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Top 3 President Movies in the 2000's

Updated on March 9, 2018


Movies about the President of the United States has always been popular. In the 90’s it was JFK in 1991, The War Room in 1993, Dave in 1993, The American President in 1995 and Nixon in 1995. In the 2000’s it was The Contender in 2000, Thirteen Days in 2000, Jimmy Carter Man from Paris in 2007, John Adams in 2008, and Frost/Nixon in 2008. There is The Ideas of March in 2011, Lincoln in 2012, and Lee Daniels the Butler in 2013. You can count on about 5-10 of them every decade. These types of movies are sometimes about the president being assassinated, assassination attempts, romance. JFK was about John F Kennedy’s assassination. Nixon was about Richard Nixon and how his presidency ended in shame. Presidential movies have been big since the 1940’s. The most recent big president movies about him possibly being assassinated is Olympus has fallen (2013), White House Down (2013) and London Has Fallen (2016).

Olympus Has Fallen

Olympus has fallen stars Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart. Butler plays Mike Banning. Banning is a former agent of the president secret service who feels partially responsible for the president’s wife’s death at the start of the film. They were on their way to a Christmas party and their motorcade was ambushed. Banning being who he is and doing his job took liberty in making sure the president was secure neglecting his wife. His wife fell to her death in the car that was ambushed. Eckhart plays President Asher. The people that ambushed the president was not done and neither was Banning. He made it clear that he wants back in the secret service. Despite wanting another chance, he still has memories about what happened. Wishes it could have been differently done. One day the president has a meeting with some foreign leaders at the white house. The foreign leaders secret service hijacks the white house. When those terrorists attacked the Whitehouse Banning got his chance. He and the national security team work together. Before it begins, banning witnesses what’s happening on the outside. There are terrorists looking like citizens on the outside of the Whitehouse. The president and the Korean leader is on lockdown in the bunker along with the Korean leader and his secret service. What is later found out is that the Korean secret service leader known as Kang played by Rick Yune hijacks the bunker. Due to the President being held hostage the Vice President played by Morgan Freeman takes over. Meanwhile, banning plans how he will rescue the president. The fact that the Whitehouse is under attack is all over the media and Kang is as well with a threat to the nation. President Asher finds that a member of his administration was an inside man. He witnesses many in his organization being killed by Kang. Banning is killing all his men one by one. His knowledge of the Whitehouse allows him to disrupt Kang’s operation. Banning eventually makes his way into the bunker.Killing Kang and rescuing the president.

White House Down

The very same year White House Down was released. Starring Channing Tatum as Cale and Jamie Foxx as president Sawyer. The script is similar that of Olympus has fallen. President Sawyer marvels at the opportunity and loves his job. Cale is working for the speaker of the house played Richard Jenkins. The speakers name is Raphelson. Cale has knowledge about the house like Banning does in Olympus has Fallen. The head of the security detail name is Walker played by James Woods. Cale is trying to work for the secret service. Him working for the speaker must not be enough. While he interviews for the job he witnesses a coordinated attack on the administration. The explosions happen around the president but enough for the service to know the president maybe next in line. So, he is put under protection but not by the secret service but by Cale. Cale makes sure the president is protected. Despite him being rejected to be a part of the team he jumps into action. He finds that the head of his security detail is the inside man that gave the terrorists access to the building but he also searches for more clues that someone else is involved. Walker is dying of cancer and wants to avenge his son’s death. He also does not like the president. The attempts look promising but he does not prevail killing the vice president along with president sawyer’s wife. He’s later killed by Cale. Cale grabs his beeper and is gets a message with some codes. Does some investigation and finds that those codes were launch codes sent by the Raphelson. Raphelson wanted to take over. Like he killed them the Vice President he thought he killed the President until he saw the president is alive and well. Cale earned his spot on the secret service as his reward.

London Has Fallen

Banning and President Asher are back. Olympus may have fallen but they rebuilt if but a terrorist organization was making plans in London Has Fallen. The organization was run by Barkawi played by Alon Abutbul. The plan was precise and absolute. Meanwhile, Mike Banning was expecting a child and planning to resign from the service. Asher gets a call at the last minute inviting him and many world leaders to London to attend a funeral of another leader. They put bombs in different locations to distract authorities. They all blew up killing most of the leaders but Asher and Banning got away. Got away in a helicopter but their copter was shot down. Asher and Banning are on foot. The Vice President played by Morgan Freeman finds out about it along with the rest of the world. Barkawi made sure they understood that he is after president Asher. As the vice president strategizes a way to keep the president safe he is contacted by the Chief inspector to do so. He later contacts Banning and informs him that help is surely on the way to his location. While they wait To Ban and Asher realize what they are dealing with. They iron somethings out. They also find out that someone is on the inside just like before. After a brief conversation they find that they are surrounded. Banning moves quickly taking them down one by one. Doing anything to protect the president. He and the president go back to the basics. They also suspect who maybe inside working. Just looking for more clues to make sure that it is him. President Asher is later caught by the terrorists but is rescued by Banning. He and Banning escape after Asher is close to death and they destroy the building. While they celebrate the vice, president plans to destroy Barkawi for good and later does. They also find who the inside man is.


Presidential movies like these have been common. I love them. The action, the suspense just draws me in. Anyone can act in these movies but it seems when they choose these characters they make sure they are going to play the roles that they want them too. The message they want out they will get out. Butler did an amazing job. Tatum did it too and so did Jamie Foxx. By the time that movie was written Barak Obama was in office. Jamie was cool like him and everything. They were great movies. Personally, I watch London has fallen like it is brand new every time. Banning attempted to stay away and got close to doing it but he can’t. Honestly, I doubt that anyone can play that role the way that he does but will not be shocked if someone does.

Independence Day(1996)

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