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Beautiful Women of Brazil 3

Updated on January 23, 2017

A few more of the most beautiful women in Brazil

This is my third article about the beautiful women of Brazil.
The Brazilian mystique reaches far and wide, and so do the women, covering fashion models, TV personalities and movie actresses.

Some of these women you may have heard of, and some may be new to you.
But they are all beautiful.

Ana Hickmann

Ana Hickmann - Beautiful Women
Ana Hickmann - Beautiful Women

Ana Hickmann

Brazilian model Ana Hickmann was born on March 1st, 1981 in Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
This young lady is very busy.
She's not only a model, she distributes her own clothing and cosmetics lines, manages a photo studio, a DJ agency AND hosts Hoje em Dia!
As a model, she has worked for Nivea, L'Oreal and Bloomingdales and appeared on the covers of Elle, Marie Claire and the South African Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
(I didn't even know they had a South African Sports Illustrated)
At one time, Ana was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The model with the longest legs".
Her legs are 48 inches long (hip to heel) and she is six foot one.
To give that some comparison, former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler's legs are allegedly 42 inches.

Adriane Galisteu

Adriane Galisteu
Adriane Galisteu

Adriane Galisteu

Brazilian model Adriane Galisteu was born on April 18th, 1973, in São Paulo, Brazil.
She rose to fame in a most unfortunate way.
Adriane was dating Formula One driver Ayrton Senna when he died in a crash while he was leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Italy.
To this day, Ayrton is regarded as one of the greatest drivers in the history of Formula One.
After his death, Adriane modeled and was a VJ for MTV Brasil.
Besides modeling and VJing, she has appeared in TV shows and movies like Se Eu Fosse Você 2, Coisa de Mulher, Sai de Baixo, Xica da Silva and Antônio Alves, Taxista.
In 2010, Adriane gave birth to a baby boy, Vittorio.

Juliana Didone

Juliana Didone
Juliana Didone

Juliana Didone

Juliana Didone is an actress and former model born on October 11th, 1984 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
At the age of fourteen, Juliana went from Porto Alegre to Tokyo and Osaka Japan, then back to Sao Paulo working on her modeling career.
This opened a lot of in-roads for Juliana as she has gone on to work for companies like Halls, Shiseido and Guaraná Antarctica.
Besides modeling, she has appeared on several soap operas and TV series like Mulheres Apaixonadas, Negócio da China and Casos e Acasos.
In 2006, Juliana won Dança dos Famosos (the Brazilian version of Dancing with the Stars / Strictly Come Dancing) with her partner, professional dancer Leandro Azevedo.

Susana Werner

Susana Werner
Susana Werner

Susana Werner

Brazilian model and actress Susana Werner was born on July 20th, 1977 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Susana has appeared in Malhação, Brazilian teen soap opera and the 2003 Brazilian comedy film, Deus É Brasileiro.
She also dated Brazilian footballer Ronaldo at one time.
I think Ronaldo is trying to date every Brazilian model in the world.

Daniella Sarahyba

Daniella Sarahyba
Daniella Sarahyba

Daniella Sarahyba

This young lady has been in every issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue since 2005.
Daniella Sarahyba was born on July 8th, 1984 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
I think she may have every other model I have done an entry on beat as far as when she debuted.
Daniella appeared on the cover of the parenting magazine Pais & Filhos with her mother (who was also a model) when she was three days old!
So her modeling debut was within 72 hours of her birth.
Let's see someone beat that!

Scheila Carvalho

Scheila Carvalho
Scheila Carvalho

Scheila Carvalho

Scheila Carvalho is a Brazilian model, dancer, and sex symbol.
She is different from a lot of the women on these Hubs because Scheila really has curves!
Scheila was born on September 24, 1973, in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
She rose to fame as a dancer for É o Tchan!, a popular pagode band from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
After marrying Jorge Antonio da Silva Santos (Tony Salles) from the group, they both left.
She went on to host a TV show in Bahia.

Ellen Rocche

Ellen Rocche
Ellen Rocche

Ellen Rocche

Ellen Rocche is a Brazilian actress and model.
She was born on July 19, 1979 in São Paulo, Brazil and she made her debut on the Brazilian TV show, Qual é a música?
Ellen has appeared on the TV series Negócio da China, Ciranda de Pedra, Faça Sua História, Beleza Pura, Dicas de um Sedutor and Metamorphoses.
She also appeared on Casa dos Artistas, a version of the Big Brother reality show.
Ellen also got some fame when she appeared as a Brazilian version of Lara Croft character, to promote the Tomb Raider movie in Brazil.

Aline Nakashima

Aline Nakashima
Aline Nakashima

Aline Nakashima

If anyone deserves to be called "exotic looking" it's Brazilian model Aline Nakashima.
Aline was born in 1982 in São Paulo, Brazil to a Japanese father and Brazilian mother.
She has done modeling for Neiman Marcus, DKNY, GAP, Armani Exchange and Mercedes-Benz among many others.
Aline has also appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2006 and 2007.

Sabrina Sato

Sabrina Sato
Sabrina Sato

Sabrina Sato

Beautiful Brazilian comedian Sabrina Sato was born on February 4th, 1981, in Penápolis, São Paulo, Brazil.
Although she was born in Brazil and is Brazilian, she is of Japanese, Swiss and Lebanese descent.
And I think this may be the first comedian I have done an entry on in this series.

Grazielli Massafera and Sabrina are the only two people to have come out of Big Brother Brasil and become celebrities.
Sabrina finished her stint on Big Brother Brasil (she came in sixth), and joined the comedy troupe Pânico.

When the troupe got their own TV show, Pânico na TV, Sabrina became their reporter and engaged in several "Fear Factor" type stunts.
She surprised everyone when she announced she was leaving Pânico na TV and released a single É Verdade.
But all this was revealed to be a publicity stunt, and Sabrina returned to Pânico na TV.

Besides Big Brother Brasil and Pânico na TV, Sabrina has appeared on A Cartomante and Porto dos Milagres.

Vera Fischer

Vera Fischer
Vera Fischer

Vera Fischer

Vera Fischer was born on November 27th, 1951 in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Interestingly, Vera's father was a Nazi, though she says she never had a good relationship with him.

I guess Ira Levin was right...

Anyway, Vera won the Miss Brazil title in 1969 and went on to represent Brazil at the 1969 Miss Universe contest.
Vera has gone on to appear in over forty telenovelas, television series and movies.

Natália Guimarães

Natália Guimarães
Natália Guimarães

Natália Guimarães

Natália Guimarães is another former Miss Brazil.
She was born on December 25th, 1984 in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Natália won the Miss Brazil title in 2007, and went on to represent Brazil at the Miss Universe pageant where she was the first runner up.
Since the pageants, she has appeared on Dança no Gelo (an ice skating version of Dancing with the Stars) and she also appeared on Dance Dance Dance.
And true to form, she has been approached by Victoria's Secret to become a model.

Patrícia Pillar

Patricia Pillar
Patricia Pillar

Patrícia Pillar

Patrícia Pillar is a Brazilian television and film actress who was born on January 11th, 1964 in Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil.
Patricia really worked to get to where she is today.
She wanted to be an actress, so she worked while she was in High School to pay for acting lessons.
Then when she turned sixteen, she got a job as a model. Patrícia then entered journalism school, but dropped out to pursue acting and joined a theater group that included actress and comedian Regina Casé.
Patrícia finally got her first film role in the 1983 film, Para viver um grande amor.
Since then she has gone on to appear in eleven films and almost twenty television shows.
Patricia is the cousin of Brazilian pop singer, Luiza Possi.

Raquel Zimmermann

Raquel Zimmermann
Raquel Zimmermann

Raquel Zimmermann

Raquel Zimmermann is a Brazilian model who was born on May 6th, 1983 in Bom Retiro do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
She was discovered at the age of fourteen and quickly went to work in Paris and Japan.
Raquel has worked for Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, MAC Cosmetics, GAP and Christian Dior among many others.
She has also appeared on the covers of French, Elle, Vogue and i-D.
And I don't know if she has actually appeared in the catalog, but she has done a few Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows

Caroline Trentini

Caroline Trentini
Caroline Trentini

Caroline Trentini

Brazilian fashion model Caroline Trentini was born on July 6, 1987, in Panambi, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Caroline is another model discovered by the same agent that discovered Gisele Bündchen.
Who IS this guy?
She has done work for Oscar de la Renta, DKNY and Mulberry and appeared on the cover of ELLE, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue.
Caroline is five foot eleven and weighs one hundred and twenty pounds.

Fernanda Motta

Fernanda Motta
Fernanda Motta

Fernanda Motta

Brazilian model, actress, and television host Fernanda Motta was born on January 1st, 1981 in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Fernanda has appeared on the covers of Vogue, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour, and done work for Palmolive, Pantene and Rolex.
She has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue four times.
And Fernanda is the host (and one of the judges) of Brazil's Next Top Model.

Annelyse Schoenberger

Annelyse Schoenberger
Annelyse Schoenberger

Annelyse Schoenberger

Brazilian model Annelyse Schoenberger was born on September 8th, 1986 in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Annelyse started modeling when she was sixteen and as one would think with a supermodel, has lived all over the world.
She's lived in Milan, London, New York and now splits her time up between Los Angeles and Sao Paulo, Brasil.
Annelyse has done work for Coca-Cola, Colcci, Kenzo and Levi's.

Beautiful Women of Brazil Comments

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  • scubadoggy profile image


    8 years ago

    These are some gorgeous women, I like your hubs! I'll be back to look at more... :)

  • sabrebIade profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Pennsylvania

    Zurdito!: Good question. I noticed that myself

  • Zurdito! profile image


    8 years ago

    What's most striking when comparing the Beautiful Brazilian and Beautiful Latina pages is that Brazilian women are trying harder to look more blonde, more European. Now, this obviously isn't lost on Latinas, but it seems more pronounced with Brazilians. They all have European ancestry, so what about the culture accounts for this?

  • exchangerecovery profile image


    8 years ago from India


  • nikitha p profile image

    nikitha p 

    9 years ago from India

    nice hub

  • deancortez044 profile image


    9 years ago from Las Vegas

    Brazilian girls are awesome. What's the best city in Brazil to meet some of these really attractive women?

  • adorababy profile image


    9 years ago from Syracuse, NY

    Brazil never fails to complete the list of most beautiful people in the world. I am starting to believe that there must be something in the water down there.

  • maxx2010 profile image


    9 years ago

    god ....this is good stuff!!

  • Entourage_007 profile image


    9 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

    great article, I have never been to Brazil, but this makes me want to... haha. I agree with losestomachfat - "you can never have too much of a good thing".

  • profile image

    Patrick Collins 

    9 years ago

    wow pretty awesome

  • DanPowers profile image


    9 years ago from Tokyo

    Wow, keep building these useful and informative hubs!

  • losestomachfat profile image


    9 years ago from Australia

    Obviously there are so many beauties in Brazil there are simply too many to fit on one hubpage, it true what they say you can never have too much of a good thing!

  • Super Chef profile image

    Super Chef 

    9 years ago from Around the world

    Nice Hub Love the photos!!!

  • keywc58 profile image


    9 years ago

    Nice hub. These are beautiful women.

  • profile image

    raj singh 

    9 years ago

    i most like susana werner and allien roche are the most beautiful girl of Brazil collection.

    I like it,


  • Drew Breezzy profile image

    Drew Breezzy 

    9 years ago from somewhere in my mind

    Brazilian are beautiful!

  • Ralph Deeds profile image

    Ralph Deeds 

    9 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

    I traveled to many countries on business years ago, and found Brazilians to be the warmest, friendliest and mellowest of any country I visited. (Not to mention the beautiful women who adorn the beaches year round.)My trips to Brazil led me to the novels of Jorge Amado, the prolific Brazilian novelist who wrote wonderful tales of the people who live on the seedy side in the cities and towns along the Amazon River. Sonia Braga played the lead in several movies based on Amado's books. His stories remind me of Steinbeck. Amado deserved a Nobel Prize but never got one.

    Wikibio of Jorge Amado:

    Wikibio of Sonia Braga:

  • Cheeky Girl profile image

    Cassandra Mantis 

    9 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

    Wow! Great Hub and nice pictures! And interesting comments here too! My cup runneth over!

  • dohn121 profile image


    9 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

    Brazilian ladies are incredible and are tops. Thanks for the insightful and gorgeous hub.

  • profile image

    Paulo Silva 

    9 years ago

    Again :

    Ok, these are very beautiful Brazilian girls,too...

    But...Some of them aren't in a so good shape nowadays...

    Age comes to everyone and neither plastic surgery or Botox

    can solve the problem 100%.

    And Brazilian beautiful women, well... We have them here every days, all the time, all of our entire country, even in my neighbourhood...It's delicious!

    But beware!There are very ugly and repulsive women here too!Like anywhere whole world...

    As a Brazilian guy and a genuine macho man I like women of any colour, shape,heights, etc.(the most important is that she be a woman and if she is beautiful, better!).

    I'm very proud and happy for this natural gift of Nature but in other hand I am very worried and upset because Brazil that is a so beautiful and wealth country in terms of natural resources, with the most creative and nice music in the world (not only Samba and Bossa Nova, please!), with a large production in science,literature and other arts, with a very pleased, hospitable and friendly people, with a very satisfactory situation in its economical life, only has been reported as a "Carnival country" where beautiful and nude girls fall in love with anyone that came from a foreign country.

    This is true only partially.

    Brazilian women in general aren't that.They use to be honest, decent and discreet women.

    And Rio, "Cidade Maravilhosa" despite its beauty and fame are not the only important city for Brazilians.

    See São Paulo, one of the biggest cities in the world, that is the economical, political and cultural locomotive that draw the wagons of the rest of the country, with a mix of cultures from all of the world(in so many aspects São Paulo can be compared to New York city,

    included here the violence).

    In São Paulo we have many examples of brotherhood among people of different and troubled places in the world without feelings of hate, revenge or any kind of bad feelings among them.

    In some places here we can see Jews and Arabic people living in peace and perfect friendship in the same neighbourhood and in many cases we can see they interacting in the most positively way with each other, being partners in a common business or in the marriage of their sons and daughters.

    And by the way, the capital of Brazil is BRASÍLIA not Buenos Aires (Argentina's capital) and Brazil is not only Rio, samba, bossa nova, women's butts and rainforest (Amazônia).

    Thank you for understanding this!

  • Ralph Deeds profile image

    Ralph Deeds 

    9 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

  • Cagsil profile image


    9 years ago from USA or America

    Great hub. Very beautfiul ladies.


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