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The Benefit of Movie Trailers to Consumers

Updated on October 31, 2016

Why Consumers Should Use Movie Trailers

How many times have you paid good money going to a movie theater, buying the expensive snack food at the concession, only to feel like it was a complete waste of money because the movie was terrible, and not at all what you expected? Watching a good movie trailer can help eliminate these bad experiences.

Movie trailers show some scenes related to the upcoming movie, to help you to know what is going to be in that new movie, a preview. They give a hint of the story line of the movie. These movie trailers do not show the complete story of the movie, but enough so consumers have a better idea to whether its movie that would appeal to them or not.

Movie trailers are sometimes referred to as movie clips, but they are more commonly known by the term movie trailer in today’s culture.

Before a movie is released to the public, its trailer is published; this serves as a type of announcement of the new film and launches the official start of the major publicity. From a marketing perspective movie trailers are advanced commercials for the entertainment industry to help drive interest, create branding, and hopefully movie sales before the actual release.

The advantage to consumers is that they give a wider perspective by seeing actual scenes so hopefully the public can make a more educated choice if it will be something in line with their personal taste or not. It is so disappointing however, when a movie trailer shows the only great scene, in an otherwise terrible movie.

Here's a hint (that actually happened to me), if you go to the theater and the ticket master states that there's no refund for your money, if you don't like the film. Do NOT waste the cash, save money for something else! When this happened, it was to the worst film I have ever seen, and it was because the movie trailer was so good, and the whole reason I wanted to see it in the first place.

Popular Sites to Find Movie Trailers

A few popular sites to find the newest MOVIE TRAILERS are:

Yahoo Movies

IMDB Movie Trailers

Coming Soon

Trailer Addict

Apple Movie Trailers

Another helpful thing is that many also include critic reviews to judge whether it’s worth your money and time to see this movie, especially if you’ll be attending a theater showing. It can also be beneficial when the movie features unknown actors and actresses to give a small sample of their style and character. Take advantage of movie trailers, especially the next time you go to the theater.

Example of a Family Movie Trailer

Cars 2 - Official Trailer 3


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