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The Best Lasers in Movies History

Updated on October 1, 2014

Lasers Will Always Be the Top Sci-Fi Weapon

Every kid at one time or another has stuck out their hand in a gun shape and made "ZAP ZAP" noises. Laser guns are awesome, and will always be awesome. Movies have continuously made changes and improvements on these nonexistent future weapons so until now we have only had our imaginations to work with. Here is a list of some of the top movie laser uses. Enjoy!

Movies Using Lasers

There are so many movie references when lasers are involved. The Sci-Fi genre will always completely own the category, but surprisingly enough there are some dark horses out there. For Example:

  • Independence Day (1996) - So the aliens we were fighting in this movie had lasers, gigantic lasers that demolished NYC in a matter of seconds. But don’t worry, we had Jeff Goldblum, a laptop, and of course the Fresh Prince himself. Good luck aliens…..

  • The Golden Eye Laser Watch (1995) - Putting the logistics aside, this is an epic James Bond gadget that can be used almost anywhere. Hand cuffs? Laser cutter, Death Defying escape from a lair full of henchmen? Laser cutter. STD? Sorry Bond, laser cutter watch can't really help you with that one. Next time just take a cold shower if her name is Pussy Galore….

  • Entrapment (1999) - Ohhh yeah I remember this one… Of course you do, don’t pretend like you forgot, because if you were like me when you first saw this movie (a 13 year old boy) you will never forget. Catherine Zeta Jones – She dips beneath lasers like no one’s business. For those of you who have not seen the movie CTZ join up with consummate bad-ass, Sean Connery, to steal an insane amount of money and diamonds and precious art… and my heart. In order to do all those things CTZ must make like an acrobat gymnast and slip past a laser grid in order to break into one of the secure locations. I’m fairly certain this movie was sold to the studio with this scene in mind….

Entrapment Movie Trailer


Awesome Laser Weapons

Let’s just throw it out there right at the start: lasers are awesome. Sure, nerds love lasers. There’s nothing like sitting in a cold, dark lab in the bowels of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the wee hours of a Friday night, making a laser that splits an orange perfectly in two (/pushes glasses up //”Hmmmm, prodigious!”). Yes, to be a nerd. Most people might not know that lasers are used in all aspect of industry including the entertainment industry (Source:

Of course that same nerd goes onto invent a laser that could circumcise you from fourteen thousand miles away that originates in a satellite in outer space. Tomorrow’s wars are waged by today’s nerds, and that’s a fact. But let’s not forget that everybody loves lasers. Don’t believe me? Well, as you sit there on your couch flipping through the channels on your remote, you’re using a laser. When the barcode on the bottom of your twelve-pound bucket of chicken gets scanned, that’s a laser. When you’re trolling forums on the internet, you’re using a diode laser (or hundreds), homey! You can’t escape the lasers, my friends.

Just admit it, anyway – lasers bring out everybody’s inner nerd. Even Ronald Reagan’s inner nerd. So let’s check out the coolest lasers we’ve ever seen on the big screen:

  • The Plasma Cannon, Predator: Out of all the deadly weapons at the Predators disposal, the shoulder-mounted Plasma cannon is by far the coolest and most memorable. Once you saw that laser guided three-dot sight on some poor soul’s chest, you knew you were going to see some body parts flying. Jesse Ventura couldn’t stop it and he was carrying around a MINIGUN (by the way, who does that? they put those things in friggin’ Apache helicopters and this guy’s got it slung around his shoulder. He can be my governor anytime.)

  • The Star Gate Sequence, 2001: A Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick has created a lot of great films. In addition, he pioneered special effects on this film you wouldn’t even begin to understand. The Star Gate Sequence (or “Manhattan Project”, as it was known to those working on the film at the time), is an amazing, unique piece of movie production. Kubrick used methods of special effects on this film that were used for years until CGI became the dominant method of developing special effects. Quite frankly, Kubrick’s effects on this film look more realistic than most of those used in Avatar and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, because everything had a very human touch to it. The Star Gate Sequence, parodied by some, copied by others, and beloved by many, is a laser-light show that puts you in an incredible trance and sucks you deeper into an already majestic film.

  • Laser-Beam Equipped Sharks, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery “Mr. Powers, you’ll notice all the sharks have laser beams attached to their heads. I figure every creature deserves a warm meal.” Of course, the sharks wind up being slightly ill-tempered and mutated sea bass. But Dr. Evil finally gets frickin’ sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads in Austin Powers in Goldmember as a gift from his son Scott.

  • Lightsabers, Star Wars series Although more accurately described as a laser cutter, a lightsaber is easily the coolest weapon to not only use lasers but of all time. How many times have you picked something up and made the little “Rrrrrmmm, vrriiing” sounds with your mouth? Is there a cooler noise than two lightsabers clashing? Is the “I am your father” line not one of the most iconic lines in film history? (Source:

So yeah. In sum, as Dr. Evil would say: lasers are pretty frickin’ cool.

Austin Powers Goldmember Sharks with Laser Beam

Pass Me The Laser Graffiti Art


More Movies with Lasers in Them...

Does anyone remember Goldfinger? Well this movie was the first time that anyone has seen a laser in it. I remember watching it and thought that this was the coolest movie ever. So I know that we can all agree that lasers are awesome whether they’re being used against the bad guys, against the heroes, trying to stop a jewel thief, and in defense systems. People just can’t seem to get enough lasers so I wanted to share some more movies with lasers in them.

Oceans 12 (2004)

Tron (1982)

Predator (1987)

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