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The Bachelor/Bachelorette -- Why Is This Show Still On TV?

Updated on April 9, 2013
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I was standing at the check-out a week or so ago and I glanced at a magazine cover declaring the latest Bachelor’s romance had hit the skids only a couple weeks after the show ended. I was like, “And this surprises people?” Which led me to wonder for the umpteenth time why this show and its companion piece, The Bachelorette are still doing on TV? The show is a dismal failure.

You can probably count the number of successes on one hand, otherwise after the cameras stop shooting most of these couples headed to Splitsville. And some of the guys they’re getting to be The Bachelor are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. The last one just looked so icky I wouldn’t compete with 25 women to let him walk me across the street, let alone to marry and have sex with him.

I have to admit I have watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette a few times when I was watching Dancing With The Stars and I was too lazy to get up and turn the channel. I still remember one woman doing back flips in an evening gown to try and impress The Bachelor. These women have never met this guy before and they claim they’re already in love with him, and they’ll just die if they don’t get a rose. They give women a bad name. The men who compete on The Bachelorette never come off as catty and desperate as the women on The Bachelor do.

I don’t think I’m very representative of the female population if what I see females online posting about this show and supposedly how outraged the female population was outraged over Brad Womack having the nerve to not pick a chick at the end of his first season. I actually applauded him deciding he didn’t feel enough for either one of the final two contestants to ask them to marry him. He could have played it safe, picked one and then dumped her a week later, but he had the class to tell her the truth on national TV. And because of that the female population of the world vilified and treated him like garbage. When he came back for the second time and that nitwit slapped him for all of womankind, I wanted to slap the imbecile into next week. So, he should pick someone he would just dump a few weeks later, all so some chick could get a ring and bragging rights that she got picked over 25 other women. That’s why after the cameras stop rolling these supposed true love couples break up. The Bachelor/Bachelorette feels pressured to pick someone even if they don’t feel it or they face being vilified the same way Brad Womack was. Then they wait a few weeks after the show and they end the relationship and go on their merry way without any backlash.

I wasn’t appalled by what Bachelor Jason did, either, and I never really felt all that sorry for poor rejected Melissa. Heck, that chick milked being rejected for all it was worth. She got a spot on Dancing With The Stars, a permanent television job and married an ex-boyfriend. She should be thanking Jason for dumping her for the other contestant, Molly. It’s due to him dumping her on live TV that she has all she now has. If he had gone on to marry her [like most of the female population seemed to want] all poor little Melissa would have gotten was obscurity and being a mother to Jason’s child. That’s if it had lasted long enough for them to get married, which I highly doubt.

I also never understood the hatred towards Vienna: both from the female population and the females on the show. I notice every season the women in the house seem to gang up against one woman they want gone. The contestant I couldn’t stand was Ali [not sure if she was on the same season as Vienna. They all seem to kind of smush together]. And when Jake and Vienna broke-up, I felt sorry for her and thought it was a dirtwad jerk. The guy seemed to be in love with being in front of a camera more than anything else.

I also felt sorry for the female contestant that got booted off the show for violating the process as the show claimed. She became attracted to someone behind the scenes, instead of The Bachelor, and was treated like she was the Whore of Babylon for doing so. I mean, isn’t that what this show is supposed to be about? Finding someone you’re attracted to? Apparently only if that person is The Bachelor and ABC can catch it on camera. Seriously though, how can you be accused of violating the process when the process doesn’t work as proven by the long line of failures? Maybe I’ve missed a couple here or there, but hasn’t The Bachelor and The Bachelorette only created one successful couple a piece out of how many seasons?

This show has proven by its list of failures that it doesn’t work. You don’t find true love on a reality TV show. And most of these contestants may not even be looking for it. Think of the high it must be for the chosen one to have twenty-five men or women competing for their attention. And it must be an even bigger high competing with twenty-five people and being chosen the one. As for the audience it’s nothing but a freak show they can watch in their own living room.

But seriously, isn’t it time for this freak show to call it a day. Like I said, the guy they picked for The Bachelor this season just seemed really icky. I don’t remember the last time they picked a really appealing guy who you could believe twenty-five women would fight over.

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