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Updated on June 23, 2009

The Benefits of Using Home Deleveries for movies

There are some good points to using a online subscription to Blockbuster or Netflix. I have used both of these resources but found that sometimes the best option is to just return to watching them by going to the dvd store itself to rent a movie. Some of the benefits that you get with subscribing to these services is that if you dont feel like taking a trip to the movie store one night you can just log on to see what movie you might want to watch next. With some of the online membership programs you can also watch your movies as soon as you add them to your que list. I have had some good experiences and bad experiences with this also. I personally have the blockbuster membership to recieve 3 movies at a time and 5 in store movie returns to have them switched out with 5 other movies of my choice.

With blockbuster you have a little more of a variety to choose from then you do with netflix. However with Netflix majority of the time you recieve the movies a bit faster then you do with blockbuster.

Codes For Blockbuster and Netflix.

If you are currently not a member of blockbuster or netflix there are many places on the internet that will give you updated lists of current codes available to use on either website to access differant membership options and differant membership trial memberships. I personally signed up with blockbuster with the code of BBSTORE to recieve a free months subscription to blockbuster of the 3 at a time and 5 in store returns. I liked having this option for the days when its rainy here and you just want to sit back or lay back and enjoy a nice movie while snuggling with a loved one or relaxing with your 2 year beside you to enjoy the rain pouring down and lights down low with a nice bowl of popcorn to enjoy. I havent found many codes available to use on netflix but I know there are many sites out there that do offer the codes.


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