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The Beatles: Most Influential Band of All Time

Updated on May 4, 2012

The Beatles: Most Influential British Band of All Time

Throughout history there have been many bands and musicians that were considered great, and considered to have impacted the world. However, none of these groups can compare to the Beatles. Influence is defined as the capacity to produce effects on the actions, behavior, and opinions of others. Because of the effect on music, fashion, culture, and the society in general, The Beatles are the most influential British music group of all time.

The Beatles significantly influenced popular music in the sense that “they revolutionized the music industry and touched the lives of all who heard them in deep and fundamental ways” (Beatles par 1). The Beatles, often referred to as “The Fab Four,” had a certain affect on society:

They ignited the latent energy of youth on both sides of the Atlantic. They helped confer self-identity upon a youthful, music-based culture that flexed its muscle in myriad ways – not just as music consumers, but also as a force for political expression, social commentary and contemporary lifestyles. (The Beatles par 3)

Although the Beatles were a sensation in Britain, they did not stop their success in music there. Even after moving to America, the Beatles dominated the charts by creating 3 more number one singles than the legendary Elvis Presley with twenty (11). The Beatles had such an impact by music in the sense that they set a standard for popular music, and brought an immense amount of popularity to the genre of rock and roll music. They even changed what rock music means to many people. The Beatles have inspired countless musicians to imitate their unique style and sound, and continue to inspire the public, and sell millions of albums, even though the band broke up in 1970, and George Harrison died from cancer in 2001, and John Lennon was assassinated in 1980. The Beatles evidently are immensely influential to music because of the fact that they are still influencing people 40 after the band broke up, with only two living members.

Next, the Beatles enormously influenced fashion. Although “no single person can be credited with dressing the Beatles,” they began a fashion trend (Howell par 6). In fact, the Beatles influenced fashion to an extent where their outfits and looks were basically being copied by boutiques and other clothing stores (6). The reason the Beatles set such a trend in fashion is because of their music. They dominate the charts and are performing all the most popular songs, and now the people want more from them. “They [the Beatles] transformed the look, sound, and style of not only their generation, but also of the ones that followed” (Fab par 3). When the Beatles began their band, they actually had what could be categorized as a greaser look. They were decked in leather clothes and had greasy hair (5). Eventually the band made the evolution from greasy leather wearing musicians to a group that wore nice custom-tailored suits that all matched. The hair was so popular that “the Beatle wig became the hottest novelty since the hula hoop” (6). Again their look transformed. They moved from the well-tailored suits to matching turtle necks. And again the Beatles gave this look enormous popularity. Whatever the band wore, the public wanted to wear. The Beatles continued to set fashion trends, and still do. Even though the bad developed differences and split up, and most of the members are dead now, the Beatles are still influencing fashion. They sell more records now than they did when they were together, and people constantly attempt to capture the look that the Beatles inspired.

Finally, the Beatles had an influence on society and culture. The British rock band known as the Beatles came to America in 1964. When they got here, they “stood the world of pop culture on its head, setting the musical agenda for the remainder of the decade” (The Beatles 4). The Beatles were impacting society and culture by combining their effects with music, and with fashion. By changing and influencing both of those, they were impacting society as a whole. The Beatles have had this lasting and ongoing effect on the world :

Though popular music has changed considerably in the decades since the Beatles’ demise, their music continues to reach and inspire new generations of listeners. Half a century after their humble origins in Liverpool, the Beatles remain the most enduring phenomenon in the history of popular music. (23)

This effect clear shows that the Beatles have impacted society in a way that can never be forgotten.

Many bands have looks that influence some of the public for some time. Or songs that are popular for a certain amount of time. But no bad, let alone a British band, has even inspired people’s music, opinions, fashion, and society in the way the Beatles have. The Beatles have influenced popular culture, and simply influenced life in a way that is unfathomable. The Beatles ended 40 years ago, however; their music, their fashion, and their impact on culture live on and continue to strive like no other music group has ever done. The Beatles are indisputably the most impactful British music group of all time, because of the undeniable and lasting effect they have had on society, fashion, and music.

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