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The Best Florence + The Machine Running Songs

Updated on June 25, 2013

Running to Florence?

I have been running solely to Florence ever since I discovered her, which is not easy since I am not British(sadly) and probably too old, as the over 40 age group is probably not their music target. Even harder, I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast, home of country music and heavy metal lovers. It can be suicidal here to admit that you don't really like "Sweet Home Alabama". She's not well-known here. Hope that will change once she comes for Pensacola's DeLuna Fest in September of 2012!

I can get an hour's worth of great songs to run to. One thing I love most about her songs is that many are quite long, in the four to five minute range. Her voice is theatrical and epic, completely enthralling the listener who takes the time to listen to both of her entire albums, "Lungs" and "Ceremonials". If you need major motivation to run, like I do, these songs can help you imagine any number of scenarios! You are the Celtic Warrior Queen, running to slash a Roman's hamstring..... You are Snow White, running through the scary forest, away from Charlize Theron!......... I'm Katniss from the Hunger Games, jumping over giant live oak tree roots! Do yourself a favor and get familiar with each of these.

Dog Days Are Over Video

Dog Days Are Over- Warm Up

I'm not sure if the song means that some terrible days are over or not. This song reminds me of Katniss in the "Hunger Games" and her side braid. She's unfortunate to be chosen but if she wins, District 12 gets food! It's fun to run to and a great warming up song. I prefer to think of it as a song of happiness, the bad times are over. Lord knows, I could use some good times, but with the fiscal cliff looming and an eerie similarity to the Depression programs that actually made the bad times worse, I don't see it happening.

Sweet Nothing Video

Calvin Harris' Sweet Nothing featuring Florence Welch

This segues perfectly after "Dog Days". I have no doubt this will be a huge, smashing success! This song has a build up section that sounds like electronic gun shots at the beginning that bursts into a flat out run. As you follow the song, you get into the pace; it's almost hypnotic. The build up section, which has an electronic simile to almost a type-writing sound or bullets, cycles through several times. This is a great song for when you are dealing with a jerk in your relationship. "I'm tired of hope". "You're giving me such sweet nothing." As we all know, someone is usually a jerk and it's not you, right? "It's not enough to tell me that you care, when we both know that words are empty air". Wow, this could be Obama's campaign.

Cosmic Love Video

Cosmic Love-More Warming Up

This would not necessarily be a running song, but after Dog Days, use it to further warm up your workout. I love this song. This and "Strangeness & Charm" is what I can play over and over. It is a slower song but once the chorus begins,"The Stars ...The Moon..." you will be getting into the pace of your run. My interpretation is that she has fallen in love but is always "in the twilight" of his love.


While this song relates to "swimming", for me it has parallels to running. "I can't swim anymore" makes me think of "I can't run anymore". "Then I realized.... then I realized....then I realized ......I was swimming." Insert running in here. This has a great running build up.... yes, I was swimming.....Yes, I AM swimming ....I was swimming. It's a cool song to run to in this way. "It's so good straight back in the ocean" - yes, it is.


This song features bombastic sounds along with the lyrics,"Just keep following your heartlines"; it's a great song when you are running and dealing with a difficult situation that you can overcome, but it won't be easy. "Keep it up.....I know you can."

"What a thing to do, what a thing to choose". We DO choose our attitude, our ability to go after goals such as running or just getting out there and exercising. This definitely gets me into a positive mindset. Great for running pace as well.

Strangeness & Charm

This is my absolute favorite song! For one thing, it is over five minutes long. Sadly, there is no video! Lots of great drumming in this song. So many instruments are coming together in this song to make this one almost an out of body experience. There are several places where it rachets up the music even further, when you thought you were already running fairly fast in time with the song. You better run faster! This is great for your time and just getting in that zen place during running. This will be the one you play over and over on your iPod. I don't know why this isn't more popular. It's also great for playing video games. You're welcome.

Drumming Song Video

Drumming Song

A great song with drums, of course, with a little retro sound from the sixties thrown in there. You can get a great running pace from this. Many of her songs from "Lungs" featured this type of sound. "Louder than sirens, Louder than bells, Sweeter than Heaven and Hotter than Hell." I love running to this particular section. "It fills my head up and gets louder and LOUDER." I truly enjoy how all of her lyrics deal with water, as someone who has been blessed with living around water on the Gulf Coast. "But as the water filled my mouth, it couldn't wash the echoes out." We have all felt "As empty as that beating drum."

No Light, No Light Video

No Light No Light

Who doesn't know some handsome ex who had "no light no light" in his eyes? It's such a universal song with great lyrics about problems in relationships that everyone has experienced. Or use it to mentally image your crazy boss while you are running. I can think of a lot of people who have "no light" problems in their eyes and I'm sure you can as well. It is a great song for the middle of your workout. I don't really care for this video with the weirdo voodoo man.

Where to Buy Albums

Breath of Life

This is the new song from "Snow White and the Huntsmen". This movie looks so amazing and I think this video does a great job of communicating the entire movie via Florence + the Machine. At first look, you would not think of this as a running song, even with the drumming beat opening. "I need one more touch and I believe it sooooooo." "I was looking for a breath of life" ( who isn't ?)...."A little touch of heavenly life" .There is a graduated running section here....."It's a long way....I always said we should be together".....And if you are gone, I will not be long..."

"The room is too quiet and all the choirs in my head say noooo ooooo ooooo ooooo" Wow, the group really has amazing lyrics. And yes, I'm totally imagining that I am Snow White while I'm running.

You've Got the Love Video

You've Got the Love-Cool Down

I love this happy video and it also has that sixties' vibe in it. I use it as I run to mediate on my loved ones or even my relationship with Christ. I'm lucky to be healthy, over forty with no knee problems! It's a positive end to my run.

Between Two Lungs- Walking Cool Down

You guessed it, more sixties' vibes! "Trapped between two lungs"....By this time, I have run for quite a while, fairly hard for me, and I'm exhausted. "My running feet could run each breath screaming" is also in the lyrics too. And that's pretty much how I feel at the end of my runs!

Roughly 41 minutes

This run is around 41 minutes; I run for longer by repeating "Strangeness & Charm" , which is a 5 minute song.


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    • DemiMonde profile image

      Demi 6 years ago from Mobile, Alabama

      Thanks! I wish I were able to see her tonight in New Orleans at Jazzfest but our schedules got in the way.

    • spartucusjones profile image

      CJ Baker 6 years ago from Parts Unknown

      Great hub! I'm a huge Florence fan! I'm not a runner though. But I do like listening to her on my iPod, as I'm taking leisurely strolls.


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