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The Battle Of the Bulge...An Ode To A Young Man Entering Puberty.

Updated on April 5, 2010


The Battle Of The Bulge.

an ode to a young man who once was me...... entering puberty


What is this

persistent stiff,
holding parties

in my pants,
whenever thoughts

of girls in general
overwhelm me in
the ungodliest places,
cafeterias, or the gym...
where my jocular

face tries to hide
the rising space

of my jock.

Its timing is

Thank God for

school books
when I'm getting

off the bus,
after a forty

minute ride
behind Susie

the buxom blond
whom I crave

with a passion
displayed all too amply
in my nether regions.

Even in church

when I genuflect,
after the hint

of a plaid skirt,
creeps over

moral boundaries
two pews and

an eternity away,
causing me to kneel
with much difficulty,
and to add

extra confessions
to my weekly cleansing.

I wake up

with a handle,
like leftover luggage

at the airport,
and it's plane to see,
that I am beginning
a journey to manhood.

But what do I do

in the interim,
when taking matters

into my own hand
is beyond any

realm of possibilities
as the teacher

drones on about
premature ejaculation
in my Sex Ed class.






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