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The BFG Film Review

Updated on March 20, 2018

About the film

Released: 2016

Director: Stephen Spielberg

Producer: Stephen Spielberg

Running time: 1 hour 57 mins

Genre: Family, Fantasy, Action

Budget: $140,000,000

Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios

The Cast

Mark Rylance - The BFG

Ruby Barnhill - Sophie

Bill Hader- Bloodbottler

Jemaine Clement - Fleshlumpeater,

Penelope Wilton - Queen Elizabeth II

The Film

Based on the Roald Dahl book, The BFG has had a makeover with this 2016 film. Sophie is a 10 year old little girl who lives in an Orphanage. It's not a very nice one either, and she's not very happy there. One night she can't sleep and is reading a book. When she looks out of the window she spots a giant of an old man. The giant captures her and takes her to Giant Country. Because Sophie has seen the giant, he informs her that she must stay with him for the rest of her life because she spotted him. Initially, she is scared and nervous, but she grows to like him and nicknames him The BFG. She thinks he is a big friendly giant, so shortens his name to BFG.

Giant Country also inhabits 9 other giants, who are much bigger and taller than The BFG. Actually, they make The BFG look like a midget when you see them together! And these giants are hungry for 'human beans.' Fleshlumpeater is the leader of the giants and smells Sophie when he goes into the BFG's home. With a world full of mystical dreams and nightmares, we see how Sophie warms to The BFG and he, in return, protects her from these giants. The BFG is being bullied by these larger giants, and we see how The BFG and Sophie stand up to these horrid giants.

My Thoughts

Of course, with this being a Stephen Spielberg film, you can expect excellence. And you get this in abundance. The magic of Giant Country is lovely and I love how they make The BFG and the other giants look so realistic. The part I really enjoyed the best was when they visited Dream Country to catch dreams. I thought this was beautifully done, and so magical.

The Queen, played by Penelope Wilton, plays a good part. Sophie and The BFG go to visit her after giving her a nightmare about the giants eating children. They plan to ask her to send soldiers to help with getting rid of the giants and stop them from eating children. It's quite surreal seeing someone play the Queen and having a child and giant round for breakfast. I found this scene quite entertaining to watch.

I've not read the book or watched the original BFG film, so the story is new to me. I've always admired Stephen Spielberg, so new this would be another one of his great movies. Although aimed for children, I really did enjoy watching this. The graphics are excellent. I love how they made the giants look so realistic, and Sophie so tiny stood next to them. Even The BFG looked small compared to the 9 other, more larger giants. I love how The BFG talks and the words and phrases he used. This is a beautifully well made film, and would thoroughly recommend it if you haven't seen it already.

Us giants is making whizzpoppers all the time! Whizzpopping is a sign of happiness. It is music in our ears! You surely is not telling me that a little whizzpopping is forbidden among human beans.

— The BFG

The BFG official trailer

© 2018 Louise Powles


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    • poppyr profile image


      2 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      I was a big fan of the book and the original BFG movie. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish this one, possibly because I was hoping for it to be the same script but in HD. I'll have to try watching it again with a more open mind because your review is very positive. I wasn't aware it was Spielberg who directed it.

    • Leland Johnson profile image

      Leland Johnson 

      8 months ago from Midland MI

      Louise- I just looked and this movie is on Netflix so I'll be watching it today :) Thank you for your awesome review. I love how concise and to the point your reviews are. I also like that you include the vital statistics at the top of the page and then include the trailer. It makes for a very good, easy read. I'm going to emulate your formatting technique I think. I can be a little long winded. Great job!

    • Sean Dragon profile image

      Ioannis Arvanitis 

      9 months ago from Greece, Almyros

      I loved the film, but I liked your review too. My dear Louise, you have a Heart which I admire!

      Keep on the excellent work!


    • jo miller profile image

      Jo Miller 

      11 months ago from Tennessee

      I haven't heard of this movie but since I have grandchildren visiting next week, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the review.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      11 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I loved watching the trailer. I want to watch the movie and read the book now that I've read your article. I've enjoyed reading other Roald Dahl books, so I expect I'll like The BFG as well.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      11 months ago from The Caribbean

      Stephen Spielberg has an imagination to be reckoned with. Sounds like a film the grandchildren will like.

    • RoadMonkey profile image


      11 months ago

      I have read the book, several times and seen the original cartoon many times too. I have not seen all of this but most of it and it is really good, brings Roald Dahl's story to life, again.

    • Penny Sebring profile image

      Penny Leigh Sebring 

      11 months ago from Fort Collins

      As a fan of the book, I was thrilled to see that this movie was filled with the same wonder.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      11 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      I haven't seen this one yet and after reading your hub, I will definitely watch it. The director is great so I would expect it would be worth watching.

    • Claire-louise profile image

      Claire Raymond 

      11 months ago from UK

      I agree with you on this one, it's an enjoyable film for adults. I adored the books as a kid.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      11 months ago from USA

      I missed this one, although I often catch the kid movies because I take my nephews and nieces to the movies. Thanks for drawing attention to it. I’ll have to find it on Amazon or Netflix.


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