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The Best Dubstep

Updated on January 28, 2013

Dubstep is a huge new music revolution and people all around the world seem to be enjoying it, skanking to it and trying to find the best dubstep artists and songs around! I can't express enough how much of this musical genre is circling around the world!

Dubstep can't be defined by one style and I don't think it ever will be. You've got the "Dirty Dubstep" "Melodic Dubstep" "Relaxing Dubstep" and many other sub genres of the music. However it is usually based around a tempo of 140 bpm with an off beat snare giving it that space for you to sway your body, skank or do whatever you do when you hear it in a club! (Not sure i've ever seen people jump up and down to dubstep, somehow I don't think it'll work)

This is a very hard list of dubstep tracks for me to put together. But I feel it must be done as Ilisten to the music day in and day out and I can't find any decent opinions out there!

I'm going to keep this list to recent years to push around newer tracks. I'm sure you've heard a lot of the old stuff before!

So here it is, The Best Dubstep tracks I've ever heard.

10 - Arkasia - Destiny

This track is very orchestral and has politically influenced words with dirty and weird sounding synths!
This Dubstep track will make you want to head bang whilst shaking your head to the sounds instantly. This track is a prime example of orchestral melodies and meaningful words whilst keeping a grunge taste on it!

Artist Name: Arkasia
Track Name: Destiny

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Track 10 in The Best Dubstep list.

9 - Datsik - Bonafide Hustler

Filthy Dubstep? Datsik is defiantly in this category of dubstep. I dislike using the word "Filthy" as its over used but it is a decent word to describe the gritty detuned semitones in a track!
This track is crazy and has very catch melody that actually got stuck in my head for a LONG time! Unique sounds are used in this track. One might describe the sound like transformers having sex. But seriously this guy is well worth a listen, he has loads of decent tracks!

Artist Name: Datsik
Track Name: Bonafide Hustler

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Track 9 in The Best Dubstep list.

8 - Zomboy - Hoedown

Want to hear something different? Defiantly listen to this guy! His tracks have that very "Gritty/Filthy" feel but they also have a lot of melody and a wide range of different sounds.
His tracks do all sound very similar. But if you like one song. You'll like them all and visa vera!
This track also contains a little video game surprise that you may all know!

Artist Name: Zomboy
Track Name: Hoedown

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Track 8 in The Best Dubstep list.

7 - Dodge and Fuski - Killing Me

This music is created by a musical duo! These guys are brilliant and create purely unique sounds. This track has an offbeat rhythm to it whilst still introducing a mellow but at the same time very upbeat feel to it. An enjoyable listening experience. Some of there other tracks are absolutely amazing as well but I felt this was the Best Dubstep track by them!

Artist Name: Dodge and Fuski
Track Name: Killing Me

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Track 7 in The Best Dubstep list.

6 - Omnitica - Halloweekend

Okay this track is insane. It takes you on a roller coaster of sounds and this guys melodies and beats are so up tight and fruity! I feel this artists is kind of like marmite. You will either love him or hate him. I defiantly love his Dubstep! This track has creepy sound to it, as you can probably tell from the name. I think this is one of the best Dubstep tracks from Omnitica. He does produce other electronic styles of music but i'll leave that for you to explore!

Artist Name: Omnitica
Track Name: Halloweekend

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Track 6 in The Best Dubstep list.

5 - Subliminal Substance - Desolate Mind

This is one dubstep track I can't get enough of, it is very melodic and the artists just has this style that captivates me. Its has a nice change up in the sounds and a very powerful build up. Id recommend giving this track a listen! This is by far Subliminal Substance's Best track.

Artist Name: Subliminal Substance
Track Name: Desolate Mind

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Track 5 in The Best Dubstep list.

4 - Blackmill Feat. Veela - Let it be

Blackmill has an amazing sound. This is not "heavy" or "filthy" Dubstep, but it is very relaxed and mellow Dubstep. This guys stuff will make you close your eyes and just want to float away. I could listen to his stuff for hours upon hours and I'm sure most of you could as well! Very unique and ambient sound. In this track Veela's voice really compliments the track!
The Best kind of Dubstep for the soul!

Artist Name: Blackmill
Track Name: Let it be Feat. Veela

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Track 4 in The Best Dubstep list.

3 - Skrillex & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Make It Bun Dem

I know some people will hate me for putting skrillex in the Best Dubstep tracks but there is no denying he is good at what he does and mostly everyone knows his name, weather its for bad or good reasons. This track is completely reggae influenced and even features Damian Marley! Its a crazy good Dusbtep track and it will get you in the mood jamming for sure (See what I did there?)

Artist Name: Skrillex
Track Name: Make It Bun Dem

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Track 3 in The Best Dubstep list.

2 - Klaypex - Too Late

Klaypex, number 2 in the Best Dubstep list, and for a good reasons. Their tracks just have a very ambient but professional feel to them. I enjoy them more than most because the synths don't sound like any other popular sounds you hear in dubstep which makes them feel unique to me!
defiantly an artist you can put on and just enjoy the whole album!

Artist Name: Klaypex
Track Name: Too Late

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Track 2 in The Best Dubstep list.

1 - Doctor P - Tetris

Number 1 slot goes to Doctor P. This guy deserve it. His music is always upbeat and Whenever I hear it in a club I need to get up on move my feat to his stuff. He's brilliant live as well.
This track is remix of the Tetris track we all know and love and its a really good take on it. Listen to it. You'll either love it or hate it, but more than likely love it. This guy deserves number one slot. Just listen to his other stuff and you'll see why!

Artist Name: Doctor P
Track Name: Tetris

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Track 1 in The Best Dubstep list.

And thats it, my decision of the Best Dubstep tracks I think I've ever heard. I know not everyone will agree with me on these tracks but I hope throughout reading the list you would have found some new artists that you've never heard before. I'm hoping this list has opened your minds to some New Dubstep Tracks.


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    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      wow I have to sit here and listen each one of these. I do not know any of these groups. I may be a little bit old for these groups. lol

      thanks for sharing

      I will share this on Facebook