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The Beginners Guild to Starting a YouTube Channel

Updated on December 29, 2017

Step One: The Very Beginning

First off to start a YouTube channel you have to have a Gmail account which is very easy to set up if you know where you live, have a phone number you can use, and have all the information about your self such as first and last name, date of birth, and know what gender you are. Once you have that set up you can sign into YouTube with that Gmail. At that moment you have created a YouTube Channel but haven't added any details about your channel; you are just a browser at this moment.

Now to go onto personalizing your account on YouTube. First start off with creating a name for your channel. It can be as simple as your full name or as crazy and unique as BubbleGamer99 (this is just an example). Your name should show briefly the kind of channel you want to be. if you want to be a gamer you would add something to the name of your channel to show that, or a vlogs channel, or acting, singing, or anything that is appropriate to be on the site. Then maybe add a picture of yourself as the icon or create an icon that shows your personality through created art. later on, if you want to change the look you can do that any time but you can only change your name 3 times with in a 90 day period through your google account.

Once you have the aesthetic part out of the way and the page set up then you can go onto recording videos. once you have a video recorded and set up to your liking you can go to the home page for YouTube and you will see an icon that looks like an arrow pointing up with a line under that and you can select that then when it opens you will be brought to a page with three options on it. the first one being select of drag and drop video files and the other two being importing a video from google photos and live streaming. Once you select your video you can decide the title, thumbnail, tags, and other small details. now you've uploaded you first video!

making a google account
making a google account
uploading a video and the options
uploading a video and the options
video details and information
video details and information

Step Two: The Long Part

After releasing your first video now its just the true beginning. Now like any self debuting job you have to do some promotion and skill gaining. A good way to spread the word about your channels start is posting about it on other social medias or doing collaborations with other creators to spread the word as well as making friends who you can work with on more projects. With doing this any followers that they have will see you and become curious about your channel and may even subscribe to see more of your future content. When creating content make sure to use catching titles that aren't heavy click bait, same goes for making a eye catching thumbnail. Start thinking about how often you want to post and manage your schedule, you might lost subscribers if you upload a bunch of videos really fast and then go on hiatus for months or weeks. Here's an example to think on; have you ever really wanted a new video from someone and were waiting for something new but then that video never came? Try seeing it from the viewers perspective.

Once you have a good system going and notice that more an more people are coming to your channel start making goals for yourself. But before you think you are perfect experiment with other topics or genres of what your doing, see what your viewers like the most as well as what you like the most.

Learning to edit and monetize will be very important. Learning to edit will improve your video quality and make your content funner to watch. Learning to monetize is how you can earn money from your videos. From my experiences you don't start earning revenue unless your videos are getting over 100 views. Once a video reaches 100 views your content will start earning money and getting revenue will be a bit of a slow process at first but will eventually pick up speed the more popularity you gain.

Step Three: Finally Getting Somewhere

Now that you can edit your videos and figured out monetization getting a good recording studio or recording set up is good idea. Having a studio that shows your personality and what you enjoy and love in the background as well as not drawing the attention away from the creator is good. Even if you are just sitting in your room with a camera; good things to look out for are:

  • Tidiness; if your room clean (or at least the bit that is shown on the camera
  • is it aesthetically pleasing to look at?
  • does it draw people in and make things fit the feel of the video?
  • are the acoustics in the room good?
  • is the lighting good? ( even if it doesn't naturally have good lighting that can be fixed with studio lights and angling) and more details you see fit.

Once you have a good setup and system going it's pretty much just growing as a channel and community with other youtubers. I can't promise it will all be great. There's a lot of negativity everywhere you look, but just try to stay positive. If you stay positive the feel to your channel will be alluring to a lot of people and you could end up helping someone without even trying. That is what my goal is with having a channel; to be someone's light on that offaly grey day.

From there you have successfully created a channel and watched it become something, even if it took years.

Step Four: The Final But Not The End

You are now at that point there's no more work needed to create the channel; it's now just keeping the content fresh and doing both annual things and new and unexpected things.

At this point the viewers probably know quite a bit about you. your traits and quirks, things you are very passionate about, things you hate and dislike, who your friends are in the community and maybe even your pets name(s) maybe surprised them with a new series or style of things, or maybe introduce something completely unknown like a hidden talent or stories from high school or college.

Hope if you do make a channel it works out and i hope this was helpful!

© 2017 shay lynne alston


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