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The Benefits of Binge Watching

Updated on June 4, 2015
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My name is Samantha Silverstein. I'm a recent graduate of Arcadia University. My passions include television, film, and entertainment.


Binge watching, or watching a television show in large doses, (i.e. watching episode after episode after episode), is a trend that is quickly becoming the preferred way to watch and enjoy our favorite programs. Though binge watching may be seen as a hazard this practice actually carries with it more benefits than most people would think.

Binge watching your favorite shows allows you to finish a season or an entire series much faster than if you were watching the program in real time. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it’s worth repeating.

Watching multiple episodes of a series and finishing the entire series in a week and half doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do. Though newer TV shows are being created to be more “streaming friendly” rushing through any given series can affect the way the characters and story arcs are perceived and remembered by their online audience. Despite this change in perception, moving quickly through a series can benefit the viewer by aiding them in moving quickly past particular plot points. The death of a character or a mid-season cliff hanger, when viewed in real time, can be especially damaging for the viewing audience. By binge watching, the viewer is able to move on to the next plot point in a shorter manner, thus giving them the chance to skip the painful mourning period and head back into the thick of the action.

Binge watching also allows for viewers to re-watch their favorite programs in an easier manner. Instead of purchasing expensive box sets of DVDs viewers can now subscribe to a streaming service , i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., and re-watch their favorite moments as soon as they get that nostalgic urge. Not every program in existence is carried by the afore mentioned services, however there are still a wide range of shows that are available at any given time. Instead of taking up space in your home or on your computer’s hard drive you can simply stream your favorite episodes and proceed to go about your business.

Binge watching is a popular activity for large group viewing. When groups of friends get together nowadays the meetings usually involve massive amounts of texting, sending snapchats to members of the friend group that could not be in attendance or taking copious amounts of unnecessary selfies. Though binge watching may not provide the same social benefits as walking through a park, going to the movies, or even just sitting around in an empty parking lot, however, binge watching does have a strange ability to bridge whatever gaps may exist between friends and bring them closer together.

When you agree to binge watch a show with a large group of people you give yourself the opportunity to expand upon the viewing experience. Aside from the obvious options of playing a drinking game during your viewing experience binge watching also provides friend groups with the option of turning the viewing event into a small party. Along with the invitation to come over and watch Netflix or Amazon Prime you can also ask your friends to bring along a snack or beverage, thus turning a simple, mindless viewing session into a sort of Super Bowl sized celebration.


Television watching has changed significantly thanks to the ever increasing presence of the internet in our lives. Because of this shift in how we watch our favorite programs we now have the ability to binge watch, or watch our favorite shows in large quantities with minimal interruptions. Though binge watching might not sound like a good idea at first the benefits listed above might be enough convince even the biggest skeptic to put down their remote, open up their laptops, and spend a quiet night alone with a Netflix sponsored marathon of friends.

Feel free to leave a comment concerning the subject or writing of this particular Hub. Looking forward to hearing from you!~Samantha


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