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The Beatles' 1.7 Billion Lost Generation Fans

Updated on October 1, 2019

With Abbey Road There Is No End

It's been 50 years since their Abbey Road LP came out in 1969. While it wasn't their last one (Let it Be, 1970), one might think that the magic of the Beatles would fade. It really never has. Sure, it is no longer the frenzy of Beatlemania in 1963-65 that has spread across the globe like a plaque, but the steady love and admiration continued through the decades until now. While it was the baby boomers who were fanatical for the band back then, they became parents and introduced them to their kids like a sacred family loom. As their kids became parents, the Beatles music lingered and soon, the family loom was handed down. It was the love of the Beatles musically, as a band, that few can emulate. They did have it all: the looks, the witty and funny personalities, rebellious haircuts and fashion, the harmonies, and so on. But by themselves, the charisma did vanish, as recording artists.

The Lost Generations

Since 1969, when the band ended, millions have continued to listen to their music with each generation finding gems they listen to on Spotify, on CD's, Apple downloads, or LP's. The Beatles' legacy is their sustaining power through time, just like Brahms, Beethoven, etc. Their music is forever unlike most bands that just create music here today and forgotten.

To prove this, Spotify reported that Beatle streams have reached 1.7 billion in 2019 so far. Of this, 30% went to 18-24 year olds, another 20% went to 25-29 year olds, The Beatles' Here Comes the Sun reached 350 million streams.

What is odd is that the Beatle's most popular streaming or downloaded songs are not their rockers:

  • Yesterday
  • Come Together
  • I Want To Hold Your Hand
  • Blackbird
  • Norwegian Wood

To be honest, none of these are my favorite songs. The new reissue of the Abbey Road LP\CD has already put the band in the Top 5 in sales, which is pretty amazing for them. My 20-year old daughter grew up with them in car. While she listens to a wide variety of music, when she heard the White LP recently for the first time, she immediately downloaded many of the songs she had never heard (we usually listened to the early Beatles) like: Glass Onion, Helter Skelter, Everyone's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey, Birthday.

Today, only two Beatles remain, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, both are 80, 77 years old, respectfully. John Lennon was murdered in 1980 and George Harrison dies of cancer in the early 2000's. The surviving members seem to just "rock on" in an act of defiance with Father Time. Paul still tours and packs in the concert arenas playing Beatle hits and his new stuff. Ringo continues to a lesser degree. But, one day, they, too, will pass.

What the Spotify data shows is something I always knew, the Beatles are true legends that will be handed down to the next generation to listen to and so on. Their iconic images as a band will continue to make them seem "alive" inspiring those wannabe rock stars.

The Beatles are the Brahms and Beethoven of Pop\Rock music.


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