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The Bold and the Beautiful: Are Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer Over?

Updated on March 22, 2015

Brooke’s current love affair with Bill Spencer, though not an accident like her tryst with Oliver, was also not entirely of her own doing. Sister, Katie, suffering from post partum depression after the birth of her son, Will, was convinced her heart was about to give out and she would die leaving her child motherless.

Katie organized a romantic hot air balloon ride for Bill and Brooke when they travelled to Aspen looking for Katie.
Katie organized a romantic hot air balloon ride for Bill and Brooke when they travelled to Aspen looking for Katie. | Source

Katie played matchmaker while suffering PPD

Katie’s response was to find a replacement for herself in Will’s life. She settled on Aunt Brooke, who Ridge had recently divorced. Katie disappeared and as she predicted, Brooke stepped in to help Bill with his newborn son.

From hiding, Katie pulled the strings to ensure that Bill and Brooke would grow closer. She sent them on a wild goose chase to Aspen and while there on a hot air balloon ride. Katie got her wish. Bill and Brooke realized they were developing feelings for one another. They resisted acting on those feelings. For a while anyway.

Katie took off her rings and handed Bill to Brooke when she found him in Brooke's bedroom the night after a car accident
Katie took off her rings and handed Bill to Brooke when she found him in Brooke's bedroom the night after a car accident | Source

Katie came back to her family

Katie, now on meds, came back to her family and her life. But became suspicious that there was something going on between Bill and Brooke – thanks to Taylor and Bill spending a lot of time with Brooke at Forrester Creations (Bill is part owner) getting her Brooke’s Bedroom line ready for re-launch.

Katie confronted Bill and Brooke when Bill spent the night at Brooke’s place after a car accident. The night together had been innocent but after Katie handed Bill back his wedding rings and told Brooke she could have Bill, Bill and Brooke did make love.

Brooke is Pregnant!

That was not to be the end of it though. Brooke was pregnant. On the evening she decided she had to tell Bill (and Katie) about the baby, Brooke passed out and was rushed to the hospital. There Brooke learned she had suffered a miscarriage. The secret was once again safe.

Bill and Brooke make love

Katie suffered a heart event on her way back to Brooke’s place putting her in hospital unconscious. When she awoke all she wanted from Bill was her rings back. Bill and Brooke agreed that their lapse in judgment would remain a secret and Bill went back to life with his family.

Bill and Brooke took Katie at her word when she gave Bill her wedding rings back and told him to be with Brooke....
Bill and Brooke took Katie at her word when she gave Bill her wedding rings back and told him to be with Brooke.... | Source

Taylor spilled Brooke and Bill’s secret

Until detective Taylor suspecting something was going on between Bill and Brooke broke into Dr Caspary’s files and learned of Brooke’s miscarriage. Taylor used Brooke’s birthday celebrations hosted by Katie to publicly spill the beans not only about Bill and Brooke’s affair, but the baby that Brooke had lost.

Bill and Brooke tried to convince Katie that she was almost as responsible for Bill and Brooke sleeping together as they were. She did after all push them together. Katie accepted that, yes, suffering from post partum depression she had made some questionable choices, but that at the end of the day Katie did not make Bill and Brooke sleep together. Katie told Bill to get out and started divorce proceedings.

Katie dumped Bill for sleeping with her sister

Revenge was sweet for Katie when she obtained a single percentage point of Spencer Publications stock in her divorce settlement and with Bill’s sister, Karen’s help, ousted Bill as CEO of Spencer Publications.

To his credit, Bill did not go straight to Brooke’s bed. He tried desperately to get his wife to forgive him and take him back. But just as Katie was about to do so, Bill learned why Katie was now convinced that Bill and Brooke were over. Katie had been watching them on nanny cams wired throughout the house and arranged for Bill and Brooke to be there together under the guise of babysitting Will. Katie had been spying on them.

After Bill learned Katie had been spying on him and Brooke with nanny cams Bill dumped Katie and chased Brooke to Monte Carlo where she was attending a media event.
After Bill learned Katie had been spying on him and Brooke with nanny cams Bill dumped Katie and chased Brooke to Monte Carlo where she was attending a media event. | Source

Katie is ready to take Bill back

Bill was furious and told Katie it was he who couldn’t trust her. They were over he told his wife. He then boarded the Spencer private jet and chased Brooke to Monaco where she was attending a media event. Bill found Brooke, filled her in on Katie’s deeds and told Brooke that he was in love with her and wanted be with her, not Katie.

Bill declares his love for Brooke

Brooke resisted torn between Bill who she loved and her sister. A heated confrontation with Katie meant Brooke could no longer resist Bill’s advances and the two made love – again. Their relationship, however, made them social pariahs as friends and family disapproved of the union. That, however, did not stop Bill from proposing, and Brooke accepting.

Will Bill and Brooke’s engagement end in nuptials? Not if Brooke’s daughter has any say in the matter. Hope has already told Brooke that she can have her lover or her family. Not both. And Katie has been equally as unforgiving telling Bill that he can see Will as much as he wants, just not under Brooke’s roof – where Bill has been living.

Bill nearly dies and has an epiphany

It was those words that rang in Bill Spencer’s ears as he went into free fall while climbing a mountain in Aspen. The safety harness saved Bill’s life, but during those minutes where his life was in very real danger, Bill had a moment on clarity.

Bill dumps Brooke

There was only one solution he told Brooke after their private jet landed back in Los Angeles. His life was out of control. He’d lost his company and was a weekend father. Bill didn’t believe Brooke was happy either; isolated and working from home because of their relationship. He was sorry for hurting her but he was going back to Katie Bill told Brooke.

Brooke is hurt

Brooke was stunned and hurt. His reasons for going back to Katie were valid. They were the same excuses she had used in trying to convince Bill what they were doing was wrong. But he’s worn her down. She’d gone against her gut and her conscience to be with him. Brooke sent him to go be with Katie.

Are Bill and Brooke over?

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Is this the end for Bill and Brooke?

Is this the end for Brooke and Bill? It could be. Brooke doesn’t know it yet, but the true love of her life, Ridge Forrester is headed back home. Despite the many challenges Brooke and Ridge’s relationship has faced over the past 25 years they always seem to find their way back to each other.

With that in mind you have to wonder how many more chapters Bill and Brooke’s love story has in it…But as Donna and Brooke speculated. What if Katie doesn’t take Bill back? Brooke isn’t very good at saying no to men….

Update! Bill's Lies!

Bill convinced Katie to take him back. he even returned to their marital bed. But it was all a big lie. One that would backfire on Bill.

The morning after Katie nd Bill's reunion, Justin just happened to stop by with papers for Katie to sign related to current Spencer business. Since he'd heard bout Bill and Katie's reunion at the office he also brought papers for Katie to sign giving Bill back control of Spencer Publications and equal custody of Will.

Katie was hesitant but signed.


Brooke assured Katie that Bill had not won. Brooke filled her sister in on what she'd done. Katie was touched and more than a little surprised that Brooke would do that for her.

Back in his office Bill asked Justin to execute the legal papers Katie had signed. But all Justin found in the envelope where the dead leaves that Brooke had collected in Aspen. The legal documents were missing!

Brooke had pulled a switch, outsmarting master manipulator, Bill Spencer, and going some way to redeeming herself in Katie's eyes.

Brooke Outsmarts Bill

With an envelope containing Katie's papers, Bill hustled over to Brooke's house where she was mooning over the fall leaves she'd collected in Aspen - all she had left of her relationship with Bill.

Bill quickly filled Brooke in. He'd lied to her about wanting to go back to Katie. He only did it to get control of his company back and equal custody of his son Will. They now had it all, Bill told a stunned Brooke.

What Bill didn't count on was Brooke's loyalty to her sister. What he'd done was unforgiveable, Brooke fired at Bill. She told him to get out. Brooke no longer wanted to be with Bill.

Unbeknownst o Bill and Brooke, Katie arrived to hear much of their conversation. Katie and Bill argued and eventually Brooke threw him out.

Bill returned to his office at Spencer Publications o celebrate with Justin and his assistant, Alison.

Bill and Brooke's Wedding in Abu Dhabi

Bill and Brooke weren't over! When Brooke didn't re-marry Ridge - thanks to Katie faking a fainting spell - Ridge and Katie became a couple. Brooke tried to resist Bill but it didn't last long. before long they were engaged again and heading to Abu Dhabi for an exotic wedding. Brooke made it down the aisle, she and Bill exchanged vows on an Abu Dhabi beach and were about to exchange rings when....what happened next?

A Bold and the Beautiful Quadrangle...

Brooke swore off Bill Spencer just in time for Ridge to return to Los Angeles. Ridge wanted to reunite with the love of his life and mother of his son, RJ. But that was before he learned what Bill and Brooke had been up to!

Ridge sought to understand what had happened from the only person he thought could tell him the truth in the matter Brooke's sister Katie. Katie and Ridge's friendship soon blossomed into more. Ridge chose not to remarry Brooke - he wanted a life with her sister, Katie instead!

So there you have it. Bill wants Brooke, Brooke is determined to have Ridge, and Ridge wants an uncomplicated life with Katie....


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