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The Best New TV Shows

Updated on July 1, 2015
Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot

Usually the summertime is a lull in decent new TV shows to stream or watch when they broadcast. Of course, what may appeal to one viewer, may not appeal to another. But, if the show sounds interesting, at least watch one episode.

Two fascinating shows are Mr. Robot and Humans. Mr. Robot is basically about a hacker who joins a group of others to cause financial chaos. The show is intensely played with Christian Slater and another younger hacker who reminds of me of a Ferris Bueller-type personality, witty and smart. The show often reflects his inner thoughts during a scene. In Humans, the theme is about human-like robots that do many things real humans find less important, like nannys, production workers etc. But the kicker here is that, the robots are actually real humans that have been altered somehow to show no feelings etc., by a nefarious organization. Are they being used to infiltrate the government to take over?

Aquarius is another good show that takes place in the late 1960's starring David Duchovny (X-Files) as a cop who is basically after and encountering Charles Manson and his cult. The show seems to follow historical events leading up to the horrific murder of Sharon Tate. How the cult around Charles Manson evolved. The Whispers is a Stephen King-like and Steven Spielberg-like show about how children are being manipulated by a alien-type force in committing murder but also odd things on a global scale with the discovery of an alien device. The show is a combination of sci-fi and a CSI police action as the story unfolds on multiple fronts. Dark Matter is another space sci-fi show that is mysterious for a crew awakens from hibernation in space and nobody recalls why they are there or who they are. This is not a good thing! In Proof, a medical doctor is hired to find out the facts about life after death. The show is very well done and intense. She finds out that determining this is more complicated than thought. She uses existing cases where the subject was pronounced dead, yet came back and told what they had seen. Fascinating. Finally, The Brink, on HBO, offers Jack Black and Tim Robbins in a dark comedy of sorts.Both are trying to keep the world from total destruction when a Pakistani coup occurs and their nuclear weapons are in nefarious hands. Quite entertaining.


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