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The Best Hindi Movie Lines (Dialogues) Ever

Updated on March 26, 2011

Gabbar Singh saying the cult line "Kitne Aadmi they"

(Written for and first published at on 12th July 2010)

“Kya Dialogue Mara Hai!” is the paean of praise from our film-going junta even if it is a monologue or a line of the film that is being referred to. It seems to have escaped the notice of a vast majority of the Indian film viewing public that ‘dialogue’ means a “conversation between two or more persons”. We have triumphantly appropriated the word for our own means, so never mind that.

In Hindi films there are lines that have become classics, everyone knows them and every mimicry artist worth his salt is able to say the line in at least 10 different ways – for instance how would the cult line Kitne Aadmi they be spoken by (a) Amol Palekar (b) Dev Anand (c) Sanjeev Kumar (d) Manoj Kumar (e) Ashok Kumar (f) Dilip Kumar (g) Dharmendra (you get tired of the Kumars after a bit) (h) Jitendra (i) Sanjay Dutt (j) Shah Rukh Khan. Some of the most mimicked lines in Hindi films would have to be:

  • · Practically anything from Sholay – From “Kitne Aadmi they”, to “Aur phir bhi wapas aa gaye – khali haat”; from “Tumhara naam kya hai Basanti?“ to “In kutto ke saamne mat naachna Basanti”; from “Yeh hath hamko dede thakur” to “Itna sannata kyon hai bhai”. This film is littered with iconic line jo ki “bachcha bachcha jaanta hai”
  • · “mujhe sara sheher loin ke naam se jaanta hai” – classic Ajit of the humungous glasses and flash clothes and complicated murdering contraptions (heroine suspended over acid pools; hero slowly descending into pit full of snapping crocodiles etc.) – this spawned series of Ajit jokes that still induce guffaws
  • · “Mogambo Khush hua” from Mr. India delineates the Bollywood inclination to frequently present the villain as strange and cartoonish
  • · “Mere paas Maa hai” from Deewaar in Shashi Kapoor’s throbbing tones epitomizes the mother fixation of Indian men and enshrined and enthroned for always and a day, Neerupa Roy as the archetypal filmy mother – widowed and eternally conflicted
  • · “Iska naam Tilu hai –yeh hame tiley pe mila tha” from Andaz Apna Apna a line that typifies the zany idiocy that is this film – one of my favourite comedies
  • · “Aisi Sati ki Jai ho” from Jaane Bhi do yaron’s Mahabharat scene, arguably one of the funniest ever in a Hindi film
  • · “Eeeesh” from Utpal Dutt – any film
  • · “Khamosh!!!!” again the joy of a thousand mimics; from Shotgun /Shatrughan Sinha

These and a million other lines are of course specific to a film or an actor but there are other classic lines that have featured in multiple movies:

  • · “Main Tumhare bachche ki maa banne wali hoon” said with much wringing of hands with evil impregnator immediately beginning to plot best way to dispose of problem
  • · “Main tumhare liye gajar ka halwa banati hoon” no one evidently told the doting mother that said halwa needs carrot grating, milk boiling and much stirring – a matter of two hours rather than the time it takes for hardworking son to wash hands and take whiz
  • · “Main Gareeb hoon; imandaar hoon” generally translates to “I’m a loser” and have no wherewithal to rise from my poverty
  • · “Objection! Mi lard (lord)” I was a lawyer for 5 years and never heard this in a real court
  • · “uska peecha karo” may be a taxi, man, woman or child – has to be followed
  • · “Main Kahan hoon” or “Main kaun hoon” depending upon extent of amnesia suffered by hero
  • · “Chhod do mujhe, bhagwaan ke liye chhod do” if said to evil, lascivious Prem Chopra and “Chhod do, koi dekh lega” is said to amorous hero. Followed a few weeks later by “Main Tumhare bachche ki maa banne wali hoon”

So it is that the clichés of Hindi films abound, so that if one citizen of India begins a line (dialogue, sorry) any other Indian can complete it.

One of the Funniest Hindi movie scenes EVER


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      sanjul 6 years ago

      Mention of 'Chunoy seth' would have completed the list.