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The Beer Spa

Updated on November 27, 2011

Driving to work today I was listening to my radio. Today's news caught my attention. Beer Spas are all the rage in Czech Republic Austria and Germany. Beer Spas? What an interesting concept! Thus another interesting hub. Now I have heard of Milk baths and mud baths and even chocolate baths but a beer bath? Isn't that a waste of beer?

A beer spa is exactly what it sounds like. A chance to sit and relax in a tub of warm bubbling beer. Claims are that it has beneficial properties due to the yeast made to make the beer. It is supposed to be very cleansing and drying. Those who have experienced it state it is very intoxicating!

Some breweries in these countries are filling up their barrels and even swimming pools( at the Starkenberg brewery in Austria) with the stuff. Beer baths start out around 50 dollars for a half an hour soak. The Chodovar Family brewery has been doing this since 2006.

Even some hotels in the Czech Republic are offering the beer bath as a part of their spa packages.

What is in a Beer bath?

Beer Baths are said to inspired by Egyptian traditions. The Beer bath itself is composed of a dark lager infused with yeast and extra herbs. The beer yeast provides many minerals and proteins to the skin. The warm bath releases skin pores and the crushed herbs help scrub away the dead skin cells. Beer Spas give way to a whole new line of beer inspired products,  such as Beer wraps and cosmetics

The experience

One beer spa bather described his experience in the beer spa. After soaking in the warm bubbly for about 20 minutes he was wrapped up in a cloth and laid on a bed that allowed the beer to soak into his skin. Beer is full of antioxidants and is said to have an anticarcinogenic affect. It harmonizes the body while relaxing muscles and improving your complexion and hair. He stated the experience was definitely relaxing! It is highly recommended you not drink the bath water!. However, you are usually given a a beer to drink with you soak in the tub!

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beer shampoobeer shower gel
beer shampoo
beer shampoo
beer shower gel
beer shower gel

Beer Cosmetics

Just a word about Beer Cosmetics!. They are manufactured by Czech Beer Cosmetics in Prague. The line of beer cosmetics was introduced a year ago to compliment the Beer bath. The top sellers are the beer bath salts and lotions and soaps. Also manufactured are shampoos.  Users of these products rate them highly.  They state the products give a rich later and a great aroma.

Would you use a Beer Spa?

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    • Ms Chievous profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Wv

      Dohn You should never drink your bath water especially if it is beer!. What I wanted to know , but I couldn't find it is if they would dumpout the "beer bathwater" for the next person..

      Duchess.. I know someone like that too! Thanks for visiting!

    • profile image

      Duchess OBlunt 

      9 years ago

      What an interesting idea. I know some who should stay away because they would be inclined to want to drink the bath water. LOL

    • dohn121 profile image


      9 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      I don't think it'll kill me (unless I start drinking it-Ack!) so I think that given the opportunity, I'd try it :D I think that you pretty much sum it up in one sentence:

      Those who have experienced it state it is very intoxicating!

      Nuff said! Thanks, Ms Chievous!


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