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The Best Free Music Websites

Updated on January 5, 2015


Why Using a Free Music Website Is Important

Let's face it, there are many many different places on Internet where one can find music to listen to and/or download. You have to be careful that the music that you are about to listen to is legal for you to do so.


Well, listening to pirated music illegal in most parts of the world, especially the United States. By doing this you put yourself at the risk of lawsuits and even imprisonment. Many users who download music can find themselves in a nasty legal situation once they have received a legal notification from an organization such as the RIAA or other related agencies.

Free Music Websites Logo


Free Music Websites

Another website to get free music from is a little-known resource called Free Music Websites. This website does not require registration but you may still create an account if you wish to save your playlist and favorite songs. This website features chat and comments between users, which can make it fun at times talking with others about your favorite songs.

Grooveshark's Logo



One of the best places to stream free music on Internet is Grooveshark. Although they have been bullied somewhat since they began they are still online.

This free music website has been around for a number of years and is actually one of my favorite places to listen to music on. They also have an android application that will allow you to listen to music on the go.

Additionally, you can register an account to save your favorite music, create a personalized Internet radio station and much more.

Listen to music on Grooveshark



Pandora streaming music has been around for quite some time and is a very popular choice amongst music lovers. Pandora is primarily geared towards streaming Internet radio, which is not really a pick and choose type ordeal. What I mean is that with Pandora you will choose an artist or musician that you like and they will basically play similar music or songs only from that artist.

This process works very well if you just want to go hands-free so to speak. Otherwise I would stick with another type free music website if you really like to have control of what you are listening to.

Pandora also offers premium accounts. Called Pandora One.

Is Dizzy Your Favorite?

Wanna Know How to Find Free Music?

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to find your favorite songs and albums. It will show you how to easily find music that you want to listen to and get it playing immediately.

Gone are the days of finding yourself on some strange website asking you to download something you don't need on your computer.

There are so many sites infested with malware that you need to be careful not to use when looking for music that's free. I want to make sure everyone knows the real legitimate places on the Internet where they can find music. By using this resource that I have provided you should remain safe online.

How Music Is Able to Be Free

You may be wondering how you can download and stream music on Internet for free without paying a dime, right?

Well I'm going to explain to you how this whole process works and how you can enjoy listening to your favorite musicians without having to buy their albums.

Website is usually have partnerships with the big music companies and record labels. Many of these record labels are affiliated with other bigger media companies and in such partnerships with the big media companies can also include smaller record labels. On other hand, some sites that offer free music actually have partnerships with the musicians/management companies so that they are able to pay the artist for their music plays.

From what I've heard the money that is provided to musicians for playing their music is not a huge amount, and is less than what they make from album sales. But I'm still glad that musicians do get paid because after all they are the ones that make good music for us to listen to.

Another method for websites offer free music is with advertising dollars. Being able to make some type of revenue, even when providing a product for free such as music is very important. This gives a business capital that they need in order to make deals and agreements with providers.

So behind-the-scenes there is a lot going on to even provide us with just one song to listen to.

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Free Music Resources

Free Music Websites
Free & Paid
Free & Paid

Like Michael Jackson?

Learn from Others

A lot of times we want to listen to new music that we've never heard. With the kicker being that the music needs to sound good to us and have a good melody. In these cases is a really good idea to take point from someone else by viewing their playlist(s). In doing this I have been able to find a lot of good music that I would have otherwise never known about.

Many of these websites that I have listed above will allow you to view someone else's playlist and/or enable radio mode which will autoplay songs based on a seed song.

Keeping this valuable information in mind when you are listening to music on a streaming website will allow you to have a better experience.

Like Usher's Music?

Mostly All Musicians

No matter who your favorite musician is you are sure to find them and even some of the oldest music if you look for them in the right places.


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