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The Best Running Man Episodes 2010-2011 (Ep. 1-74)

Updated on February 5, 2018

When you're feeling down, sad, stressed out, or lonely, watching funny shows will help you cheer up. One best suggestion would be watching Running Man, a popular Korean variety show that is guaranteed to make you laugh wholeheartedly. Since 2010, Running Man has been famous for its hilarious missions, never-ending comical games, and funny members and guests that you'll surely love. Because of its success, Running Man is one of the longest-running variety programs in South Korean history. That also made us love the regular cast members (Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Gwang-soo, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, and Song Ji-hyo, with former members Song Joong-ki and Lizzy).

Each RM episodes are uniquely entertaining it its own. But among the many episodes being aired, there are some episodes that we'd love to watch all over again. Not just funny, some are very memorable too. Here are the most noteworthy, most favorite, and most appealing episodes of RM from 2010-2011 (first year episodes 1-74).

Episodes 4 & 5

Airing Date: August 1 and 8, 2010

Guests: Jessica Jung (Girls' Generation), Nichkhun (2PM), and Song Ji-hyo

Funny Moments:

  • The Typhoon Simulation Mission (with Bee Gee's Holiday as BGM) is hilarious! Poor Jae-suk and Gwang-soo battling fiercely against the strong wind and rain!
  • Haha's fear of getting the Golden Pig because of iguana is so childish but cute.
  • The Human Rocket Mission. A lot of funny moments are featured: Ji-hyo's failure and Suk-jin's bullying, Gwang-soo's statue-like pose, Jae-suk's mischief to Gary, and our handsome water princes, Nichkhun and Song Joong-ki.
  • Jong-kook's name tag battle against Gwang-soo, Ji-hyo, Suk-jin, Jessica, and Joong-ki for 20 minutes. He can't give up because he's too strong!
  • The Bin Curling battle (and Suk-jin is always clueless on what's going on).
  • The Water Picture Taking Battle. Gary is as peaceful as ever and his mid-air winning pose is definitely the best!
  • Jong-kook's hip hop dance tutorial with Gary's butterfly dance is gold.
  • The crowded bus challenge. It's a very intense battle. So intense that Gary's shirt was ripped until he's semi-naked and Gwang-soo's shirt was also teared.

Episode 7

Airing Date: August 22, 2010

Guests: Ham Eun-jeong (T-ara), Jo Kwon (2AM), Jung Yong-hwa (CNBLUE)

Funny Moments:

  • The first episode featuring the most popular Running Man game: The Bells Hide and Seek. The sound of the bells is really scary, it's nerve-wracking!
  • The birth of Yooruce Willis (Yoo Jae-suk as Bruce Willis from Die Hard)
  • It's Yong-hwa's first Running Man appearance and he's already getting the role of an Ace! He found 3 haechis all by himself. He's truly the MVP who saved the mission team.
  • The ballerina photo game. How can we forget Jong-kook as the muscular ballerina?

Episode 13

Airing Date: October 3, 2010

Guests: Jang Dong-min, Lizzy (After School)

Funny Moments:

  • Jae-suk, Suk-jin and Gwang-soo arrived on SBS Broadcasting Center wearing hot pants as part of their punishment. It must be embarrassing!
  • The thief card game, and seriously, Jae-suk is always getting the thief card.
  • The dramatic Kim Jong-kook and Yoo Jae-suk's friendship over because of bells hide and seek game.
  • Ji-hyo is the first RM member to betray a team mate in exchange for her survival. She tried to lure Jae-suk and Gwang-soo.
  • The most intense name tag tearing battle between Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Jong-kook and Yooruce Willis' miraculous escape from the Tiger Sparta is truly unforgettable! It is one of the best solo wins of Jae-suk. Jong-kook tasted defeat thanks to Jae-suk's reliable VJ Kwon Ryeol, who helped him all the way.

Episode 18

Airing Date: November 21, 2010

Guests: None

Funny Moments:

  • The birth of Yoo Hyuk (Yoo Jae-suk with an excellent dancing skills)
  • The cruise date special is one of the most romantic scenes in RM. It holds the sweetest Song-Song couple moment ever. Song Ji-hyo and Song Joong-ki's Titanic parody is so cheesy, it will make your heart melt!
  • Though Song-Song moment is undeniably sweet, Ji-hyo still chose Gary over Joong-ki, because it's Monday. Hooray, Monday Couple!
  • Kim Jong-kook and two kids as Pirates is so funny and cute!
  • The birth of Haha as Dr. Jekyll. It's hilarious and crazy, but his acting suits him well.

Episode 22

Airing Date: December 19, 2010

Guests: Choi Si-won (Super Junior), Kim Min-jong

Funny Moments:

  • The acting mission. Our Running Man members are loved because they are brilliant comedians. In this mission, they tried to imitate Kim Min-jong's scenes from his popular movies without being caught that they are changing their shirts. The best moments are Kim Jong-kook and Haha's acting, with Jong-kook's perfect re-enactment of Min-jong's three expressions, and the weak Haroro punching and slapping Sparta is a sight! As well as Jae-suk's deep gaze on Ji-hyo!
  • Kim Min-jong wanted to have the same BGM as Kim Jong-kook's Sparta BGM every time he is featured chasing the members. So Jae-suk suggested that his BGM should be 'Keudaeyo', from his famous song, Sincere Love. And thus, it became one of the most popular BGM in RM ever.
  • After he is ousted, Joong-ki laid on the bed and tried to sleep. He's so handsome and cute!

Episode 25

Airing Date: January 9, 2011

Guest: Park Bo-young

Funny Moments:

  • The Manwha Special Episode has one of the best opening scenes ever. Featuring the regular cast members along with the guest, the young and adorable Park Bo-young, they had a cosplay special where they looked cute and funny. Especially Jong-kook's costume, a full-body suit which shows how muscular he is!
  • Park Bo-young is the first Running Man guest to win the battle of 'tricking the guest'. Claiming to be a fan of RM, and ultimate fangirl of Monday Couple, they weren't able to deceive her eyes as they tried to hide the 'ordinary guy' Gary without her noticing. Seriously, she's one of the cutest guests ever!
  • Gwang-soo became a sacrifice for the wolves in the Red Riding Hood Bells Hide and Seek, because Jae-suk and Lizzy pushed him out of the elevator!

Episode 28

Airing Date: January 30, 2011

Guest: Kim Byung-man

Funny Moments:

  • Song Ji-hyo showcasing her singing talent is a must-see!
  • The Diet Karaoke Mission is simply the best. The Yellow Team singing 'Story of You and the Rain' is so funny, especially when Suk-jin's nutshot with the elastic microphone and screaming 'saranghae' while lifting the barbel mic. Big Nose Hyung is indeed funny!
  • This is one of the liveliest episodes ever, because of the sudden 'Turbo Dance Party' special. It all started when Jae-suk tried to imitate Jong-kook's dance in 'Lovable', teasing him for trying to act sweet and cute.
  • It's so nice to see the Running Man members having fun while dancing the Commander's hit songs, 'Lovable', 'Twist King', and 'Black Cat'. Ji-hyo's wave dance is cute and Suk-jin's rapping skill is totally daebak!

Episode 29

Airing Date: February 6, 2011

Guest: None

Funny Moments:

  • The first carpool mission, featuring Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Jong-kook as the two Center Powers of RM. It's funny how they tried to win the hearts of the members, (Haha and Jong-kook's My Dongsaeng moment) and poor Gary, he was dragged inside Jae-suk's car!
  • The 'Create Your Profile' mission is funny and cute. Running Man members tried to take a photo of the animals that looks like them. Gary's profile is so like him, while Ji-hyo's ability is cursing, and Suk-jin as Jae-suk's sunflower is hilarious.
  • The best 'One-Chance' mission of RM. In this mission, RM members trusted each other more than ever, especially to Sparta Kook who lead them into victory. (He's definitely the ace of One Chance).

Episode 38

Airing Date: April 10, 2011

Guest: None

Funny Moments:

  • The first Yoomes Bond episode. This is when Yoo Jae-suk, who is known as kind and loyal, had the mission to eliminate all the Running Men which can only be achieved if he betrayed them. What a great twist for the RM members who never thought of that!
  • The Stress Test Game. With the two representatives, Kim Jong-kook and Yoo Jae-suk, they tried to annoy each other to increase their stress levels. Jong-kook is forced to eat noodles and chicken (which he hates) while Jae-suk's pants was pulled by Sparta (which is humiliating).

Episode 40

Airing Date: April 24, 2011

Guests: Nichkhun, Taecyeon (2PM)

Funny Moments:

  • This episode has one of the best name tag ripping game, set in the wonderful place, Petite France.
  • Funny Jae-suk tried to play the train chain along with the eliminated RM members and some foreigners. They enjoyed it so much that even Jae-suk is already tired, he just can't stop it! Very comical indeed.
  • The brilliant Orchestra Performances of Black Team (KJK's team) and White Team (YJS's team). Together with some of the RM staffs, they created an orchestra performance that is simply memorable.

Episodes 52 & 53

Airing Date: July 17 and 24, 2011

Guests: Choi Min-soo, Yoon So-yi

Funny Moments:

  • The first appearance of the strongest guest in RM ever, the great hunter, Choi Min-soo. His name and existence is like a nightmare to all RM members. He's really scary!
  • It is also the first time that the weakest RM member, Big Nose Hyung and the strongest Sparta Kook became partners after they were eliminated in the first roll of the Dice Race. Together, the 'strongest-weakest' combination is born!
  • The crown searching of the RM members is also funny. At first, they were clueless that Choi Min-soo is the guest. When they learned about it, they were so frightened, even the tiger, Kim Jong-kook silently obeyed his hyung like a diligent puppy.
  • The next day morning mission is a difficult task for the Running Men, because they will be teamed up with the Hunter if they wake him up! Guess who's the chosen members? It's Haha and Gwang-soo.
  • Probably the most memorable moment of episode 53 that left a history on RM is when Jae-suk betrayed Choi Min-soo. After forming an alliance, he pasted his name tag on his back, making Min-soo out. Because of this, he holds a grudge against Jae-suk and threatened him that he will be back for a Grasshopper Hunting.

Episode 69

Airing Date: November 20, 2011

Guest: Choi Min-soo

Funny Moments:

  • After 100 days of waiting... Finally. This is the episode where the promised revenge of Choi Min-soo against the betrayal of the Grasshopper MC happened.
  • Not all the time funny, because most of the time it's scary! Choi Min-soo's revenge against Jae-suk is so intense, it's like watching a real horror and thriller movie.
  • Just when you think this episode of Choi Min-soo's revenge concludes it all, you're wrong. When the show is just about to be end, Jae-suk made a declaration of war against the hunter, (saying they're 1 on 1 now) which means, he's challenging him to come again and defeat him!

Episode 74

Airing Date: December 25, 2011

Guest: None

Funny Moments:

  • This is probably one of the best Running Man episodes ever. The Superpowers Special became a funny, interesting, and intense battle to see who's going to be the second best Running Man (the first Best of the Best Match is on episode 42).
  • Can you believe that the Sparta Kim Jong-kook was ousted for no reason at all? Yes, it happened in RM, thanks to Gwang-soo's death note powers.
  • Jae-suk's power is the most unforgettable of all, because he had to do the embarrassing act of tearing the map and shout 'The One Who Controls Space!' before the power took effect. Since then, he's been teased for countless of times mostly by Haha.
  • Haha's super power is what makes the episode interesting. His time controller turned the world upside-down, and the eliminated members were revived once more. Really powerful, right?
  • It seemed like Gary's duplicating power is nothing special, but his Lolols (duplicators) played an important role for him to become the 2nd Best Running Man and still the undefeated champion. Thanks to them, he received a very special gift: A trip to Europe!

Which Running Man Episode from 1 to 74 is the best?

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      3 years ago

      these are the moments when running man was still fun. gonna miss these!


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