to admit it. I don't get it.

What is all this hype about a little puke terrorist being featured on Rolling Stones' August cover? Have our most notorious not always been front page news??? Timothy McVeigh? James Bulger? Bernie Madeoff (or however you spell this crook's name), that zz-top-bearded postal worker who literally went postal...and myriad other crooks, criminals and murderers of great infamy?

So has Rolling Stone never plunged into the sewer of crime reporting? I just don't get why THIS cover is so outrageous. If anything - it is one HELL of a perp walk, no?

Bet his mamma's REAL proud! ...

If anything, the only reason I object is that he is still a DEFENDANT!! He has not been found guilty of any crime yet. But, unless the Massachusetts jury pool suffers the same dementia as Florida's, something tells me that THAT mistake will not be repeated.

Until then, I am not condemning this guy too badly - other than to call him names and predict a guilty verdict and talk about his mom!

At any rate - it's journalism, and it is nothing new. Believe me - there will not be any movie or book deals coming out of this attack on Bean Town - none that'll profit a terrorist anyway.
I'd rather know my enemy's face. Even if the gavel has not declared him so as of yet. We're grownups. And those who aren't have grownups to take responsibility. Well - some don't - but then, those poor kids have bigger problems that an RS cover!

Let's not whisper about this folks. Let's not nudge and wink our way around a conversation that obviously needs to be had at dinner tables all across the Commonwealth.

He's not even that good looking. More's the pity for him. No glamour shot was this. And his mug being pasted across RS's cover won't glamourize the Boston bombing, *BELIEVE ME*.
Let's not be so afraid of the truth. As for me, I'm trottin' over to the nearest Barnes & Noble and get me a copy so I can look the devil in the eye. But my OWN eyes will not make that label official until the jury pronounces guilt.


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  • Abby Campbell profile image

    Dr Abby Campbell 

    5 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

    Stan - thank you for the smiles this morning. Your article is definitely thought provoking. I have to agree with kereeves3 on the reason why so many people are freaking though. No one ever wants to give the "bad" guy publicity as that is exactly what they want (usually). Sure, this guy hasn't been convicted as of yet; however, he has plead guilty according to the media. We never know what the truth is really though as there are so many conspiracies.

  • kereeves3 profile image


    5 years ago from Salem, OR

    I think the reason some people are freaking out about the Rolling Stone cover is because it's giving the bomber the publicity he probably wanted all along. When you blast his face and his name all over the media, he is getting the recognition he wants, and he goes down in history as such.

    I would prefer to see a cover with pictures of the people who lost their lives. It is better that we remember these people by face and name, rather than the alleged bomber. They should be immortalizing the victims, not the killer.


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