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The Big Bang Theory Season 8's Touching Finale Review

Updated on May 13, 2015

Penny and Leonard

Leonard and Penny have dated on and off for a while, and they finally became engaged a year ago. Sheldon points out that they have not set a date for the wedding, which they claim is because they are busy and things are good right now. After more discussion on the matter, Penny says that she is open that evening, suggesting that they make their way to Vegas to tie the knot.

On the trip, it becomes clear that Leonard is uncomfortable, and he admits to kissing a girl in a drunken state before they were engaged. Penny accepts his flaws, and asks if he is trying to sabotage the wedding. He assures her that he is 100 percent committed as they continue on their way. Neither of them seem positive that this is the right step, but we are left with them driving to the chapel.

Amy and Sheldon

Amy and Sheldon have always had an awkward relationship, but it has seemed to be a stable one. At the beginning of the episode, Amy and Sheldon are having a make out session on the couch. Sheldon interrupts their kissing to ask Amy if she thinks he should watch "The Flash". Amy gets extremely irritated with Sheldon for bringing it up.

Amy has been irritated with the slow movement of their relationship, but this was the final straw for her and she let Sheldon know it. For Sheldon, this question is actually an intimate one. If you think about his quirky behavior, his asking about a commitment decision to watch a series is not something he would ask anyone. It is clear that they both love each other, but they are having trouble expressing it to each other.

At the end of the episode Amy and Sheldon are having a conversation on a video chat. Sheldon goes to talk to her, but Amy interrupts him and says she loves him, but she needs time to step back and reconsider their relationship. As the call ends, Sheldon turns his Gollum figurine towards him and says: "Well Gollum, you're an expert on rings, what do I do with this one?" as he pulls a beautiful engagement ring from his desk.

What luck, Sheldon is finally ready to express his emotions to Amy, but Amy has decided she needs a break. It is heart wrenching, and I could not help but feel bad for Sheldon. The reason this relationship works is because Amy accepts all of Sheldon's quirky behavior, and the one time that it is too much to handle is the time he is actually ready to move forward in the relationship.

Emily and Raj

Raj has decided that Emily is too freaky for him. When she expresses interest in having a date in a graveyard, he decides to break it off. His plans do not go as expected, and he chickens out. Instead of ending the relationship, he tells Emily that he loves her.

Bernadette, Howard, and Stuart

Bernadette and Howard are happily married, but Stuart being a roommate is throwing a wrench into their living style. The plan to tell Stuart that he haves to move out, but he suddenly reveals that it is his birthday. They no longer have the heart to follow through with the plan, so they present him with a birthday cupcake and song.

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All of the relationships in this episode ended differently than I expected, especially Sheldon and Amy. I do not think that it will be a long term separation, but we will find out next season. Leonard and Penny also seem unsure of the wedding, and we are left with them still in the car. Do you think they will go through with it? What are your thoughts on the season 8 finale?


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      3 years ago

      Pretty good finale! Sheldon's last scene was heartbreaking.


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