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The 5 Best Battles in 'My Hero Academia'

Updated on July 22, 2019
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Ria is an avid anime and sci-fi fan who loves gushing about her latest favorite shows.


My Hero Academia has such a massive cast that it's hard for casual viewers to keep track of who has which 'Quirk'! This diversity makes for some amazing battles, though. Even the more basic superpowers, like super strength, all come with their weaknesses in this clever and well-paced shounen series.

With a fourth season starting in October 2019, MHA still has plenty of time to show us even more epic battles than before. Here are the 5 best battles so far, in no particular order. (Minor spoilers ahead!)

All Might vs. All for One (Episodes 48-49)


All Might's hidden weakness had been on the back of viewers' minds through the entirety of the first two seasons, but this battle brought it crashing to the forefront. Worse yet, his weakness is exposed on live TV, meaning that villains everywhere find out.

Of course, that's not even as urgent as the damage being done to the city - and to other heroes! With All for One and his team already having knocked out multiple Pro Heroes, the stakes are higher than in previous battles. If even All Might, the Number One hero, is struggling, then what are the chances of victory?

The beautiful thing about this battle is that the spotlight is on All Might. Midoriya and the others don't swoop in to save him. The focus is on All Might making the last of his final battle before essentially having to retire, and his final words to the roaring crowds watching on TV have gone down as one of the most-loved lines in the series.

Midoriya & Bakugo vs. All Might (Episode 37)


Though no civilians are in danger during this fight, the stakes are still high: Midoriya and Bakugo's final exam grade is on the line! Since these two don't get along even on a good day, the stress of the exam quickly takes its toll on their ability to work as a team.

Like any good rivalry, though, this one sees some significant development during the fight. Bakugo wants to fight, while Midoriya wants to flee toward the goal that allows them to pass the exam. Their initial inability to compromise causes them to take significant damage before they finally figure out how to balance their skills and keep All Might from crushing them.

Plus, All Might puts on a great show, the highlight of which is when he swoops down from the sky and pins Midoriya to the ground with a piece of fence. It's a pretty epic display, even with his powers reduced by the weights he's wearing.

Yaoyorozu, Jiro, Asui and Shoji vs. Seiai Students (Episode 55)


Though this fight is an anime-only filler, it gives Yaoyorozu some additional development and gives the others some much-needed screentime! It's the perfect example of a shounen anime filler episode done right.

Since the four U.A. students in this fight are supporting characters, it's easy for the viewer to be unsure of whether or not they'll actually pass the exam. Once the four get locked in a room and Asui is forced into hibernation, they seem to be down for the count.

Naturally, though, Yaoyorozu has at least one trick up her sleeve - once she calms down enough to think things through, anyway. The result is pretty innovative, to say the least.

Aizawa vs. Shigaraki & Nomu (Episode 11)


For most of the first season, Aizawa was an enigmatic, sleepy weirdo who seemed like he might not contribute much to future battles. After all, sometimes shounen series push teacher characters to the side in order to give more attention to the young protagonists.

During the battle at USJ, though, Aizawa's true abilities come out in terrifying fashion. Like most teachers, Aizawa tends to get pretty angry when his students' lives at at risk. His Quirk-erasing abilities aren't enough to stop the bad guys completely, but he at least saves Asui from being crushed to a pulp.

Plus, it's nice to see that even the teachers at U.A. have their limits. Aizawa's Quirk has enough limits on it to be believable, and it's clear that unlike many other Pro Heroes, it's hard for him to take down a villain alone. This sets the stage for future battles to be even more interesting than this one.

Midoriya vs. Bakugo (Episode 61)


No list of epic shounen battles is complete without this one! With All Might weakened and Midoriya growing stronger, Bakugo figures out the source of Midoriya's power. This escalates the pair's rivalry in a serious way - and naturally, it results in a fight.

The battle brings three seasons of character development and superhero training to new heights, with Midoriya making the most of his newly-developed kick tactics and Bakugo's raw strength on full display. For a while, Bakugo seemed to be a one-dimensional character, but All Might's final words to Midoriya were the catalyst for a true moment of reckoning. With Bakugo's rage being properly articulated for the first time, viewers can sympathize with him more deeply than before.

To make the battle even more epic, All Might shows up at the end, and his dialogue with Bakugo helps heal old wounds just a little. Since both boys get in trouble for sneaking off to fight, hopefully they'll refrain from doing so in the future - but knowing Bakugo, that's pretty unlikely.

Honorable Mention: Mirio vs. Everyone (Episode 63)


While this really can't be called a "fight," it's still worth a mention on this list just because of how amazing the one-sided beatdown and the resulting reactions are. Episode 63's introduction of Mirio is funny and original, to say the least, and it gives an excellent preview of the epic battles to come. If season 4 of the anime is true to the manga, we'll be seeing a lot more of Mirio's abilities in the future.


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