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The Best Trailer Music Bands

Updated on April 2, 2014

The World of Trailer Music

Have you ever seen a movie preview and wondered about the background music? That track is classified as trailer music, music used for movie and video game advertising. It can range from epic choirs and sweeping orchestras, to hard rock and clashing metal, to pumping electronic and dramatic trance.

Many trailer music companies exist who produce this music as an occupation, licensing the tracks to studios. Years ago, a very minimal amount of artists allowed their music to be bought by the general public. Recently however, more and more companies are beginning to produce albums that are publicly accessible. This has resulted in more widespread publicity for the companies and the music genre ... plus a crammed iPod!

Since I am a writer, this kind of music is a central inspiration for my work. I have been listening to trailer music for years! I have real passion for the genre, as do many others who have followed these bands for a long while. Below I've listed some of the best trailer music companies to date. Please sample some of their work; you may discover an entirely new fascination! Welcome to the world of trailer music!

Two Steps From Hell

To date, Two Steps From Hell is my favorite trailer music band! Their tracks have been used in a whole slew of trailers, such as Skyfall, The Avengers, the Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Tron: Legacy, Transformers, Star Trek, 2012, The Dark Knight, Avatar, Real Steel, Thor, Looper, Underworld and many, many more!

Top recommended tracks:

  1. Moving Mountains
  2. Freedom Fighters
  3. Heart of Courage
  4. Orion
  5. Nemesis
  6. United We Stand, Divided We Fall
  7. Archangel
  8. Skyworld
  9. Dragon Rider
  10. Protectors of the Earth

Two Steps From Hell has released an astounding 23 albums. Listen to ALL their albums at Extreme Music!


Audiomachine has released an amazing 12 albums, but only 3 of them are available to the public to date. However, you can listen to all of their music via Youtube.

Audiomachine's music has been featured in trailers for an unbelievable amount of movies, such as Life of Pi, Argo, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Rise of the Guardians, The Hunger Games, Prometheus, Iron Man 3, Twilight, Transformers, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, Avatar, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, District 9, National Treasure, V for Vendetta and countless more!

Top recommended tracks:

  1. Guardians at the Gate
  2. Nameless Heroes
  3. Knights and Lords
  4. Sol Invictus
  5. House of Cards

Future World Music

Future World Music has released 17 albums, but only two are available to the public for sale. However, you can listen to all of their full tracks, free, on their website.

Their music has been featured in movies such as Brave, Toy Story 3, Harry Potter, How to Train Your Dragon, Star Trek, Taken, I Am Legend, Jumper, Beowulf, Stardust, Blood Diamond and many, many more!

Top recommended tracks:

  1. Once in a Lifetime
  2. Welcome to Your Fantasy
  3. Damnum et Triumphus
  4. A Hero Will Rise
  5. Beautiful

Brand X Music

Brand X Music has released a staggering 50+ albums, though only two of them are available to the public to date.

The company has provided music for movies such as The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, Prometheus, the entire Harry Potter franchise, Batman Begins, 300, Eragon, Legend of the Guardians, Ocean's Eleven, Pirates of the Caribbean, Real Steel, Sahara, Seabiscuit, 3:10 to Yuma, The Bourne Identity, The Hunger Games, Underworld, Van Helsing and many, many more!

Top recommended tracks:

  1. World Without End
  2. Bring the Pain
  3. Rise of the Avenger
  4. All or Nothing
  5. Knuckle Up

Epic Score

Epic Score has released 27 albums, 18 of which are all available on iTunes and Amazon!

The company has produced music for trailers of movies such as Avatar, Eragon, Harry Potter, City of Ember, The Illusionist, Night at the Museum, Prince Caspian, The Prestige, Transformers, Terminator: Salvation, Valkyrie, Pirates of the Caribbean, the TV show "Planet Earth" theme music, plus so many more!

Top recommended tracks:

  1. The Time Has Come
  2. Divine Destiny
  3. Stand Tall
  4. I Still Have a Soul
  5. This is Our Land
  6. Prepare for the End
  7. Fire Head
  8. Creator of Worlds
  9. They Hit Without Warning
  10. Something to Believe In


Immediate's site is more geared for the general public, electing not to display their dozens of pre-released albums. However, some of the more updated, remastered versions are available to buy on iTunes, Amazon and Immediate's website.

Some of the recent trailers in which the company's music has been featured are Star Trek: Into Darkness, Iron Man 3, After Earth, Epic, Oblivion, Upside Down, Argo, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Dark Knight Rises and many more!

Top recommended tracks:

  1. Lacrimosa Dominae
  2. Serenata Immortale
  3. Shield of Faith
  4. Glory Seeker
  5. World on a String
  6. Surrender to Hope
  7. Ode to Power
  8. The Lords Shall Rule
  9. Prometheus Rising
  10. An Epic Age

Kerry Muzzey

Kerry Muzzey has produced the original soundtracks of several movies such as You Can't Have It All, Bear City, and Hole in the Paper Sky. He has also provided the music for trailers such as Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Master, The Unforeseen, Discovery's Blue Planet, Law and Order, Glee and The LXD. All of his 12 albums are available on iTunes and his website!

Top recommended tracks:

  1. Palladio
  2. Bernini's Angels
  3. Palladio : Rebuilt [all versions]
  4. Life Goes On
  5. 1492

Position Music

Position Music is an entire network of trailer music that comprises 52 official albums and many other contributing artists, a number of which are available on Amazon and iTunes.

Their music has been featured in countless trailers, such as Act of Valor, Beowulf, Constantine, Crank, District 9, Harry Potter, How to Train Your Dragon, I Am Legend, Ice Age 3, Immortals, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Prince of Persia, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3, Star Trek, The Punisher, Toy Story 3, Underworld 4 and many others!

Top recommended tracks:

  1. Revelations [by Veigar Margeirsson]
  2. Trinity [by James Dooley]
  3. Blow Out [by Magnus Christensen and Ryan Franks]
  4. Hymn of the Apocalypse [by Jo Blankenburg]
  5. Cataclysmic Clash [by Veigar Margeirsson]

City of the Fallen

City of the Fallen has produced 5 albums, releasing only a compilation for the general public. However, you can find all their tracks freely available on Youtube. The company has produced the trailer music for the movie The Avengers.

Top recommended tracks:

  1. Seraphim
  2. Eye of the Beholder
  3. The Sixth Day
  4. Consuming Fire
  5. Throne of Divinity


8Dawn (The Eighth Dawn) has released 6 albums and a single to date, all of which are available on iTunes and Amazon!

The company's music has been featured in numerous trailers, such as 300, A Knight's Tale, Aliens vs. Predator, Apollo 13, Artificial Intelligence, Castaway, Congo, Fast and Furious, Harry Potter, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Moulin Rouge, Pirates of the Caribbean, Speed Racer, The Incredibles, Valkyrie and many others!

Top recommended tracks:

  1. This Is Why I Was Born
  2. Blades of Destiny
  3. Last Drop of Blood
  4. No Turning Back
  5. Castles of the Sun

Corner Stone Cues

The Corner Stone Cues have released several albums to date, all of which are available on iTunes and Amazon.

The company has produced music for a fair amount of movies, the most famous being The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Other movies and series include Battlefield Earth, John Carter, Night at the Museum 2, Punching Penny, Primal, Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, The Real Housewives of New York City, and The Fashion Show.

Top recommended tracks:

  1. Requiem for a Tower: Two Towers Trailer Mix Remastered
  2. Ten Years Kashmir
  3. Illuminati
  4. Azure
  5. Fjord

Zack Hemsey

Remember that epic, iconic, clashing song featured in the Inception trailer? Mind Heist? Yep, that was Zack Hemsey. Well known for this song in particular, he has also released many other singles and 4 albums (RONIN, The Way, EP: Mind Heist, and Empty Room). Unfortunately, EP: Mind Heist is not available on Amazon, but all of his songs are available on iTunes and Hemsey's site.

In addition to Inception, Hemsey's music is also featured in other trailers, such as Trust, The Town, Transformers, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and HBO Ministries: Parade's End.

Top recommended tracks:

  1. Mind Heist
  2. Mind Heist: Evolution
  3. Vengeance
  4. See What I've Become
  5. This is Our Legacy


Updates will be available when new albums are available!

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