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The Big Debate:Marvel Vs DC Universe

Updated on June 4, 2014

Ok so first and foremost I am going to lay it out there and say for anyone who reads this that my favorite superhero is and ALWAYS will be Batman.I have liked him throughout his prime and even had him come to my birthday as a 2 year old so no issues admitting it.But when it comes down to respect for the craft and work done I have Batman and The Joker on my arms but my entire left leg is covered in Marvel and DC superheroes so although I do like me some Batman when it comes to this is in the end I am Switzerland on this so if you are looking for a major boxing match where you will see a winner you will not get one here.

Ok now to continue with the article.In the beginning way back before their was the hype of Comic Con's and waiting months and months to see a movie during the summer Tim Burton made the first Batman film and the hype for that was as big as it could be.Also before that you HAVE to mention the Superman films that Christopher Reeve played in and basically were successful and helped start the story before it had to be redone later one in the past couple of years.But later on after time and many other tries at Batman as well(Yes I am talking about you Clooney and Kilmer) Marvel decided to take a stab at making the Hulk into a film with visionary director Ang Lee making it and Eric Bana playing the Bruce Banner role you figured this could be the start to great things but at the same time that Hulk film could basically go have brunch and share a relationship with those horrible Batman films that were released earlier.So later on Marvel brings in Kevin Feige and he sets up this sort of table of Phases where every film would be laid out for years and years to come step by step.When it was announced about his hiring it wasn't that big of a deal but if they were to do it now it would be up there like the Presidential address almost because of how popular they have become.The film series started with Iron Man/Tony Stark and his story to glory and how he became the man he is today and is sort of the anchor to what we all know today.Next after making the start to Tony Stark's big story was actually trying to get the ground work going on a Hulk story that everyone knows and loves and having Edward Norton playing the Bruce Banner role this time around.In Phase 1 Marvel had 6 films come out with it being 2 Iron Man's,The new Hulk film,An intro to Thor,An Intro To Captain America and finally we all got to see the big team up with the Avengers film.Phase 2 was a bit different as it added a TV show and still has some stuff we have yet to see so far.The things we have seen are a 3rd Iron Man film making it a trilogy and the company's biggest profit hero by far as two of his films ended up making somewhere north of 800 million dollars each.The TV Show I was speaking of was an Agents Of Shield show which is basically like the FBI or CIA of the Marvel world and everything revolves around them and the show was supposed to be an out of the park hit like the movies but it was received to very different reviews and some people did grab hold onto it but some just thought it was a senseless waste of time.The last two of our most recent films have been the 2nd Thor film with Thor:The Dark World and Captain America:The Winter Soldier.Now most did like the story of Thor 2 but Cap 2 was being praised as one of the best comic book films ever made and is being one of Marvel's shining examples in filmmaking.

The future for Marvel is continuing this year and little into next year as far as we can see with August 1st being the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy and it is basically an Avengers team of people in space including a tree and a raccoon as some of the team.The film has more comedy then it seems that The Avengers does so it is looking like it is helping the direction they are taking.The next one after that is the release of the next Avengers film with The Avengers;The Age Of Ultron.With all the hype and everything coming around this people are wondering if it can live up to being better then the first one at all? Next is Phase 3 in Kevin Feige's big plan which he stated sometime in the past year has had plans to continue on until 2028 if need be.But they were full steam ahead on the new Ant Man film and people were excited to see Edgar Wright's take on this goofy and different character in the slew of Marvel characters they have to work with.But a little over a week ago after being attached to the film for about 8 years Edgar Wright had left the directors chair of the film and now they have been left without a director ever since.They have a July 15th 2015 release date I believe set up for it and are sticking with it but the more time goes by it is weird that Marvel has had SO SOOOO much good going for it for so long to have this happen to them now when they are at their pinnacle.

Another big plus that Marvel did when they started their Cinematic Universe was they basically made the after credit scene amazing and cool again and also relevant too.Because in the Edward Norton Hulk there was a scene in it where you get to see Tony Stark show up in a bar and then in Iron Man 2 Nick Fury comes in talking about the "Avengers Initiative" and everything basically had a domino effect to where we are now.Now if you walk around the busy streets of Los Angeles or New York and ask who is better right now Marvel or DC I could bet that 90% of the people will pick Marvel because they are putting out the more relevant material and putting out at least 4 things a year and keeping things busy when people over at DC are carefully planning things out.

Now with the DC side you had sort of dull drought when they just made the Burton Batman films way early on before the comic book films ruled the world like they do now and the whole two Batman films that set them back a bit.But DC has one trilogy and film that sets them aside from all the rest that doing nothing for years and years makes it ok.When they hired Christopher Nolan and let him start making his own vision on the Batman franchise of his own who would of thought he would be making something so classic and different then ever seen before on the screen.Batman Begins was a very great origins films with the perfect villain played by Liam Neeson who sets the bar in a great way as Ra's Al Ghul.But when you see the end of Batman Begins you know that something great and HUGE is coming in the second film and they really brought it with The Dark Knight.When they cast Heath Ledger to play Batman's ultimate villain The Joker in The Dark Knight the internet almost broke because so many people were pissed about the decision to have him play such a character.I will be honest when I first heard it I was a little on the board because I didn't know if he could go THAT crazy because I have never seen it before out of him but then again after seeing the film I was wrong and boy was I wrong.When awards season came around and Ledger ended up winning the award it was more then deserved because every time he was one the screen in that film he stole every minute of it and made it memorable and I will agree with people when they say that the more you watch the movie it is one of those rare films that its the better it gets over time.Now after time and Nolan making a few other films he came back to finish it off and make The Dark Knight Rises to close out the big trilogy and when the time came down to actually say what people thought a lot of people didn't know what to say because they didn't want it to end and that is something you don't find a lot in movies nowadays.Also with the tragedies that happened with Heath and in Colorado it was hard to get by both being a fan of the film but at the end of the day for the film if you love being a fan you would still see it regardless of what happened.The next step to the big plan was to have Christopher Nolan take producing duties and director Zack Snyder took over the directors chair to helm the Superman franchise with Man Of Steel.When this film came out either people LOVED it or people were very underwhelmed by it all.But nonetheless the film made boatloads of money and caused it to move forward with a sequel and it was and will be one of the biggest sequels ever to be brought to a movie theatre screen with Batman Vs Superman coming in 2016 and Zack Snyder also helming the Justice League film right after it as well so even if DC took its time and didn't make 25 films and tried to fill a quota they still have a trilogy that will stand the test of time and even one that has an acting Oscar attached to it when the Marvel camp couldn't get that because the Academy doesn't honestly take their films seriously like they should or could.Also on the DC end for things that have happened in the past few years the CW has hit it big with a show about Green Arrow simply just called Arrow.Just finishing its second season on the channel and the ratings rising with every episode it is slowly becoming one of their hottest shows they have ever put out.Some other notable films that were released under the DC label in the past decade have been films like V For Vendetta,Watchmen,The Losers,Red and Red 2 and Constantine.

Now as we stand today Marvel is moving forward with their many Phases of film and DC is working towards their big team up film soon so if you are a superhero fan then you should be very happy because literally every day is like christmas with the news and new pictures and trailers etc.Also with the time every year that comes with San Diego Comic Con coming every year whenever that time comes it is basically a treat for both fan bases alike because they are both known to have GIANT showings in the big hall H during the big week.So at the end of the day it is definitely good to be geek and its just going to get better and better.

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