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The Beautiful Babes of Sorority Party Massacre

Updated on May 31, 2017

Every now and then a classic fright flick will come along that stands out in the horror genre. These films usually feature iconic villains, innovative death scenes, unexpected plot twists and/or all of the above. And then there are the horror movies that just feature a lot of inappropriately under-dressed coeds with shapely bodies and pretty faces. Do you really need me to tell you which category Sorority Party Massacre falls into?

Though the film does feature a few names that film buffs may recognize, it is hard to be sure if this would be considered a plus. First, there is Kevin Sorbo, who you may remember once played a somewhat cheesy version of Hercules in the series that also gave us Xena, the world's sexiest warrior princess. Also on board is the second best Mother Firefly, Leslie Easterbrook and the best bailiff on the '80's sitcom Night Court, Richard Moll. If that is not enough star power for you, how about we throw in the Hedgehog himself -- adult film star Ron Jeremy.

The plot centers on a group of sorority sisters from several chapters around the United States who come together at the estate of Mrs. Fawnskin (played with a maniacal flare by Leslie Easterbrook) to compete for the Fawnskin Grant. Things take a not-so-surprising turn when girls start turning up missing. The local sheriff and his deputy seek to unravel the mystery with the help of a detective sent by a Los Angeles police captain (played with a clumsy dorkiness by Kevin Sorbo) who happens to be one of the girl's father. Be warned... some rather obvious spoilers (and one or two not so obvious) follow.

Casey Fitzgerald as Holly

The film opens with Holly, played by luscious Casey Fitzgerald, lying to her police officer father on the phone, pretending she knows exactly where she is when in truth she is lost. You can guess how things go for the hot girl in the short shorts and lacy bra in the horror movie's opening scene, can't you? Of course you can. But let's talk about Casey for a moment.

She was born August 14, 1987, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and attended Chapman University in Orange, California, graduating with a degree in theater. Whether or not she joined a sorority while in college is unknown, but if she did, she was fortunately able to avoid any psychopathic killers.

In the last few years, she has added several performances to her resumé, including an award winning title role in the short film Jay and a lead role in the film The Shift. Judging by her all too brief turn in this film, she actually has talent and may someday play a character that survives past the opening credits.

Rebecca Grant as Veronica

Veronica, played by the lovely Rebecca Grant, does not take long to get on Mrs. Fawnskin's bad side and is banished to the stables for horse poop clean-up. This does not sit well with the daughter of a man who plays golf with Dan Quayle! She definitely has not got the type of attitude needed to succeed in the competition, so it is no surprise when she gets an attitude adjustment.

You would think she would be old enough to know better though, because if the Internet Movie Database has her date of birth correct, Rebecca was around 43 years old when Sorority Party Massacre was filmed. If that is the case, then she may very well be the hottest over-40 sonority girl ever!

With her drop dead good looks and killer body, she definitely fits right in with the sorority sisters in this film, making it hard to believe that she may in fact be a cougar. Of course, she has enough raw sexuality to make little things like age seem rather insignificant. Who can think about how old a girl may be when you are drowning in her seductive eyes?

Alison Mei Lan as Kioko

When things start to get a little scary, Kioko does the only ligical thing in a horror movie and separates herself from everyone else by locking herself in her room. This move by the character portrayed by super-cute Alison Mei Lan can only have one result and, hopefully needless to say, that result is not her surprise win of the Fawnskin Grant.

Alison's luck has not been much better than Kioko's and, like Kioko, bad decisions have led her to an unhappy place. The actress was arrested December 13, 2011, after a traffic stop where an Illinois state trooper discovered 150 pounds of marijuana in her car. She eventually pled guilty to possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, stating she was paid $15,000 to take the wacky weed from California to New York. She was sentenced to six years in prison and ordered to pay almost $40,000 in fines and court costs.

Yvette Yates as Sloan

In a surprisingly unoriginal plot twist, one of the girls is quick to catch on to what might be going on. Sloan, played by the almost exotic, somewhat erotic Yvette Yates, tries to warn the smart LA cop, but she would have had just as much luck trying to explain things to local bumpkin Sheriff Lumpkin. For her troubles, of course, she is quickly given her unjust rewards.

It is really no surprise that Yvette would play the brainiest sorority sister. She is a UCLA graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiological Science. Her father is a mathematics professor and also involved in Latino film industry in El Paso, Texas, where Yvette was born. The sexy actress is well respected in her hometown with September 26, 2012, having been declared "Yvette Yates Day" by Mayor John Cook and the City Council of El Paso in recognition of her achievements. Yvette is one of those rare individuals that has it all -- beauty, brains and talent -- along with the desire and ability to put it all to good use.

Adrian Kirk as Jessie Lynn

Jessie Lynn is the sweet and innocent sorority girl, and if actress Adrian Kirk had more star power, Jessie Lynn might be the survivor in the group. But Jessie Lynn has a secret that makes her a fright flick target -- she likes girls. While a simple lesbian inclination might not be enough to ensure her doom, she seals her fate with a steamy kiss with fellow sorority babe Brooklyn. It turns out that Brooklyn is the last person a trusting girl should turn to. Oh my! The plot thickens!

Like the character she plays, Adrian seems to have secrets of her own. In fact, other than her film credits listed at Internet Movie Database, there seems to be very little known about her. One website does mention something about her having an obsession with the Milton Bradley board game Stratego, but it is clear from the "facts" mentioned about other celebrities that this is not a serious source of information. Considering how things turned out for Jessie Lynn when her secrets were revealed, perhaps it is best if we allow Adrian to keep her secrets and just enjoy the mysterious hotness of this gorgeous woman.

Eve Mauro as Brooklyn

Eve Mauro does a great job of portraying Brooklyn, the street tough sorority girl we initially believe is the lone psychopath in the film. And while I could try to sort out who is who and which who is craziest, let's just let it suffice to say that there are at least four killers in this murderous mess and Brooklyn ends up being the next to go. It starts getting hard to know who to root for in this film as one after another, character's less than honorable intentions surface.

Despite her rather gleefully evil part in Sorority Party Massacre, Eve actually seems to be a very kindhearted individual. She supports several charities including Save the Children, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Susan G. Komen. I suspect Eve may not be the type to condone the indiscriminate slaughter of scantily clad coeds, though I suppose it could be noted that none of the noted charities are specifically targeted at saving sorority sisters, so really, who can say? Eve has become known as a hard working actress with over 50 acting credits in less than ten years.

Marissa Skell as Paige

Paige, as brought to life by the athletically svelte Marissa Skell, manages to be the last sister standing, but that does not mean she will be spared. While she does an excellent job of displaying her fighting skills against a couple of opponents, including the murderously motivated Brooklyn, in the end, she has been a very bad girl and pays the price of all bad girls in B-grade horror films.

Born August 26, 1986, Marissa is a petite blond standing just 5' 3" tall. She is skilled in stage combat and has the moves needed to convincingly hold her own when facing even the most aggressive opponents. The New York native has only been acting professionally on screen since 2009, but she has been quickly building a resumé with starring soles in dramas, comedies and more. She can sing and dance. In short, she is a powerhouse of talent and beauty and certain to be a star we will be seeing more of in the years to come.

Think fast...

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