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The Best Rock 'n' Roll Quotes EVER!

Updated on October 9, 2010
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix
The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

Rock and Roll is well known for its great music, chaotic lifestyle and crazy characters. Here are some wise words from some rock legends!

1) David Bowie once famously said about his larger than life persona: "I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human. I felt very puny as a human. I thought, 'Fuck that. I want to be a superhuman.'"

2) John Lennon on The Beatles fame: "We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first — rock and roll or Christianity". Probably one of the most infamous quotes of them all. He also once, preforming in front of the English Royal family at a concert said "For our (The Beatles) last number, I'd like to ask your (crowd) help. The people in the cheaper seats clap your hands. And the rest of you, just rattle your jewelry."

3) Freddie Mercury, the ever-amusing front man of Queen playing down the skills he demostrated in the 'I Want to Break Free' video: "If I didn't do this (perform) well, I just wouldn't have anything to do...I can't cook, and I'd be a terrible housewife."

4) The ever philosophical Ozzy Osbourne, "The only black magic we (Black Sabbath) ever got into was a box of chocolates."

5) Gene Simmons talking about what it really means to be a Rock star: "James Bond has a license to kill, rockstars have a license to be outrageous. Rock is about grabbing people's attention".

6) "When the power of love overcome the love of power, the world will know peace". Jimi Hendrix speaking on world peace.

7) Kurt Cobain of Nirvana once stated: “I’d rather be dead than cool.”

8) “I’m not God but if I were God, ¾ of you would be girls, and the rest would be pizza and beer.” Axl Rose's idea of a perfect world, from Guns n Roses.

9) Kourtney Love knows what she is: “I’m not a woman. I’m a force of nature.”

10) Kirk Hammet of Metallica: "This shit (AIDS) scares me. You know, one time and you're dead! Touring is the dangerous part. A lot of bands are going to be in trouble the way they carry on. I mean, we've been pretty bad, but on the last tour, no way! It was kinda, 'Screw that!"


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