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The Best Binge Worthy CIA-Terrorism TV Shows

Updated on May 2, 2020

One of the best genres on TV resulted from the terror attacks that happened in real life in the past years. Prior to this, there were few shows dealing with this and most were really spy type TV series, which while great, were different in their approach.

Here is a list of series dealing with such drama in no particular order.

  • 24\7- Considered the source of all great drama involving terrorism, this series is still worth watching despite its age. The pace of the show with Kiefer Sutherland is riveting. It's like a drug fix you cannot get enough of. Even re-watching it, the show is stellar action.
  • Homeland - Again, another great series lasting eight years. All episodes satisfy the viewer and each leaves with a cliffhanger as Claire Danes it the ultimate female CIA agent much like Kiefer Sutherland is to 24\7. She carries the show.
  • Jack Ryan - A more recent series with two seasons. This is another face pace series where Jack Ryan is thrown into counter terrorism situations with unexpected results.
  • Berlin Station - CIA situations that take the viewer to different parts of the world to counter terrorists or weapon smugglers. The cast has some rogue elements within the CIA, causing surprises
  • Baghdad Central - A short mini-series involving an Iraqi policeman who is helping the American troops control Baghdad crime and corruption and terrorism. It becomes complicated when his daughter and fellow policemen are working against him.
  • The Enemy Within - A great recent show with just one season about an FBI agent who was taken out of jail due to her association with a known terrorist to work undercover to kill him. The trouble is, she waivers on whose side she is on.
  • Caliphate - A Swedish show on Netflix in English that deals with Swede women already in Raqqa, ISIS capital, trying to get out and Swedish police trying to stop a planned terrorist attack. The show shows how many teens were brainwashed to join.
  • Fauda - A great Israeli show on Netflix with three seasons. While with English subtitles, the show does not have a dull moment with Israeli intelligence trying to counter terrorist attacks from Gaza, hostages, etc. It reminds me of Homeland.
  • Vagabond - A South Korean show with 16 episodes that many in its genre, begins with a bang and you never stop watching until the end as locations take you to Morocco. The terror attack in the air is not all that it seems as to who did what and why and there are inside rogue actors within the SK intelligence.
  • Hostages - Another Israeli show on Netflix that you cannot stop watching as an Israeli family is taken hostage by Palestinians. The wife is a surgeon who is forced to assassinate the Israeli PM because the rest of the family will die if she does not. However, like any plan, things go wrong and wrong again until it totally unravels. Kudos!
  • Bodyguard - A British show where the MI5 assigns the PM a bodyguard and when an assassination plot is discovered, it is hard to find the key players in it and stopping it is a whole other matter. Of course, the bodyguard does have other personal matters to address, which complicates things.
  • Informer - Another British show dealing with insider information from a terrorist cell and their plans. Of course, will the insider actually betray his fellow terrorists or not in the end?
  • Narcos - A great CIA versus Mexican drug cartel series with a few years of episodes on Netflix during the 1980's. All the seasons are great inshowing just how the CIA waged war on them back then.


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