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The Bold and the Beautiful: Best & Worst May 11-15

Updated on May 16, 2015


Last week, I didn't do my best and worst moments from B&B, but now I'm back and ready to give the most talked about moments of the week. From Rick's proposal to Bill publishing Maya's story to Maya telling the truth; B&B was filled with a lot of drama this week.



  • Maya Tells the Truth: It's the moment B&B fans have been waiting weeks for. The buildup to the revelation has been phenomenal and Karla Mosley has knocked it out of the park with her performance. This week Maya and Rick escaped to Big Bear where Rick proposed to Maya, at the end of Friday's show Maya finally revealed the truth to Rick. Come Monday, we'll learn Rick's reaction and I'm sure Jacob Young will give an amazing performance as Rick copes with Maya's lie.
  • Liam and Katie: These two have proven to be the voice of reason in the Spencer family. When the Spencers learned of Maya's secret, Wyatt and Bill were quick to say publish, while Liam and Katie voiced their disagreements and some compassion. Liam's plan was to oust Rick from Forrester Creations, but his conscience knew exposing Maya's secret to the world wasn't the way to go.



  • Bill publishes Maya's story: The moment Bill learned of Maya's secret he was ready to head to press with the story despite Liam and Katie's objections. When Katie pleaded with her husband not to go through with it, he agreed, but moments later had Justin preparing the story. Even Justin was unsure with the publication, but Bill convinced him it's best for business and it's what Rick deserved. What else would you expect from good ole Dollar Bill?
  • Wyatt shows his true colors: Wyatt proved his just like his father. For weeks, he’s been wooing Nicole in order to get the secret. At time, it looked like he was falling for her and wouldn’t breathe a word about Maya’s secret to anyone. But once it was out, he was quick to tell his family the secret and encourage the publication of the story. I've lost respect for Wyatt in this storyline and I feel for Nicole who is about to learn of Wyatt's true personality.


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