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The Band Ivy: Where Are They?

Updated on June 25, 2016

Ivy Long Distance

The Roswell Years

I first heard Ivy during an episode of Roswell. A show that I love. I love that show!

I'm still waiting for the Roswell movie by the way. I don't care if you get a new cast, I love the story. (sorry cast, I love you too ;) even though Majandra Delfino blocked my first twitter account, I guess she felt like I was spamming her when I was tweeting so much about a Roswell come back about six years ago. )

The song was Undertow, it was haunting and annoying because Max kissed Tess...on purpose! And Liz saw the whole thing, but I was able to get over the fact that Liz ran to Sean during her prom. I could not stand Sean on the show, the actor Devon Gummersall was married to Majandra Delfino. Ah, actors it's so hard to keep up with who's with who sometimes.

The Long Distance

Anyway I was distracted by the music, it fit so well. So I sought out Ivy, only to realize that other Ivy songs were on Roswell too. Remember it was 1999, Spotify, iTunes were nonexistent. We had Napster we had a site I used to check religiously. Is still active today. Sadly isn't active anymore but it was also a fun website to visit. The music however, was on a different site, roswell music was another site and the person who ran the site had it updated rather quickly. It's not around anymore but sometimes they even posted the music a day after the episode aired. That website was magical.

Early 2000s

I rushed to to buy whatever Ivy cds I could. The only place I could listen to more of their music was on Yahoo's Launchpad, yes I realize I'm aging myself. Eventually I had to switch to Pandora which wasn't as much as Yahoo's music system.

Undertow was my introduction to Ivy, but Undertow is not my favorite Ivy song.

1. You Don't Know Anything

2. Disappointed

3. Baker

4. Midnight Sun

According to windows media player these are the most worn out Ivy songs. But wait there's more.

Practically the whole Long Distance cd was right on point. Somewhere at my parents' house is the article I wrote about this cd from when I was on the college newspaper, the Griffin, but then I think it was called The Fourth Estate. I liked the Fourth Estate better, but ah well. Oh goodness, was that really going on over 8 years ago. Man, I'm getting old.

In the Clear (2005) I came out a few years before Dido's Safe Trip Home (2008), playing those both at the same time as The Garden (2006) which came out a few years before. All of the melodic tunes and tone of their music help me create. I would see images and come up with story lines listening to their music. I was able to write The Visions of Koto-Ryin as well as other short stories related to that novella.

5. While We're In Love

6. Worry About You

Thinking About You

There aren't a whole lot of Ivy videos. One of the perils of being an Indie Band, you don't have the budget or backing you'd usually see. But I also think that's one of the appeals for this group. That they don't have the commercial attention as other groups.

Thinking About You

Ivy: Haunting yet Fun Indie Pop

I realized if I keep going I'll end up naming the entire album but just in the order I like the songs in. Although, 1 and 3 are from other albums.

I was very excited to hear that Ivy is coming out with a new album, as well as Dido and Zero 7 all with very secretive release dates. Whatever music industry.

I'd still be a writer if Ivy didn't exist, but I don't think it'd be this easy to have this much fun doing it.

It's 2016 and not very many people have heard of Ivy. They've kind of fell off the scene. Which I feel like is such a shame. They have such an appeal that I think is lost among music today. They fit somewhere in the middle of Dream Pop and Trip Hop. Yes they're called Indie Pop but there's something refreshing from their kind of music. Ivy has the kind of music that can whisk you away, calm you down after a stressful day and make you want to gas up your car and drive to a beach somewhere. Or be somewhere near water.

Their last album was released in 2011, five years ago. Hopefully they've been busy creating a new album for the upcoming future.

Ivy Origin Story

Ivy have certainly journeyed far. The group was formed in 1994 when Andy Chase and Adam Schlesinger convinced Parisian Dominique Durand, who had recently moved to New York and had no aspirations to be a singer, to venture into Chase’s studio and try recording four new songs with them. Those recordings, which showcased Durand’s intimate, distinctive – and at that point, heavily accented – vocals alongside Chase and Schlesinger’s pop melodies and jangly guitars, quickly led to a record deal. Soon Ivy became a real working band, and Durand, who had previously been working as a photographer’s assistant, found herself opening for acts like Oasis, Edwyn Collins, and St. Etienne.

The Band Ivy

In the Clear

In the Clear is my second favorite Ivy album. It has a more cheerful vibe but they stayed consistent with their haunting tone.

  1. Nothing But The Sky
  2. Tess Don't Tell
  3. Four in the Morning
  4. Ocean City Girl

Just the name of few are the highlights of the album. The album has a great replay value and it's great for anyone looking for a fresh kind of sound.

Their other notable albums include, Apartment Life, after that was Long Distance, Guestroom, In the Clear, and then All Hours.

One of the members Andy Chase has a solo project called Brookville. They've released three albums, Wonderfully Nothing, Life in the Shade, and Broken Lights. They've undergone a name change to Camera2 with EP releases in 2013 and 2014.


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