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The Best Horrror Shorts On Youtube

Updated on July 15, 2014


If you look on youtube, you will find tons of horror short videos. There are so many to click on and watch that it can be overwhelming definitely with trying to decide which shorts to watch and which ones to ignore. So here is some shorts that rise above the average and deserves to be watched. Some of these are real known and some of them are pretty unknown which sometimes is better because sometimes the ones that are unknown are some of the better ones.

These shorts earned their places due to the good acting, good terror, uniqueness, and overall experience. Some of these are over ten minutes and some are as short as two minutes. Each movie will have a short review although as you will see nothing is really given away. It is a crime to know what is to come in terms of watching horror. Sometimes it is better to know as little as possible.

I hope you enjoy the list.


Red Balloon (2012)

This is a good video to start off with. The premise of this movie is pretty straight forward, a woman is babysitting a little girl named Dorothy during a dark and rainy night but Dorothy has a little friend that the babysitter doesn't know about. At the same time Dorothy is showing some behaviors that is freaking the babysitter out leading the babysitter to start feeling uneasy and nervous in the huge two story house. All of this is happening while a news story is going on in the background.

The acting by the main actress is really conceiving, the atmosphere is good, and the spooky level is high even through there is one cliché jumping scare. However over all, this is a movie that should be checked out, definitely during a dark and stormy night.


The Haunted hospital

A Japanese short film, The Haunted Hospital follows a news team as they investigate some weird things that happened to people who ventured into a supposedly haunted hospital. This included interviews with those who have ventured in only to find some really odd stuff had happened to the group since their visit. The main reporter seemed to at first be really excited for this project until she learned that they were going to the hospital themselves. from there she learned about the real meaning of fear and how in the darkness ghosts come out to feast.

Frankly the problem with this film is the end. There are two endings at first and the shorter ending left a lot more to the imagination and made it spookier than the longer ending,

This film also attempts to be seen as a real event going on and so it is based on that fear of this being completely real and that what you see is what people really experience. Although there are some problems with this short, I won't give it away, all together it stands a better good and solid film.



This is a very short video, less than three minutes, so because of that there is only a little bit that can be discussed without giving anything away. Let's just say, a couple is lying in bed when the the phone rings late at night.

The story starts off with the clicking of the clock and glancing at pictures littered across the walls of the couple in many different activities. The action starts soon after the phone starts to ring and one of the couple finds themselves in a position that nobody wants to be in.



Before the popular blockbuster Mama came out, there was a short called Mama. The short actually influenced the directors to make the blockbuster movie. From the start the tension is high as a sister is seen walking into her sister's room walking backwards and staring at the darkness in the hallway. From then she wakes her sister up and the only thing that needed to be said is "mama is back."

From there it just gets spookier and spookier as the children try to get out of the house before mama comes for them. They almost make it out but mama doesn't want her children abandoning her. The scenes that come directly afterwards is haunting as mama chases her children around the dark house.

Before you write this one off saying you saw the movie and it wasn't scary, wait until you see this mama. It is the most terrifying monster that you can imagine. Not only that but the house itself is creepy and has this feeling of being trapped. This film is very creepy and really well done by all the actors involved, the children and the mom.


He Dies At The End

This is another weirdly interesting short about a man who is staying late at his desk to catch up with some late work. After hearing a weird noise and looking away from his computer he is shocked when he saw a message on his computer that says, "Do you want to know how you die?"

From there, more and more messages pop up saying anything like "do you know the person standing behind you" to "are you alone?" It gets freakier as the questions start asking questions like "is the plant on your desk real or fake," diluting to the realization that whoever is asking these questions is somewhere in the darkness of the room.

I won't give anything else away just remember if you are going to stay late at a office by yourself keep the lights on and always answer no if your computer asks you questions.

The acting and the camera work is so well-done and the questions ask really become creepier and creepier as time goes by. This would be a perfect video to send to a friend or co-worker who needs to stay late at the office to finish off their work.


Lights Out (2013)

Winner of the best short and best director, Lights Out is a short that can scare anybody. It plays off of our fear of the dark in the best way possible, slowly and carefully. The story begins with a woman who is getting ready for bed and walks into the hallway to turn off the light. Once she does there is somebody standing in the end of the hallway.

Kind of like the basis of paranormal activity and how the audience started to fear for them every time the nighttime cam started to slow down, every time this woman turns on and off the light it gets more and more creepy.

It doesn't stop in the hallway through, in fact whatever was in the hallway follows her to her bedroom where she knows she is trapped. From there and heading underneath her blanket she learns the hard way to never let the lights go out.


Silence (2011)

This is another short film that is featured late on a stormy night. A teenager is studying when an earthquake occurs cutting off electricity. Only with a flashlight, she goes to use the restroom but when she comes back she realizes that she is not the only person in the room. signaled by a deep intake of air that is not her own she realizes that home may not be so safe after all.

The film is one of the shortest on this list, not even hitting two minutes, but this film just proves that sometimes you don't need length to be scary. Although it is easy to see that this is a home-made short, it is easy to think of how good the shorts will be with more finances and time.

There Are Many More

There are many more horror shorts that can be added but I think these are among the scariest. Do you agree with the list or do you think there are others that can outshine these above? If you do let me know and I will add them in or make a part two.


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      Jeremy 3 years ago

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      Liberty 3 years ago

      Hey, that's the grttseea! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

    • Melissa Noon profile image

      Melissa Noon 3 years ago from California

      I love that video. Actually the top five scariest videos left me in fear for a long time

    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy 3 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      I won't be sleeping tonight!

      Try out "Ghosts, Spirits and Demons!!" as well - it's footage of various weird sh*t going on and it's terrifying!