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Really Obscure Music You Sadly Have Never Heard Of: The Avett Brothers

Updated on January 14, 2014
The post-rafting day hookah sesh.
The post-rafting day hookah sesh.

Distraction #74

Driving Melodies

This summer, I went to visit my friend who was working as a raft guide on the Nantahala River in North Carolina. After a full day of white water rafting and hiking, we sat down and night for a hookah sesh. While we were smoking, somebody got out their iPod and started playing the Avett Brothers. I was immediately humming along to them and bouncing my head. The moment I got back to Atlanta, I downloaded all of their music, and got angrier and angrier that nobody really knows about these guys. They are simply amazing.

Their music is raw, simple, and just filled with energy. Scott and Seth's voices harmonize at any chance, and it is not beautiful, but powerful and coarse. From 'Matrimony' to 'Tin Man', the two brothers' melodies are extremely contagious. Every day I find myself coasting down the road with the windows down in my six-speed jeep just shouting their lyrics at the top of my lungs. But instead of reading about what I got out of their music, go listen to them on youtube. Their newest album, I and Love and You, is more piano and guitar centered, while albums such as Emotionalism and Four Thieves Gone have more of a bluegrass feel and are more banjo and guitar centered. Their music has driving tempos and beautiful melodies.

I'm a senior in high school, and I applied to LSU just so that I could justify a college visit there. It just so turns out that The Avett Brothers will be gracing Baton Rouge with their presence the same week that I will be visiting. Already got my 4th row tickets waiting for me at will call. #winning


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