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The Black Widow (2001): Movie Review

Updated on July 8, 2008

The Black Widow is an independent film starring Willem Dafoe and his wife Giada Colagrande, who are also the writers and directors for the movie. The story revolves around Elenora, an italian woman who has recently lost her older lover Karl. She travels up to his vacation house (known as the Rubber House) to find out who he really was. She meets the caretaker of the house, Leslie, who she begins to develop feelings for. Elenora's constant changes in mood result in her various moments of affection and coldness towards Leslie, which stem from her ever increasing paranoia and distrust for her deceased lover. As she falls deeper in love with Leslie, she discovers that he, like Karl, is also a secretive individual, which causes her to grow even more paranoid. The addition of Leslie's ditzy and flirtatious female friend and the constant phone calls with no voice on the other side causes her to finally confront Leslie and question him for answers. Tired of Leslie's silence and deception, Elenora finally decides to leave. As she exits the door, Leslie decides that he only wants her and nothing or no one else, he chases after her. Elenora starts to dive away and doesn't see Leslie until it's too late. She accidentally runs him over, and discovers that she has killed him.

The movie, although flled with a reasonable amount of drama and suspense, offers no resolution whatsoever. There is some plot buildup, but the relationship between characters is vague, certain elements offer nothing to the story, and the ending is abrupt as they get. Whether it is a metaphor for something else, or simply an artistic glance at 2 individuals lives, is unknown. The DVD has a "Making of" documentary extra, and that didn't offer any insight into the film either. If you're into casual suspenseful dramas, you might lie this movie, but don't go searching for any meaning in it.


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    • Sith Penguin profile image

      Sith Penguin 9 years ago

      yeah, i wanted to stick with it hoping that the plot would pick up eventually, but no dice.

    • profile image

      Rina 9 years ago

      It seems interesting in the beginning, but goes nowhere.