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The Beatles' Come Together As They Came Apart in July, 1969

Updated on March 5, 2012
The Beatles in 1969
The Beatles in 1969
the Beatles in 1963
the Beatles in 1963

The Beatles Last Song Together

The magic, the King Midas touch, their charisma and how each member was, indeed, a part of a fine Swiss watch called The Beatles would cease after July 30th, 1969. John was nearly 30. Yet, in one of the final recordings of the Abbey Road sessions, John brought in a song he had created for then LSD guru, Timothy Leary, who was campaigning for governor of California. Leary had wanted a campaign slogan-song and "Come Together" was it. Well, actually, the chorus part aired on California AM stations, as Leary used it in ad spots. John continued to add to the song knowing he had some sort of groove going in the song. The first version of the now famous song, was much faster and echoed Chuck Berry's, You Can't Catch Me", a 1956 song, John always liked. When John played the song for the others, it was Paul who suggested to slow the song down into a bluesy thump. John tried it out as Paul began to create his now famous bass riff. As John and Paul began smiling and grooving like in the old days, this magic sparked Ringo, who messed around with the feeling of the song until coming up with now the famous drum part. George, meanwhile, started to create a guitar riff. As the music came together, John's imagination soared and created perhaps some of the most famous lyrics to fill a rock song since. John was in a very playful mood and deliberately created lyrical puns, jokes and gobbledygood with the constant, hypnotic rhythm accentuated by Paul's earthy bass riff.

It seemed, The Beatles, were back! Sparks were flying as in the Beatlemania days between them. Their love for each other was reflected in this recording session where animosity had been before but was now gone. The last song take was July 30th. For a change, every member felt good about the song and about each other. George Martin, their recording engineer, felt he had watched the magic all again as a song was introduced and each member added their own bit and talent until all were happy with it. No fights. No arguments. No egos. Just guys who had been playing together for over 10 years.

Come Together was released as a single October 1st. It remained #1 for the next four months. This song was the last time The Beatles ever played together. All the other songs on Abbey Road were not done like this. Even, The End, was not.

Side Notes: Paul and friends performed The End in the 2012 Grammy Awards. It was an amazing performance as everyone played awesome lead guitars as per the 1969 recording. It was a standing ovation.

In 1974, Paul and John did try to reconnect again in LA during John's recording of his "Walls and Bridges" LP. However, both were totally stoned during the sessions and nothing good came out of it.


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      mike 2 years ago

      I have this photo of the fab four beside johns rolls. perfect condition (framed) since 1994 Real photo (Kodak) not from online. will sell to best beatle fan