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The Best Doctor Who Sites on the Web

Updated on February 12, 2014

So you’ve discovered, or rediscovered or re-committed yourself to Doctor Who and have decided that you need to devote more of your time and energy to the legendary British sci-fi icon? Or maybe, with only a relative handful of new episodes per season you need some people to commiserate with?

In any case, after more than 50 years there are societies, communities and resources devoted to Gallifrey’s favorite son, some of which are very old. Obviously Doctor Who and the internet were a natural fit and there are any number of official sites, fan sites, social media sites, podcasts, YouTube channels and more. This will, by no means, be an extensive list but it will be more than enough to get you started on your new life as a Whovian.


Official Sites

We’ll start with the Official BBC, or BBC approved sites because they are official. There are a lot of rumors among who fans. Your best bet to get reliable information, as well as images, desktop wallpapers, games and other stuff is the official sites.

First there is the official BBC site. It is loaded with special features, interviews, clips, games, images, and other who stuff from the BBC. It is also regularly updated, even when there is no new Doctor Who happening on television.

There is also, another doctor who site by the BBC with event information, games, articles and lots of Doctor Who shopping opportunities.

One of the best sources available for Doctor Who information is the BBC’s official Doctor Who Magazine. The official website doesn’t have a ton of articles, but there are a few. What it primarily has is the subscription form for the magazine

You might also want to check out the Doctor Who Experience. You’d have to go to Cardiff to actually have the Doctor Who Experience but at least you can see what you’re missing and, via the magic of the internet, you can still visit the gift shop.

You might also want to visit Big Finish. They are the folks in charge of the Doctor Who audio plays. Not everyone likes radio plays, but it is Doctor Who and you’ll find adventures, featuring your favorite Doctors, that you’ve never seen on television.

The official site for Doctor Who in the United States is and there is a site for Canada at These are not going to have much that the official BBC (UK) sites do not have, but if you’re in the US or Canada they might be useful for finding accurate local information, such as air dates and times.

Peter Capaldi takes over as the latest incarnation of the Doctor in 2014
Peter Capaldi takes over as the latest incarnation of the Doctor in 2014 | Source

Some Great Fan Sites

Wikia has a great Doctor Who Wiki there may not be a great deal of interactivity options here but it's a good place to get fast answers to your Doctor Who questions. Given the shows long history, the Doctor's many incarnations, the many companions he has had and the number of alien races he has encountered you will definitely have Doctor Who questions especially if you are new to all of this. There is a second Wikia Doctor Who wiki "Tardis Data Core" that is also excellent. Dig through both of them until you pick a favorite, but keep them both bookmarked in any case.

The Doctor Who Site is appropriately named and an excellent online hub of Doctor Who info. This includes news, merchandise, information on spin off programs, history and timelines.

Galifrey One is dedicated to a single purpose; running the oldest Doctor Who convention in the world. The convention takes place in February, in Los Angeles. Tickets to their events sell out quickly but they always have an amazing list of guests from the program and an opportunity to spend some time with would be Gallifreyans from around the world.

Doctor Who News is just what it sounds like. If you want constant updates on Doctor Who shows and other media, collectibles, info on the Doctor Who cast (past and present) and pretty much anything else related, you should have this bookmarked. It is also the home of Gallifrey Base which is the best (and busiest) Doctor Who message board on the net.

The Doctor Who Forum is not only a forum, it also has blogs, activities and discussion of non-Who topics such as other, popular, sci-fi programs.

I'm not big on fan fiction myself, but if you are then would seem to be the place for it. To date they have more than 36 thousand pieces of fan fiction from more than 4 thousand authors.

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society is something more akin to a traditional fanclub than most of the Who fan sites you'll find online but after more than 30 years in existence it obviously has a great deal of appeal for a great many Whovians.

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Learn Gallifreyan

Gallifreyan script, the written language of Gallifrey doesn't play a large role in the show most of the time but based on a few samples people have figured out a way to translate and write it. If you're interested in learning to write Gallifreyan (something that only seriously dedicated Whovians will be able to read) here are a few places where you can get started.

Katharine Trendacosta at io9 has condensed learning Gallifreyan to "9 Simple Steps." If those 9 steps don't work for you, the "Fandom Entanglement" Tumblr offers "Learn Gallifreyan in 13 Easy Timelines." Instructables offers a step by step guide and both they and have PDFs you can download with Gallifreyan writing instructions.

Learning to write in Gallifreyan may never be "helpful" to you in any real sense, but it should earn you some serious bragging rights, even among most Dr. Who fans.

Doctor Who on Twitter

For a show that has been on the air as long as Doctor Who has and that has involved as many actors and crew, the Doctor is poorly represented on Twitter. But there are still quite a few accounts that you might want to check out. I've also included some folks from Torchwood and the Sarah Jane adventures. If you’d like to follow the whole list or add a bunch of people quickly, go here. You can also find Doctor Who on Facebook and Tumblr.


Finally, for now anyway, there are the multimedia options such as podcasts and YouTube channels.

First and foremost, every good Whovian should be subscribed to the official Doctor Who YouTube channel. The BBC regularly post clips from past episodes here, but they also post interviews, behind the scenes clips, webisodes and other content that you can't get anywhere else.

Next there are the podcasts. There are quite a few of them. If you wanted to you could spend several hours per week listening to people talk about Doctor Who, even when it's not on the air. Of course not every podcast is going to be for everyone, try out a few episodes and see what you like. Some good Who-casts to start with are the Doctor Who Podcast, and Timey Wimey TV after that there are whole lot listed at the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance. The DWPA not only lists several dozen in the right sidebar. The front page is regularly updated with the latest episodes of whichever podcast has posted most recently.


In Closing

That's all I have for now. As I've said, it isn't supposed to be a comprehensive list of everything, that would be much longer.

However, if you visit these sites or even some of them you'll find even more.

If you join in the public discussions, people will tell you about new sites they've found, or created and before you know it you'll be spending far more time than is healthy in virtual Gallifrey.


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    • Amanda108 profile image


      4 years ago from Michigan, United States

      This is such a useful hub to me! I'm a recent Doctor Who convert myself and I'm almost caught up and ready to jump into the online fandom.

      Also, I had no idea you could actually learn Gallifreyan. How cool!


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