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The Best TV Shows You Have to See

Updated on April 1, 2015
criminal minds
criminal minds
Modern family
Modern family
american Horror Story
american Horror Story

Modern Family

The Newsroom's Jeff Daniels
The Newsroom's Jeff Daniels
True detective
True detective
Bates Motel
Bates Motel

Hannibal trailer

Breaking Bad has more than likely given birth to the two most memorable tv  characters
Breaking Bad has more than likely given birth to the two most memorable tv characters
Fargo, a fantastic tv show with great cast and acting!
Fargo, a fantastic tv show with great cast and acting!

Breaking bad

I hate being stuck inside on a rainy day with nothing to do. And what’s worse? There’s nothing on the TV. Here is a list of some of the best TV shows out there that shouldn’t be missed and are available to watch online anytime.


Everybody loves a good crime show, be it a detective, serial killer or murder mystery, there’s always time to watch them. There are a lot out there but here are the ones I find very entertaining:

Criminal minds- Centres on the ‘behavioural analysis unit’, a group that chases down serial killers.

Lie to me-A story based on a real man who uses techniques of reading peoples body language to solve cases.

Bones- Following a woman who solves cases through the bones of the victims. With a great cast and story, this is a good watch.

Dexter- About a serial killer who kills bad people by night and catches criminals by day as a blood spatter analyst. An Amazing show with a great cast, it is a definite must see!

Homeland- Tells of a man brought from Iraq after being held hostage for eight years. But someone thinks he’s been turned and planning an attack on American soil.

True Detective- An amazing show that keeps you asking questions right to the end. Its has a vintage vibe about it, a great story and an amazing cast.

Sherlock- Im talking the BBC version here. Amazing is the only word that can describe this. Its punchy, funny, emotional, fantastic cast, and amazing writing. What's even better is the hour and a half per episode, yeah you read that right. Basically short movies, with three episodes per season. Modern and dramatic.

Elementary- Ok so, while the BBC version of Sherlock is much, much better, I do have a soft spot for this too. Great stories, and excellent execution, they've definitely mixed things up, turning Watson from Man to woman ad while its not my favorite idea, I don't dislike her. it's a great show with plenty of episodes per season.

Breaking Bad- This I've only watched recently, having watched maybe the first two episodes about a year ago. With everyone telling me how great it was I thought Id give it a go. Thank god I did. I watched the entirety of the show in around two weeks, and found it the most exhilarating show available. The character of Walter white is the most exciting too as his development was like none other out there. The roller coaster ride of feelings I felt for characters from loving them to despising them, then feeling pity for them was simply incredible.

Fargo-I'm a huge fan of Martin Freeman so couldn't wait to watch this show. It was humerus in parts and the story is done brilliantly, centering on not just one character but a towns worth of characters. I haven't seen the film, but since it says it and the tv show are both based on real events, who knows. The Tv show is definitely worth your time.

The Following-I love this show. Based on a man obsessed with death who starts a murder cult. what's interesting here is the followers who have been everyone from law enforcement to government officials to housewives. You never know who's a follower.

Hostages- This show is set on a family who have been taken hostage in their home because the mother, a surgeon, is being forced to kill the president when he gets surgery. An all round good show with finite ending and everything tied with a neat little bow. Gotta love those.

The Tunnel: A story revolving around two detectives trying to solve a murder leading to a government cover up. They hunt down this politically motivated killer.


Not for everyone, but when you find good horror shows, there’s really nothing better. Here are a few I just can’t get enough of:

The walking dead- A zombie story brought to the small screen. About bloody time!! The first few seasons were amazing for their constant action, and as it progresses it certainly slows down, but still manages to keep viewers at the edge of their seats. Its become more about building suspense.

American horror story- A truly horrific story about a family moving into a new home in the hope of having a new start, but there are some supernatural beings ready and willing to cause chaos.

Grimm- From the creator of Buffy the vampire slayer, this show is based on a man who sees demons living and walking with people and he finds out it is his job to keep the order!

Jekyll- A BBC adaptation of the old Jekyll and Hyde story. The story, while being a modern take, represents the original split-personality tale perfectly.

Hannibal- This is my favorite show at the moment. With a gothic feel it portrays the early years of the infamous Hannibal Lecture and his relationship with the young Will Graham. Its quite gory, and really pushes the boundaries beyond what we, as viewers, feel comfortable watching.

Bates Motel- Another remake of a classic, although not necessarily a modern update of this thrilling story. It is especially good for its portrayal of Norma Bates, the widely viewed coddling mother. It might be Normans story, but his Mother has her impact too, and so this Mother/son dynamic that always seems a little too close, becomes the real horror story.


A bad day at work? A bad hairday? Here are some hugely comic and very easy going shows that will surely have you feeling better:

Modern family- A ‘mockumentary’ about the trials and tribulations of a very modern family. Very humorous and realistic portrayal. every character has their part to play and all are equally as funny and important. Its the one show that I've found difficulty pinpointing my favorite character.

New girl- Another hilarious show. An eccentric girl moves into an apartment with three very unusual men.

Avatar: the last Airbender- A great animated story about four nations (Air, fire, earth and water) fighting to survive the fire nations advances and tyranny!

Family guy/ American dad/ Cleveland show- being a huge fan Seth Macfarlane I had to put his shows on this list. Its animation, so anything goes…and it really does!

Bob's Burgers: Another fantastic animated comedy. the story follows the Belcher family who own and run a burger cafe. Its hilarious and weird, with quirky characters and even more bizarre story lines.

Super-Human Abilities:

Who doesn’t dream of one day having superhuman abilities? These are some shows that centre around people with such abilities:

Misfits- A group of troubled youths get hit by lightning and realise they have unnatural abilities.

Alphas- A group known as ‘alphas’ try to track down other people with abilities either to recruit them or to stop the ones that are abusing their abilities.

Heroes- A show about people with abilities and with a huge story and plenty of smaller plots, this one is one not to be missed.


Last but not at all least, shows in genres from sci-fi to drama that you will not regret watching:

The Newsroom- a brand new series that follows a newsroom trying to tell news that is completely unbiased and factual. In today’s society so much of what we see is some sort of propaganda so this newsroom wants to change that! It’s also very comic and has actual real life events and people intertwined in the story.

Terra nova- Earth is dying but people have been transported to a different dimension to when earth was at it’s best. They built a community among the dinosaurs but are things becoming just as corrupt as the old earth they left behind?

Revenge- A truly manipulative and devious girl seeks revenge for the death and set-up of her father. A very good watch and full f twists and turns.

Game of thrones- An amazing story based on the book ‘A song of Ice and Fire’. It’s brilliantly done and really is like no other show out there.

Spartacus- Another great story about gladiators trying to regain freedom after years of abuse and torture. Raunchy and with a great cast, it’s a great show!

Black Mirror: This is a series where every episode is a different story, but what amazing stories they are. Political and cultural themes make this series, with off the wall plots like future slavery and robots of dead loved ones.

Not enough? Here's Some more:


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    • profile image

      Sartazpal Billing 

      3 years ago

      really good hub but i think Supernatural should have been on the list.

    • belleart profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Ireland

      Jimmar-thanks for comment, its about time I updated this. Ive only finished watching breaking bad, but its definitely made the list. :)

      I agree about the walking dead, the last season was very slow with maybe only one episode being somewhat dramatic. Bit of a let don, but I still enjoy the show.

    • jimmar profile image


      4 years ago from Michigan

      oh yeah.....What about Breaking Bad?

    • jimmar profile image


      4 years ago from Michigan

      I did like Dexter very much, except the ending, unless there will be a return in a new series....watched it on Netflix and had to watch multiple episodes at a time. Haven't really seen some of the others much, maybe a few episodes of Criminal Minds.

      I WAS a big fan of Walking Dead until this last season. The long mid-season break and a weak season finale followed by months and months before the season premiere made me lose interest, not suspense for me. Maybe I'll catch up a few years from now when all the seasons come out on Netflix.

      I can take only so much Family Guy then I have to quit watching for a while.

      Nice review.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hello, bellart,

      This is an excellent piece of writing. Amazing, to be precise.

      I loved every word of it. I am thrilled at you mentioning Criminal Minds.

      Voted up and all the choices because you deserve it.

      You have such a gift for writing. Just use it without a selfish motive and no telling at how far you will go and how many people you will touch.

      I have just left you some fan mail and become a follower.

      I cordially invite you to read one or two of my hubs, and be one of my followers.

      That would make my day.

      I am so honored to meet you and follow you.


      Kenneth/ from northwest Alabama


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