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The Beatles Rock Band Release

Updated on September 22, 2009

 It seems like deja vu to me. Beatlemania. But, this time it is a bit more restrained and calm.This time The Beatles are reincarnated for a generation that has only heard about them and their legendary status.

The Beatles Rock Band video releases today, Sept. 9th. Unlike all other guitar hero, rock band releases, the video game industry is banking on The Beatles and their "king midas" touch (where everything associated with them turns gold) to pull them out of a steady decline. Their creators were hardly born when The Beatles existed for real, yet, as legends do, their creative output is kept alive.

Everyone likes something about them. You may not like all or some of their music, but little can be said that is bad about the band, The Beatles. A poll taken across all age groups 10 and up, have them still in the top five spots out of all other rock bands from the 60s to now. For those in the 40+ age group, they remain their favorite.

The Beatles and their heirs are guaranteed between 30-40 million in royalties alone, Michael Jackson's estate will get a good portion of this since he owns most of the Lennon-McCartney songs. Oddly enough, it was George Harrision's son, Dhani (30 yrs) who got Paul and Ringo to sign on and approve, to meet with the producers of the rock band video. The media is ramping up the Beatlemania and making it seem that John, Paul, Ringo and George really still are a band. CBS, ABC, NBC, Walmart, BestBuy and others push the product with much heavier advertising for any video game. Odds are, that most of the CEOs and others remain dedicated Beatle fans that are in a position to make key decisions.

The game with the guitar replicas costs $250. Not cheap at all. Their remastered LPs, all 14 of them, cost around the same in a box, or $12 each. According to the media, these new remastered LPs are about as close as you will get to being at the recording session when they were done.

The odd thing about this is that on YouTube you will find such a fan base for them, not just those 40+, but many 12+ ages, who make comments about, "Paul is so sic" as if he actually looks like he did, he is now 66. Then the comments about John, as if he is still alive. He was murdered in 1980.

The Beatles breakup in 1969 actually preserved them in a time capsule. What would they be like now?  Paul fights his age with hair color but it would not be the same and maybe sad had they all continued to live. Like any aging rock band, looking back at the "prime" years is tough, and perhaps time would not had favored how John or George might have looked.

The Beatles Rock band video release will most likely be the final Beatle issue that keeps the legend alive and current. Everything else has been done since the 80s every so many years. The Beatles Anthology series was really Paul's idea and its release in 1994, stirred up a lot of interest. Would this even have occurred had John been alive? George was reluctant with the project. Since the 80s, compilations of Beatle material have been released of the Beatles music or their three movies, but this video effort would seem to be the last.

I hope not. The Beatles are modern legends and anyone around between 1964-69 should feel honored to have witnesses such a musical event that did change the world.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      I highly recommend buying the enhanced CDs, why? the quality is studio level, they are the clearest as if you are in the studio. The enhanced CD all have a short unique documentary video on them, very cool!

    • prasetio30 profile image


      9 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Beatles is my favorite band. they have ever lasting song. thanks for reviewing Beatles.


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