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Top Led Zeppelin Songs - Best Led Zeppelin Songs

Updated on December 19, 2010

An Introduction my experience with Led Zeppelin, not the band itself. I assume you know plenty about them, especially if you've searched this page from Google.

Anyway, I was never a huge fan of Zeppelin until about a year ago. My friend had an extra Led Zeppelin CD set and had overhead me talking about how I liked the song Kashmir. He inquired about it and offered me the entire set of CDs for free. Since my car can not play CD-Rs and my only other album was AC/DC's Back in Black, I accepted.

During the course of the past year or so, I've become acquainted with Led Zeppelin and have listened to almost every single one of their songs. Most of my experience comes from driving my car, although I like to listen to a lot of the songs I really like on Youtube.

Due to my recent exposure to the band and the level of it, I am in a unique position in that I am able to judge pretty much every song on its individual merits. Note that this list is bias toward my preferences, which lean toward hard rock. With that in mind, here is my top ten list of best Led Zeppelin songs.

When the Levee Breaks

When my friend handed me the CDs, he specifically told me to listen to Led Zeppelin IV first. I knew what the album was, since it is one of their most widely known. It has Stairway to Heaven, of course. When I listened to the album, I heard a few familiar songs, specifically Black Dog and Stairway. When I came to the end of the album, though, I was completely awed by the awesome riff and inspired vocals that were presented. I instantly feel in love and felt like a total badass in just having this song come from my speakers. I had been enlightened.

Communication Breakdown

From their debut album, Led Zeppelin, Communication Breakdown is one of Led Zeppelin's best songs.  The riff is faster paced than a lot of the other songs on this list, which gives it more of a unique feel.  Overall, I think this song is one of the more definitive Led Zeppelin songs, and is one of my favorites to listen to.

Houses of the Holy

After exploring the CDs more, I quickly found my favorite: Physical Graffiti. This album has a myriad of amazing songs, my favorite of which is Houses of the Holy. It took me a little while to really appreciate the song, but it's started to grow on me immensely. It's not that heavy of a song and is pretty fun on the surface, although it has some serious undertones. Overall, this might be my favorite Led Zeppelin song. The only one that competes with it is When the Levee Breaks.

Ramble On

I first heard this song when I was checking the functionality of the DVD drive on my computer.  I was listening to Led Zeppelin II, and then this song came on.  I recognized it from somewhere, although I still can't recall.  I might just have heard it somewhere.  The references to Lord of the Rings only makes this song more awesome.  It paints an awesome, memorable picture.

In the Evening

This one took me a while to find because I wasn't as interested in the later albums.  I have to say that disregarding In Through the Out Door was a very poor choice.  It was several really good songs, this one in included.  Not many people know this song, which is a shame because it's that good.  Listen to it now, really.  No, I'm serious.  You won't regret it.

Immigrant Song

I had always liked this song, but I never spent that much time listening to it.  It's a fairly popular single, so I'm not sure why that was the case.  Anyway, my girlfriend at the time was from Iceland and was telling me that it was about Iceland.  After some fact-checking, I found out that this was true.  This renewed my interest in the song, and I really started to get into it.  I'm sure you've heard this one before, but it's still one of the best.  You can find it on Led Zeppelin III.

Dazed and Confused

This is one of the more definitive Led Zeppelin songs.  The song was originally written by Jake Holmes and then redone by Led Zeppelin.  The Zeppelin version has its own copyright because it's just that awesome.  There's really not much to say about this song.  Most people have heard it and know its brilliance.  If you haven't heard it, then I expect you to start hearing it very soon. 


I was going to put this one into the section below, titled obvious songs.  I decided not to because it deserves more exposition than that.  This song has some of the best imagery of any musical work I have ever listened to.  It's riff is absolutely legendary and the entirety of the song is just so good.  This was the first Led Zeppelin song I liked, and it's still one of my favorites.

Obvious Picks

You might notice that Black Dog, Stairway to Heaven, Trampled Underfoot, Rock & Roll, and a few others.  That is because I thought they were pretty obvious Led Zeppelin songs and not ones that required any amount of explanation or introduction. Here are the most obvious top Led Zeppelin songs

  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Black Dog
  • Trampled Underfoot
  • Rock & Roll
  • All My Love
  • Whole Lotta Love
  • Dancing Days


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    • Jody Haskins profile image

      Jody Haskins 

      4 years ago from Panama City Beach, Florida

      For some reason my favorite Led Zeppelin song is Bring it on Home from Led Zeppelin II. Really powerful song. Of course Led Zeppelin is the answer to the question: "If you were living on a desert island, which bands music would you have to be able to listen to?"

    • profile image

      Josh Moura 

      7 years ago

      over the hills and far away is there best song hands down


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